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1980 Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything, The 3 Reviews

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Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything, The (1980)
HoundDog was written on July 6, 2000

her character's initial entrance into the movie about 40 minutes in.

Pam Dawber's character Bonnie Lee enters a dark room in jeans and a white sweater. She thinks it's her boyfriend Bernie asleep in bed, and strips down to her short, scarlet nightie, and then takes it off as well. We briefly see her breasts, particularly her right breast, nipple and all, because it's better lit. That's only half a second, though. She somehow slips under the covers without showing either her butt or front torso, unfortunately, but we do get a nice look at her long legs, as high as the upper thighs. She then, while under the covers, nibbles on the ear of Kirk, the gold watch possessor (it's a magic watch, that stops time for everyone but the holder), a complete stranger, and not her boyfriend as she'd thought. Too brief a scene, pretty dark (it was on regular television originally!), but it's the only such scene we have of Mork's "Mindy!" It also took me YEARS to acquire my copy of it!

exeye was written on March 12, 2005

THE scene.

This review is for all of you out there who, like me, have been looking for a copy of this for a LOOOONG time. I just got a "Good" quality VHS of this, and was just a tad dissapointed.

The scene is, as mentioned, VERY brief. It is poorly lit. She enters in the dark, the darkest part on the camera side, the best light behind her. Thus, what we see is mainly a silhouette of her breasts, with a LITTLE better look at the right one.

I have seen thousands of VHS, DVD's movies, etc., and I am nearly 100% convinced that even if this was on a "New" VHS we still wouldn't really see anything.

Our only hope is that Pam Dawber either goes broke, loses her mind, or both, and allows a properly mastered DVD of this to be released WITH the scene left in. That's because this is DEFINITELY of the "bright all the way up - lighten contrast- pause and zoom" variety, and wouldn't be worth anything if it weren't Pam, and if the hadn't had the moment of insanity it took to even put this completely unecessary scene in.

So if you're looking, go ahead, but don't expect much. If I'm wrong on this, PLEASE let me know and I'll keep looking, but I doubt it.

TriviaMan was written on August 13, 2005

Probably wearing a body stocking

I remember when this movie came out. It was a TV movie (although not on a major network back then which was unusual). I taped the scene on good equipment and watched it in slow motion and frame by frame. Because it was a made-for-TV movie and nuduty was a definite no-no then and because of what I saw I believe she was wearing a body stocking and she took off underwear that was on top of it. You do see part of where one breast should be and even though the scene is very dark you should have been able to see some nipple if she was nude. It gets one star instead of zero because Pam was so cute then and she didn't have much of a career other then Mork.

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