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2011 Unfaithful 2 Reviews
1999 Gefangen 3 Reviews

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Unfaithful (2011)
GDH was written on May 24, 2013


Marcel's sexy body, including erect penis, is shown as he masterbates, sits around, has sex with Claude Pérès... if only he'd taken off his socks!

hickeyfan was written on July 5, 2013


Everything is seen. And adding to the previous reviewer, an hour into the movie, his socks are off

Gefangen (1999)
spaceboi76 was written on August 18, 2007

Main characters' sex scenes in prison cell

While this film has a couple of nice erections from Schlutt and another actor in the DVD's deleted scenes, there is in fact a hardcore version of this film complete with erections and ejaculations by most cast members including both of the main characters. The hardcore version is "Eingelocht" released by Cazzo. Unfortunately, the hardcore version leaves out all of the dialog and story. I wish the director would release a version with both the story and dialog intact as well as the uncensored sex scenes.

GDH was written on August 12, 2006

Extensive nudity

German film (English title: 'Locked Up') about the experiences of a young man sent to prison. Schlutt, in the lead role, is a pretty bloke with a decent body. His first nudity comes as he is strip-searched on arrival at the prison: we get a frontal view, and a sort of slanting view of his bum. Next we see his bum, and another frontal, in the shower. Later, the head of his penis is visible as he gets a hand job from Mike Sale (this is a distant view). There's a side view of his bum as he's lying on bed; when he sits on the side of the bed to get dressed we see his balls. Later, his penis flops into view as he pulls his trousers up. The traditional 'gang rape in the prison shower' scene offers complete nudity. There's more side nudity as he's lying on bed with Sale trying to mount him; and a dimly-lit full frontal as he's (once again) lying on the bed. Finally, in the deleted scenes of the DVD (TLAUK016), there's a sex scene between him and Sale during which we get a quick view of his at least partially-erect penis. Comments by the cast in interviews - and the general low-budget production values and at times stilted acting - indicate that a harder version of this was filmed, although there's too much story and dialogue for it to be a purely hard-core porn flick.

Guiseppe was written on July 20, 2007


Marcel is the prize-winning hottie in this film. He has striking features that almost look non-european but yet he is. Anyways, for those who have not seen this film, RENT IT IMMEDIATLEY!! It is like nudity heaven plus. Not only does Marcel sheads his clothes, but as does his love interest and a few other inmates in this wannabe "pull-at-the-heart-strings" prison movie. Anyways, so in the opening scene is where we get to see whats beneath the clothing covering Marcel. During the strip search we gets an extended glimpse of his circumsized member which is perfectly proportioned with his balls. He then lifts up his balls and we get a look at down under. Later on comes the inevitable showering scenes where we get a breathtaking full on look of Marcel's anatomy: his toned body, perfect penis, and muscular, eye-candy butt. Then 3 other men enter frame completely in the flesh which is even more of treat. What ensues is just continuous shots of the naked Marcel. We see him masturbating(yes there's an erection and it's breathtaking). We see him being ass raped with his balls bobbing in frame every other second. We see him having sex with his lover who is also beautiful with a toned and bubbalicious bottom. The last notable scene of nudity though is on the delted scenes were we get quick glimpses of Marcel's erect cock. DAMN HE IS SUPER FINE!!

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