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2008 El cuerno de la abundancia 1 Review

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El cuerno de la abundancia (2008)
Ozzie700 was written on December 30, 2009

Breasts/attempted sex

This Cuban/Spanish film about the changes in a small neighborhood when they become eligible to get big money features a wide variety of aborted sex scenes, but is generally light on nudity. Tahimi is an attractive, thin woman of about 45. After a wedding near the end of the film (1:19-1:20), Tahimi meets an old lover wearing a cowboy hat. She takes him into the house and lifts her filmy silvery dress a bit so he can have access to her. As she grinds against him we see a few vague glimpses at her small breasts. They fear interruption, so they go to the bathroom, where her right breast is briefly visible, before they are interrupted by a fight.

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