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2001 Jason X 2 Reviews
2000 Tied Up 7 Reviews

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Jason X (2001)
BushLeague was written on November 30, 2002

Jason cracks her up

Before Jason slams her frozen face into the counter top, he drags her around and her halter lifts up to show the lower 1/4 of her 34b's. Nice toned abs.

dvddish was written on March 16, 2003


nothing to see here folks

Tied Up (2000)
nonono was written on February 21, 2003

Not Her

It gets zero stars as a Kristi Angus nude scene because Kristi Angus is not the person in the scene in which she is purported to be nude.

nonono was written on May 3, 2002

no nudity

Nude scene at 50 minutes is a character called
Kaite played by Roberta Angelica. Angus plays
Frances who first appears at 66 minutes and is
shot dead at 73 minutes, still fully clothed.
Angus is prettier than Angelica. She recently
appeared in Jason X as character Adrienne.

whiteraven was written on August 22, 2010

Not nude

Kristi Angus plays Frances (Reed), the "Platinum" dominatrix thought to have been a serial BDSM killer to include the brother, "Michael" of Dolph Lundgren's character. Later we learn she is actually the sister of Danielle Brett, wife and widow of Michael. She is shown at various times through out the movie until she is shot dead by a police officer who then thinks of planting a knife on her in a scene ending around 1:15:30. However in the VHS version I saw, she is never nude or even close. Her domme outfit is a red latex suit and she is which covers her from head to boot covered toes.

Videoass was written on May 6, 2001

Breast and hot ass.

In this scene Dolf asking her to undress, she remove her top and show to us great small breasts, then she walk away and we see very hot and amaizing butt. Only three stars for short scene.

dav345 was written on March 25, 2002

topless in thong

she's topless and wearing a g-string; that g-string does NOT come off! you briefly see her breasts; this scene is worthless; the scene happens just over 50 minutes into the movie

Chicago was written on June 12, 2002

1 scene + brief flashback scene

I'm not sure what the previous reviewer was describing or how a 1 min. bare-breasted shot gets zero or only that gets 4*'s...but Kristi is naked at :52-:53 as she plays an S&M girl who unzips out of her black outfit for Dolph. She's got a nicely tanned body, hand-cupped sized breasts (no erect nips) as she straddles him (ass in g-string), then gets up to leave triggering an alarm...decent but not drop-dead looks and several clear shots of her...the best the movie will give. At 1:16.75, there's a brief 1 sec. flashback to her previous scene...breasts.

soulman was written on June 12, 2002

Tits And Thong Booty.

I didn't find women in leather to be appealling at all. So when Angus strips out of her leather for Lundgren I was quite pleased. Nice sized tits and a nice thong butt too.

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