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year title
1996 Chasing the Dragon 1 Review
1995 Visitors of the Night 1 Review
1988 Tricks of the Trade 5 Reviews
1988 Glitz 0 Reviews

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Chasing the Dragon (1996)
TriviaMan was written on June 30, 2005

Bathroom Scene

This is a TV movie so there is no nudity but Markie is shown in her bra and panties and with her incredible body it is worth 2 stars. I only saw this once when it was first on TV and so far I have not found it on tape or DVD. What a shame!

Visitors of the Night (1995)
nmd was written on July 13, 1999


really stupid alien abduction movie - but you do get to see Markie Post naked getting gang-probed by aliens ( her hands cover her nipples though )

Tricks of the Trade (1988)
MovieBuff was written on January 18, 1999

Partial bare breast when she is in the swimming pool.

Partial bare breast when she is in the swimming pool.

ronaldb9 was written on November 14, 1999

getting out of the swimming pool

you can get a glimpse of her right breast and some of her nipple

sonic007 was written on November 20, 2006

One frame of areola

As Markie Post gets out of the swimming pool (a little over half way through the movie), the last frame before cutting to Cindy Williams shows a dark semi-circle on her right breast that could be shadow but I think is more likely to be areola as there was no shadow in the same place in the previous frames.
At the start of this swimming pool scene, there are two frames where she opens her robe and her breast is revealed but I think it's likely covered buy so layer as there is no nipple or texture at all and it's a shade whiter than the rest of her body (could be tan lines).
Also, as she splashes through the pool in this skinny-dip scene there's nothing that can be seen through the distortion of the water.

TriviaMan was written on June 23, 2005

By The Pool

She takes off her robe but if you freeze frame you can tell that there is no detail visible so she is almost definitely wearing a flesh colored body stocking. So it's a trick of the trade in Tricks of the Trade.

dougal was written on June 7, 1999

Way brief, but there

Wouldn't even rate as a high 1 with any other actress. But in freeze-frame, you do see her left breast as she pulls off her robe to get into the pool. Lots of sexy outfits through the film though.

Glitz (1988)

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