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2004 Thinking XXX 0 Reviews

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2002 Best Sex Ever, The 1 Review

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Best Sex Ever, The (2002)
Chicago was written on July 28, 2002

3 scenes in “Housesitting”

In this episode at :04.75-:05, blonde Sunrise walks out of the bathroom topless while talking to Keri Windsor...natural breasts from a medium distance with a couple of mild jiggles before putting on a top. At :07-:11.75, Keri watches Sunrise on videotape be undressed by a guy and during foreplay while she masturbates…periodic medium distance views of Sunrise’s breasts and top of her pubes. At :20.25-:22.75, Sunrise comes home to find her set-up has worked—Keri and Sunrise’s boyfriend are getting it on and Keri invites her in for a f/f/m. Sunrise’s dress comes off, Keri licks up/down her leg and the three of them go at it in various positions. Two highlights include a 3-way simu-oral and Keri simu-oraling Sunrise with NO DOUBT she’s actually in her labia. Though brief and shot down her body over her head, it’s not to be missed! Breasts, ass, and labia in the scene.

Thinking XXX (2004)

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