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Patricia Arquette's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2002 Badge, The 2 Reviews
2001 Human Nature 4 Reviews
1999 Wildflower 1 Review
1999 Stigmata 15 Reviews
1997 Lost Highway 20 Reviews
1993 True Romance 8 Reviews
1988 Time Out 0 Reviews

nudity reviews for Patricia Arquette member submitted

Badge, The (2002)
soulman was written on October 10, 2002

Thong Booty x2

Arquette's scenes aren't major. Just a couple of shot of her sweet ass in a thong (first changng into her robe and another of her as a dancer in a gay bar).

Xeyes was written on April 19, 2007

There is no real nudity in this movie. but this scene is still hugely erotic.

about 69 minutes in, shot of her ass and 80 minutes erotic dance in strip bar.

Human Nature (2001)
dav345 was written on April 11, 2002

rear and breasteses

I haven't seen this movie yet, but, according to, Patricia shows her breasts and butt a few times.

dav345 was written on March 15, 2003

most of her nudity is obscured

Patricia spends about half her time in this movie fully nude, but her nudity is nearly always obscured in some way. You should not watch this movie for the nudity unless you are a huge Patricia Arquette fan. Two scenes are noteworthy. In one, she is gathering food with her apeman lover and she bends over to pick something up. We see this from a side angle at medium distance, and it could be a body double. Also, there is a scene near the end after she climbs out of a tree to confront Tim Robbins' character in which her hair hangs over her large, shapely breasts. You can't see her nipples, but you can see her breasts and they are very nice, even with the nipples covered. Later in the same scene, you get a couple of very brief looks at her butt, the best one being just before Tim Robbins grabs her.

dav345 was written on March 15, 2003

bush, too

I forgot to mention this - in the scene near the end in which Tim Robbins is confronting the two ape-people, Patricia stands with her hand covering her bush. You can see a little bit of what looks like dirty blonde pubic hair peeking up over her hand. It's not great nudity, but it's something if Patricia Arquette really makes you drool.

sonic007 was written on April 17, 2002

Very Hairy

Arquette plays Lila who is exceptionally hirsute. Although she frequently runs nude through the forest, her hair hides much of her body.

Wildflower (1999)
Dante9703 was written on February 16, 2005

Distant partial breast shot

I think that this was Patricia's first flirtation with nudity and is the equivalent of dipping your toe in the water before diving in. At about 40 minutes we see Patricia from behind, skinny dipping in a lake. We only get to see a partial shot of her right breast from the side and behind but as she has large breasts it does stand out as is easily visible. When it was first shown it must have heightened the anticipation for fans waiting for decent nude scenes like that in her later films such as Lost Highway.

Stigmata (1999)
dvddish was written on March 15, 2003

body double

another daily double

ScreamoKid was written on February 21, 2003

not much

a brief bush and brief breast shot during the deleted scene. probably a body double too. don't watch it just for the nudity.

adailymovie2 was written on August 13, 2001

confirmed body double

sorry folks but one of the previous reviewers was right. The name of Patricia Arquette's body double is "Kira Reed", not Cordelia. Anyways, in an online magazine interview, Kira Reed outlines some of her screen work and describes her role as body double in the movie Stigmata. I'd provide the link to the article but cndb doesn't allow it. Just do a search for "patricia arquette body double" in yahoo and look for a link from something called "gc magazine". Anyways, she is the double for both the bathtub scene AND the sex scene with Patrick Muldoon.

Khawaja30 was written on December 5, 2001


Thought i'd be clever and add the DVD deleted scene in here, but it's already been reviewed to death. Boby double or not, the scene is passable, but not great.

Wolverinefan was written on March 14, 2000

Bathing and Deleted Scene

About 16 minutes into the film, we see Patricia in the tub from a side view as the camera pans from her feet to her head. As we pass her waist, a nice reflection of her black pubes can be seenin the surface of the water. For the theatrical release, that's all the nudity we get. The DVD containsa deleted scene where Patricia and her boyfriend go at it in bed. Kind of passionate, but ratherquickly done. We see glimpses of ass as she rides her man, and a brief flash of her breasts(kind of close-up) as she arches back. The ass shots are placed under body double suspicion,as we don't see her face and the scenes are brief flashes. Overall * rating because of the briefness.

KFelon was written on September 12, 1999

bathtub scene right before the wrist wounds

you see her naked body, but you dont really get to see anything.

lupara was written on February 23, 2001

BathTub Body Double

A few weeks ago I ran into the website for her Body Double in this film. Her first name was Cordelia, I forget the last name. If you review the bathtub scene, the editing is very impressive, but the bodies are different enough that it was definitely a double. Probably the deleted scene from the DVD too, but I haven't seen that yet.
Body double or not, the bathtub scene is still a wonderful view of someone nude.

