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year title
2006 Tell No One 2 Reviews
2006 Ne le dis à personne 1 Review
2005 Munich 4 Reviews
2002 Ararat 1 Review
2000 Maelström 3 Reviews
1998 Captive 3 Reviews
1997 The Hunger 1 Review
1992 Postière, La 2 Reviews

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Tell No One (2006)
BMac was written on May 1, 2009

Distant frontal

At 4:33, Marie-Josée Croze stands naked on a pier before diving into a pond. She gives a clear view of her prominent ass for about five seconds, and a provides a brief look at her medium-sized left boob. At 6:29-34, she offers five seconds of full frontal, but while revealing, it's shot from the other side of the pond and so not that detailed.

noned was written on July 27, 2008

Skinny dip

Marie gets completely naked.Butt, bush,boobs. Viva la France!

Ne le dis à personne (2006)
lattara was written on June 16, 2007

Lakeside nudity

Attractive brunette Marie-Josée walks to the end of a lakeside dock on a summer's day and drops her light summer dress revealing a full behind. She turns towards the camera giving brief partial exposure to one breast. There's a very brief view as we see her diving nude into the lake and then her nipples poke above the water as she floats and is joined by her husband in the water.

Cut to the evening: Marie-Josée is lying nude on a raft in the middle of the lake with her husband. It's now dark but visibility is still reasonable, though her arms and legs are placed so as to hide her charms. After a brief conversation, she dives back into the lake, revealing her rump again as she dives, and swims back to the dock where she climbs up and in medium-long shot she gives a full view of her body including a brief full frontal glimpse of dark bush.

Munich (2005)
lacupids was written on November 2, 2006

Holy Breasts

This actress plays a Danish assassin. Is there any other movie of hers? hhmmmm... my heart beats when her heart stos... Beautiful made she is... but in the midst of the blood from her chest ... any way i love her body an breast except the hole made by eric bana and his companions...

BMac was written on November 15, 2006

Coarse killing

Well after the two hour mark, this is the only real nude scene in this movie, and if you find it erotic please get counseling. This beautiful French-Canadian actress plays a Dutch assassin hired to kill one of the Israeli assassins assigned to kill Palestinians tied to the murders of Israeli Olympians. His colleagues track her to her houseboat in the Netherlands, where she's wearing only a silk housedress. It falls open and she goes with that to distract them, but they shoot her and Daniel Craig's character insists on leaving her body exposed in a full frontal.

Yes, Marie-Josee Croze is four-star beautiful and in another setting it would be great to see her gorgeous breasts and hairy bush. But the scene is intended to show the Israelis losing the thread of their mission and pursuing more personal revenge, thereby becoming even less distinguishable from their enemies. If they are becoming coarser, so is the movie, where the other nudity is incidental or imaginary.

Immy was written on December 24, 2005

Breasts then full frontal (2:01)

This French-Canadian actress plays a Danish assassin. When Eric Bana and his crew corner her on her houseboat she tries to distract them by opening her small robe and showing her boobs (which are very nice!). It doesn't work and she gets shot twice, including one hit right in the cleavage. She stumbles to a chair where her robe falls open exposing her bush but by now she's gushing blood.

Collector76 was written on November 26, 2006

Wanna watch her dying?

Well yes, she is nude in one scene. But she is shot down by several bullets - not very hot...

Ararat (2002)
tickledick was written on June 23, 2005


At about 24 minutes, she is naked astride her guy. Nice view of her tits as she rides him, but bedclothes hide anything below. A glimpse of buttock as she gets off.

Maelström (2000)
mrcroche was written on February 6, 2003

getting completely nude

This movie has an extremely convinving visual concept with Croze´s nudity to be just one attractive element of it. Despite getting nude three times she is taking more showers here without showing anything than even Cindy Crawford in Fair Game.
The first scene occurs about some 20 minutes into the movie. She is completely nude getting out of the shower. Not a sexy scene.
Some minutes later we see her in a sex scene with the still unusual sight of lower nudity only-as she keeps her shirt on. The tits however get delivered half an hour later in her next sexual encounter.
Excellent movie, good nudity.

MrKeithTalent was written on November 24, 2000

boobs bush and butt

Good display by lovely 30 year old sultry french canadian actress. Excellent film by Dennis Villeneuve in which Marie's charachter Bibiane, has some life changing things happen to her. Anyway, first she returns all fucked up and hits the cold shower at home. Runs out all cold and naked and wet. Brief and dark look at bouncy full frontal as she retreats to her bed flashing a full moon in our faces. Good size boobies. Later, she picks up a stud at a club and there is an almost soft porn touch to their love scene. She keeps here shirt on, but great lingering views of her dark hairy bush lying on the bed as he takes her from behind. One more scene of her tits later on caps an impressive nude performance, in an excellent movie.

Psuedo_Saint was written on April 25, 2002

full frontal aardvarking & a deluge of showers

Good movie (for 2000 it won five Canadian Genie Awards, including best film and actress) w/ an excellent performance from Mme. Croze in the lead. She's no sex kitten and her character isn't always likeable, but she's quite beautiful.

This movie has more shower scenes than "Porkies". Must be symbolic or something. But the nudity is most during the two scenes w/ explicit aardvarking.

If you're a fish fetishist, this is the flick for you.

Captive (1998)
NiccoloM was written on May 21, 2006

Love Scene

The previous reviwer must have seen a cut version of this film. At the beginning of the film there are two quick scenes where Marie is topless while making love to Richard Grieco.

cecil was written on September 3, 2006

make-out scenes

At 13 minutes is a montage of various short scenes of her making out with Richard Grieco. In one scene, she is facing the camera wearing a robe, shot from the waist up. Richard is behind her embracing her and manages to open the robe, exposing her right breast for a couple of seconds. A few scenes later we see them embracing and kissing, both topless. She manages to move her arms enough twice to expose her right breast, and one of those times he kisses her breast. The exposures lasts only a couple of seconds.

McBoris was written on July 22, 2002

None really.

There are a few sex scenes in the film but disappointingly there isn't any nudity.

The Hunger (1997)
cecil was written on April 22, 2005

Episode: I'm Dangerous Tonight

In her first sex scene with Esai Morales we briefly see a close up side view of her breasts. The rest of the time his head keeps her breasts hidden. The best view is afterwards as she sits on a bed and puts on her top. In the second sex scene, we see him raise her dress and expose her bare rear for about a second.

Postière, La (1992)
duckem was written on November 1, 2000

Two scenes

She has two scenes. Near the beginning she is in a bath basin and you can see her breasts. Later on she has a love scene where you can see her nice
curvaceous butt and her breasts again.

duckem was written on November 1, 2000


While she did have a bit part as a bordello worker it looks like she kept her clothes on
in this movie.

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