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2008 Foreign Exchange 1 Review

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Foreign Exchange (2008)
ut1stgear was written on December 21, 2011


At the very beginning of the file Dave played by Ryan Pinkston is reading a letter from his French Exchange student. A snapshot is included with the letter showing a boy and girl. Dave mistakenly thinks she is the exchange student and starts to daydream. During the daydream Sarah, playing "French Laurent", is playing soccer and strips off her jersey. The scene changes to her showering and Dave is watching her from the front. Because the scene is a daydream the shot of her is shown as a background image that is not completely clear. However, there is good definition of her breasts and the nipple of her left breast does stand out. Since the exposure is 1sec in length you have to look closely to see it. 1 star for a good look at her nipple and decent definition of her breasts. Her medium sized breasts leave you wanting for more but not in this film. Hope there is something out there with better nudity of her somewhere.

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