Digital_Freak was written on February 28, 2000

T&A in deleted scene

In the deleted scenes included in the DVD release, there is a brief shot of Patricia's tits and ass during the sex scene with her boyfriend in the beginning of the film.

Senator was written on June 27, 2001

this is not nude

saddly, there is nothing to see here... I should not say nothing... I LOVE stomaches, and I should probably say, as much as breasts or bush, but you can see that anywhere... especially since I have heard that this isn't her anyways.

Bootydaddy was written on June 27, 2001

DVD Extras

On the Stigmata DVD if you choose the deleted scene called "Frankie and Steve get it on" (I think its Steve I dont remember)...but anyway, during that sequence you briefly see Patricia's breasts and ass...not very good nudity. See Lost Highway for her best nude work.

BOD was written on March 15, 2000

bathtub scene

I haven't seen the DVD version yet and I've only seen this movie once in the theater so I don't know if its true of what they say that the bathtub scene there is better. Anyway, from what i saw, it wasnt that good. You see her in a tub and a blurred glimpse of her tits. Nice body though.

lupara was written on March 3, 2000

Bath Tub & DVD

Bath Tub: she's naked, she's hot, nice legs, nice body, well photographed. NOTE: You can see black hair from her crotch in the reflection of the water underwater when camera is showing off her legs & body.DVD Deleted Scene - second deleted scene has her stripping, s.o. handles her breasts while she has her bra still on, and she loses the bra & the rest of her close very quickly thereafter. I wouldn't consider it brief, but it is only a few seconds of T&A.3 stars is for both of the above, great body, great photography, and actually fits well in the story (i.e. does not stand out as,oh, and here's a nude scene. advances the plot)

spin-a-roonie was written on March 14, 2002

Could have been better

In the bathtub scene you can see the side of her ass. Also,if you look through the reflection of the bath water, you can see her bush.

dav345 was written on October 28, 2000

bush in the tub

You have to look very carefully. 99% of people would miss this if they weren't looking for it. I missed it the first time I saw the movie. As the camera pans up the side of her body as she is in the tub, you need to look up towards the top of the screen at her reflection in the surface of the water above her body. You will CLEARLY see her dark bush in the water reflection. Even though it's only a reflection, you still get a very good look at the upper part of her dark bush. Get the DVD version and pause it. Patricia Arquette is arguably the most beautiful woman on the planet, so you need to check this out. You will know once and for all that she is not a natural blonde.

Suave4u was written on December 2, 2004

Intro Scene

On the DVD version of this movie, when watching the extended intro, you see her nice breasts during the sex scene with her boyfriend.

Lost Highway (1997)
tazzie was written on September 12, 1999

making love in desert

Patricia makes love naked in a desert, quite along scene and worth watching. She also appearsin several other topless and nude scenes throughoutthe movie.

Brokencake was written on December 25, 1999

Very Nice

I was not previously a Patricia fan, but after this movie I changed my mind. Incredibly nice breasts, and the head-on strip scene reminded me a bit of the orgy in Eyes Wide Shut.

aubear was written on July 20, 2000

Gunpoint strip

ROBERT LOGGIA SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN AN OSCAR FOR FINALLY GIVING US A REALLY GOOD VIEW OF PATRICIA'S BREASTS. Patricia had several close calls with nudity and even a couple of brief nude scenes in her prior movies but this was her crowning glory. IT WAS LONG OVERDO!!!!!!
As I detailed in her bio, Patricia proved in this movie and especially this scene that she not only has a world of acting ability, she is cute as punch and has very fine breasts that highlight an above average body. Her only problem is that in a sexy/breast/body contest with her sister, Patricia would finish third or maybe even fourth because ROSANNA IS THE EPITOMY IN TODAY'S HOLLYWOOD OF SEXY/BEAUTY and she has enough of it for more than two women.

dash77 was written on December 31, 2014

forced to strip at gunpoint

In the main good nude scene in this movie, Patricia is forced to strip at gunpoint and perform oral sex on a man. Although had the scene been presented differently, it could have been seen as a violent rape scene, the potential for violence seems more abstract than real, and it comes off more as erotic. As such we get a wonderful view of Patricia's breasts, which jiggle delightfully as she walks towards the man to give him oral sex.

DMan was written on September 5, 1999


When Bill Pullman is in bed, he looks over and we get to see a side view of Patricia's breasts and I think ass (it's been a while since I saw it.)

