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Nathalie Walker
cecil was written on September 12, 2014

Making Out

At the 4 minute mark, we see her at a medium distance kneeling on a bed, topless. Our view is supposed to be from a camera in another room, which is being adjusted by Carson Aune who is trying to secretly videotape them. She is initially out of focus, then he focuses the camera on her. He returns to the bed, they embrace, and she climbs on top of him, showing most of her rear, though she is wearing small white panties. The phone rings and she sits up, showing her breasts again. He leaves, and the scene ends. One star because of the distance from camera to subject.

Victoria De Mare
cecil was written on September 12, 2014

Three way sex scene

She works at the brothel. At about 41 minutes she and another woman are chosen by Cameron (Carson Aune). They go to a private room. Part of this scene is shown from the point of view of Cameron's video camera, part is shown from the ceiling security camera, which is black and white and grainy. First the camera is looking up at her as she lowers her top, then sits atop Carson. Another angle shows most of her bare rear (she's wearing a thong bottom) as she climbs on top of him. Another part of the scene, that doesn't appear in all versions, show her face down on the bed with Carson on top of her, thrusting in to her. Another brief view from the grainy security camera shows her sitting on top of him as he reaches up to caress her breasts.

Jenni Burns
cecil was written on September 12, 2014


At 44 minutes, she leads Graham (Brent Tarnol) to a private room and proceeds to dance around him. The scene returns at 48 minutes, she dances around him in a red bra and panties for a minute or two, with close camera work. Finally she removes her bra and dances a bit more before a typical horror film event happens and the scene ends.

Josh Cole
cecil was written on September 12, 2014

Escaping the Brothel

He is one of several guys who go to an out-of-the way brothel, which turns out not to be a brothel. Part of this scene is from the view of security cameras in the place, which are black and white and grainy, and part from a camera that appears to be a video camera carried by Nicole Sienna as she tires to help him escape. At about 69 minutes, we see him in a tub after having organs removed, totally nude, covering his groin area with his hand. This scene is dimly lit. Nicole helps him out of the tub and over the next few minutes we follow him through various cameras as they try to escape. A few times we get some quick views of his bare rear.

Carson Aune
cecil was written on September 12, 2014

Three way sex scene

At about 41 minutes he is at a brothel and chooses Victoria De Mare and another women. They go to a private room. Part of the scene is from the point of view of his video camera, part is from the ceiling security camera which is black and white and grainy. The part of the scene that shows his bare rear end is not in all versions. At one point Victoria is lying face down on the bed, Carson is on top of her thrusting into her. The camera is to their side, so we mainly see a side view of his bare hip. The second woman is behind him. Then we switch to the ceiling camera and briefly see his full bare back side as he thrusts into her, but it is too grainy to make out any detail. Then the scene ends.

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