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year title
2001 Girl Thing, A 1 Review
1999 Love Letter, The 2 Reviews
1997 Alarmist, The 3 Reviews
1987 Quick and the Dead, The 1 Review
1984 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1 Review
1984 Dreamscape 2 Reviews
1982 Little Sex, A 5 Reviews

Kate Capshaw's Biography

Met future husband Steven Spielberg whilst auditioning for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984); they married in 1990, the year after he divorced actress Amy Irving (their prenup resulted in an estimated $100m payout).

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Girl Thing, A (2001)
jimmysays was written on January 31, 2001

Lesbian scene with Elle MacPherson

This show is part of a series on Showtime. KC and Elle MacPherson have a lesbian affair, with a sex scene and nudity from both.

Love Letter, The (1999)
oldbabe was written on March 26, 2002

Good old bum

Firstly, Kate Capshaw is exceedingly beautiful. However, as noted the naked bum scene occuring at about 0:52 was from an out-of-focus angle. Plus the bum wasn't as shapely as I envisaged her to be, a little flat and a wee bit saggy. In any case, it's the only peek we were offered up till 1999. The later film, A Girl Thing should provide better glimpses of her.

rovingeye was written on December 3, 1999

Blurry Buns Shot

Kate is seen getting up out of bed and walking away into the distance. Since she is walking away, the shot of her buns is a blurry one. Since she doesn't do much nudity, however, not too bad...

Alarmist, The (1997)
rbelkin was written on October 30, 2006

No Nude Scene But She's Definitely a Double-D These Days

Not nude, but earlier in the movie, she is wearing a tight purple top that reveals exactly how large (and saggy) her breasts are these days - they are massive. There is also a scene where she's in a purple silk teddy but it's dark and she bends over slightly on the other side of the room - you get some sway & some cleavage - a little sexier but clearly the wife of Steven Spielberg is not going to really give us anything ...

espy was written on December 7, 1999


I saw this movie on HBO. There is no nudity, but there is a very hot scene for Kate Capshaw fans. She is standing on a table changing a light bulb. Her boyfriend walks up, puts his head under her dress, pulls down her panties and starts mowing the lawn. Very very hot! I gave it three stars because it's Kate.

oldbabe was written on January 7, 2002

Don't be alarmed

Kate is grade A in sexual attractiveness. Her beautiful 45 year-old shape was in great form throughout the movie. She was cute and adorable even at that age. The bulb change scene was completely stimulating. BUT this is not a nude scene. This review shouldn't be here at all - I was grossly devastated that there was nothing more of Kate's great established body to be shown.

Quick and the Dead, The (1987)
CD1982 was written on February 13, 2005

Waterfall scene

From 47:23 to 47:57 Kate Capshaw is bathing under a waterfall in white 1800's underwear that becomes see-through. You can see a dark patch pubic hair in a strip, you can't really see her nipples, though, even zooming in on the DVD. You do get a great view of her breasts though. She then turns around and you can see her ass, but its partially covered by her hair. Good movie made only better by this scene.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)
Stevarooni was written on March 26, 2013

The elephant hoses her down

31 minutes into the movie,Kate falls off of an elephant into a pool of muddy water next to the path. The camera pulls away for a second then, when it returns, she's sitting up, facing the camera. Her blouse is soaked through and nigh-transparent. Her nipples show up nicely, including silver dollar-sized areolae. She soon pouts and splashes with her arm, making her heavy breasts sway pendulously. Twenty seconds or so of transparent clothing with good lighting.

Dreamscape (1984)
taurus was written on December 15, 2006

Undressing for sex

I haven't seen the European version, but in the version on Showtime at :57 there is a nice peek at her titties from the side in slightly low light (not bad) while standing prior to going horizontal for some sex.

Mikey123 was written on June 24, 1999

Topless in European version

In the European version of the movie, Kate has a brief topless scene on a train making love to Dennis Quaid in their dream sequence. Its Kate's only real topless scene, so its a good catch if you can find it. You can see bare breasts and erect nipples. THE NUDITY IS NOT IN THE AMERICAN VERSION.

Little Sex, A (1982)
Spaceman was written on December 26, 1999

Hot Ass

What a quick scene this is, nevertheless, you get a lot out of it. It is pretty obvious that Kate's lovely fundament is seen in this shot, after she shoves something hot down her boyfriend's pants. However, you can also see a bit of vulva (or bush) as well when she jumps up wearing only a T-shirt. I would have given this seen 4 stars, but it's just so brief. Rats!!

nuditylover was written on July 31, 2001

a bit of vulva (or bush) as well when she jumps up wearing only a T-shirt

a bit of vulva (or bush) as well when she jumps up wearing only a T-shirt

Mikey123 was written on June 24, 1999

Bare Buns

Kate flashes some bare buns in a nightshirt while running away from her husband. The nightshirt flies up and she is not wearing any underwear. A tremendous set of buns, but kind a disappointing movie nudity-wise considering it was made by Playboy.

taurus was written on May 9, 2006

Butt flash

For those reviewers who don't know what their time clock is for, the scene is at :11. A highly overrated scene in my opinion, but there isn't much around with her nudity.

Swabjockey was written on November 27, 2001

Kate in T-Shirt

Not bad but all too 'brief.'

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