BreastMan was written on December 27, 1999


After pledging never to do a nude scene (like so many actresses before), lovely Patricia shows off her perfect breasts in three great scenes. The first of which is a sex scene with Bill Pullman (with brown hair). You don't see too much here, but in the next scene when she strips at gun point by far the absolute best. She erotically strips down to her panties and then one strap at a time removes her top, showing her excellent, excellent breasts. Finally, she has sex with Balthzar Getty and you see her naked in the glowing light of a car's headlights. After sex, she walks away and you can see her tight buns also. The best nude movie from a mainstream actress in a long time!

nobelmike was written on March 24, 2002

The best of Mrs. Arquette

the title is enough:) lol
sexy Patricia shows off her perfect breasts in three great scenes. the best one when she strips at gun point. She erotically strips down to her panties. Finally, the sex scene late in the movie, you see her naked in the light of a car's headlights. After sex, she walks away and you can see her tight butt.

p_arquette was written on August 19, 1999

Finally Patricia!

There are three scenes of Patricia getting naked, particularly when she takes her top off very sensuously and walks to Robert Loggia. Her breasts are so delicious; they are well sized, and you get to see them bounce (a little) in this scene. Ouch!! More, please!

Trent33 was written on November 25, 2000

Forced to Strip

Patricia Arquette said in the documentary Pretty as a Picture: The Art Of David Lynch that one reason she took this role was to get over her fear of nudity. She said she even takes her shower in the dark -- this film and Mr. Lynch changed everything. Following sister Rossanna's lead patricia finally disrobes on screen and it is quite a sight. Early she disrobes by bedside in a dark and stylishly lit scene. She shows her big breasts and nice ass which is turned toward the camera. That is followed closely by a sex scene in which we see her breasts again as she lay on her back. As Bill Pullman thrusts into her we see her breasts jiggle in slow motion. Much later in the film is the best scene as she is forced to strip at gunpoint. This scene is very erotically charged and well lit. We see her breasts but she is still contained in bikini cut panties. This is the best nudity Patricia has done to date, and is a welcome direction for her to head. Her breasts are not as nice as her sister Rosanna's -- but who am I to complain.
This is also a very good - interestiing movie that might improve with each viewing.

Cyclone was written on December 2, 1999

Terrific view of her chest

I have not seen that much of this film, but I was lucky enough to catch the scene where Patricia strips down and gives us a glorious frontal shot of her breasts. I can't say what more she shows in this movie, but it was certainly a pleasure getting to see her beautiful tits.

Only Me was written on October 21, 1998

Breasts Breasts and more Breasts

Patricia spends a lot of this movie naked. Most notable is a scene where she strips to her g-string to a Marilyn Manson cover of I Put a Spell on You and we get a full-frontal shot of her breasts. Later in the movie you also get a distant shot of her butt as she walks away from the camera.

j.o. was written on January 31, 1999

desert scene

Don't let the moodiness of the movie make you turn it off. Stick around, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by a very hot sex scene out in the desert near the end of the movie. If you're an Arquette fan, it's a must-see!

Chicago was written on October 22, 2001

5-6 scenes by my count

Even if you combined the first 2 scenes into 1, Patricia has more scenes than the other reviewers credited her for. At :13, Patricia takes off her black robe in front of the guy giving us 5 seconds' view of the side/back of her ass and the side of her breasts, somewhat in the shadows...but you can still see her. VERY nice view! At :15.25-:15.5, she has slo-motion sex with the guy, and as she's lying on her back you see her breasts close-up, including a nice free-floating jiggle. At 1:33.5-1:34 is her best scene (but DON'T miss the others!) where she takes off her black bra at gunpoint (panties on) and gives a frontal shot of her largish twins and largish areola. She then walks toward Robert Loggia who is sitting there directing her actions. Very nice. At 1:54.25-1:56.5, she and the guy have sex in the headlights...the scene is overexposed for the light, so you don't see color very well but you see good shots of her breasts while lying on her back and then on top (nice hang and side shots)...and an arousing shot of her grabbing her breasts. The better shots come toward the end as she leaves the guy lying there, and as she's standing, she turns to walk away giving you a nice rotational view of her breasts from the front and side...then ass from the back as she walks up the boardwalk stairs. At 1:59.5, she has a brief breast flash at the bottom of the screen as she's sexing Loggia in room 26. The questionable 6th scene comes at 2:05 where a girl's breasts are being kissed by 2 girls in the video...brief but not to be confused with the shot of Lisa Boyle at 2:04.5.

The two longer scenes by time, actually have less nudity than the time would indicate. To argue a comparison...I think Rosanna's bod is a good bit hotter, but Patricia's still got a great full body on her!

Bootydaddy was written on April 28, 2001

3 Scenes

This movie gets 4+ stars in my book. Mainly because it is Patricia Arquette and she is soooo fine. Anyway about 10 minutes into the movie she disrobes in front of Bill Pullman and you get a very nice unobstructed view of her ass and the side of her right breast. But in the middle of the movie the best scence is when she is told to strip at gunpoint. She seductivly removes her clothes and there is a long straight on shot of her breasts, why the panties didn't come off is beyond me. The third scene is towards the end of the movie when she is banging Bill Pullman in the desert. When she gets up after havin sex with him her boobs and ass she is shown as she turns away from him and walks up some stairs. For Patricia fans this is a must see. THIS MOVIE REALLY NEEDS TO BE RELEASED ON DVD!!!!!!!

axl was written on October 7, 1999


Finally Patricia lets it hang out.There are three or four nude scenes with her in the movie and they are all great.Rent the movie just to see her..won't be disappointed.

Chazz was written on June 3, 2003

Sex on the Beach

What is that song playing

I've heard that song before on a couple of commercials and I love it, but I have no idea who the hell it is? The song adds a "hauntingly erotic" tone to the sex scene on the beach.

Never has there been such a creative use of headlights (especially since they're showing her headlights). This is why I love David Lynch flicks!


soulman was written on July 21, 2001

Patricia Finally Gives Us A Great Tit Shot

After first seeing still shots of Patricia's gunpoint scene (at Mr. Skins), I finally came upon the same scene on TV while channel surfing. I always thought Patricia tits looked a little too perfect to be true. Boy, was I wrong. Great tits obviously run among the Arquette women.

hybridtheory1872003 was written on January 9, 2005

yes nudity good

several scenes she's naked and all scenes are good the best is when she strips for a guy very sexy

nudity_elitist was written on October 23, 2001


For every time there is a movie in which Rosanna Arquette gets nude, there seem to be ten in which her sister keeps her clothes on. She has been very elusive. But here we are, finally getting a good long look at her breasts and, what? While I did grant her 2 stars for finally gathering the courage to do it, her tits are very average.By the way, if a reviewer called "Breastman" gives Patricia 4 stars and describes her tits as "perfect", WHAT THE HELL DO BAD TITS LOOK LIKE!?!

KingNothing was written on April 11, 2002

Headlight Sex in Sand.

This is a great scene and it was hard for me to pick this one then her forced strip at gunpoint but in the long run this had not only more scenes of her breasts it also showed her at the end of the scene walking up a flight of stairs buck naked showing her very tight and tasty buns.

True Romance (1993)
soulman was written on October 14, 2001

Not Much

Before Patricia bared her boobs at gunpoint in LOST HIGHWAY she gave our pause buttons a real workout with teasers like this flick. I too have seen rated, unrated, widescreen and full screen versions of this flick and you don't see much in either versions. Rent LOST HIGHWAY instead.

Ebert311 was written on June 4, 2000

The Bluelight Love Scene (Revisited)

Patricia Arquette in the unrated/director's cut is indeed pretty nude in this movie. There isn't alot to see and that's why the previous review of this film may be somewhat correct. Tony Scott (director of movies like The Last Boy Scout) isn't known for his love scenes. The reason why I like this scene is because it's a Patricia Arquette that is a bit more plump and younger. If you compared her then and her to the movie, Stigmata, you would see that she's aged real quickly for a short period of time.

DMan was written on December 1, 2000

Blue sex scene

Near the beginning of the movie, Christian Slater and Patricia start to make out. Now there are flashes of naked body allot and see her breasts from a side view and such but you actually only see her tits for a very brief second.

MVIEGUY was written on October 3, 2002


There is a Deleted scene aptly Titled Because he Loved her. In this scene is Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette in a Bathtub Drinking, Smoking and Covered in Suds, however from time to time Patricia Moves around in the tub and you get various Well Lit views of her breasts and nipples which are hard because of the water. This scene deserves 3 stars only because its patricia and that she shows her beautiful full 36c size breasts.

also during the movie itself Christian makes love to her and youget to see her breasts quickly in flashes but it is filmed with an artistic blue light and its slightly dark. but she is topless non-the-less

poon was written on September 23, 2002

Deleted bath scene on DVD

This deleted scene ("He Really Loved Her") is on the 2-disc special edition of True Romance released on September 24, 2002.
Patricia is in the tub with Christian Slater, and although there are bubbles, you can clearly see her nipples briefly a couple of times. It ain't Lost Highway, but she sure is damn sexy in this movie!

BiBoySTL was written on November 5, 1999

Sure Patty's hot, but you can only see her breasts for a millisecond

Great movie, but Patricia's nudity here sucks.. If you want to see her breasts in top form rent David Lynch's surreal Lost Highway.

BobCap was written on October 25, 1998

Scene in bed at the begginning

If you buy the widescreen version of this movie, you will get to see Patricia's spectacualr breasts which are not present in the fullscreen version!

axl was written on November 7, 1999

brief in blue light

In the un rated directors cut of this movie you see her breasts very briefly when she is in bed with Slater. You don't see it to clearly because of the annoying blue light in the background.

Time Out (1988)

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