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2001 Anniversary Party, The 12 Reviews
2000 Songcatcher 2 Reviews
1998 Happiness 4 Reviews

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2009 Hung 0 Reviews

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Hung (2009)
Anniversary Party, The (2001)
Fling was written on July 25, 2003

Extended topless scenes

Continuing the debate over whether nude scenes should be judged by length or the attractiveness of the display: those who like tiny nubs will enjoy recurring scenes of Jane Adams topless in the second half of this film. Adams' titties are teeny, but she is very thin, so they are proportionate and much prettier than Parker Posey's. Jane Adams earns 2 1/2 stars.

slavedriver was written on January 15, 2002

Swimming and running thru house afterward

TWO STARS?!?!? The previous reviewers are clearly not fans of hers. I deduct one for the absence of bush, but that is a very strong 3 stars I'm giving for the somewhat lengthy period that she's in the house dripping wet in just her panties. The scene ends with her talking to her husband (as mentioned before I believe), and there are a few multi-second shots of her topless, and at pretty close range. Fantastic! Later she's underwater-dancing with a topless Parker Posey, but it's brief and unerotic.

dvddish was written on March 16, 2003


one star because there small

BiKate was written on June 17, 2001

skinny dipping, skinny dipping

If you like girls with slim bodies and no breasts, like I do, Jane Adams is for you. She plays a neurotic actress at the party. When they all take ecstasy, she goes out to the pool, then nonchalantly slips off her dress and jumps in wearing only her panties. She spends the last third of the movie in this state, and even runs around the house naked, prompting her husband to say "Honey, you're not wearing any clothes." "Lucky for everyone else!" she replies.

Curmudgeon was written on February 10, 2003

Extended period wearing only pink panties

Clair Forsyth (Jane Adams) at poolside drops the elegant silk dress she borrowed from Sally Nash (Jennifer Jason Leigh), leaving her in only pink bikini panties, and takes a dip (which isn't shown). The scene has fairly decent outdoor lighting for nighttime by the pool.

Later, Clair goes into the house to find her husband Mac (John C. Reilly). She's still in just the pink panties, and now she's also wet. They have a fairly lengthy conversation while Mac is looking at footage of Sally in the movie they've been working on. Jane's nipples are erect (probably from the water evaporating).

Still later, Clair and Judy Adams (Parker Posey) are performing an underwater ballet in the pool, choreographed by Mac. The pool light is directly behind them, so their breasts are shown in good relief. Mac stops breathing (a reaction to the Ecstasy they've all taken), and they give him CPR at poolside. Good views of Jane as she gets out of the pool, and a brief close-up of the front of her wet pink panties.

Jane Adams has very very slight tan lines on her breasts (she's not very tan at all). Her nipples and areolas in her all-natural breasts are very distinct against her pale skin.

Psuedo_Saint was written on July 20, 2003

whole movie

For fans of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, it's worth noting that this movie also stars both Jennifer Jason Leigh & Phoebe Cates although they both keep their clothes on. Phoebe turned 40 last week, but with surgery anything is possible.

BMac was written on August 1, 2005


The reviews here sum it up accurately. It's duration of nudity versus lack of nude assets. Breastless Jane Adams spends much of the last third of this movie wearing only panties, and has an extended, unnecessary water ballet with the almost equally flat-chested Parker Posey. Adams is a bit cuter, but really, she's got no boobies at all. If you like that, you might give her three stars. If you don't, there's no point renting this.

BiBoySTL was written on August 4, 2001


For a more extended look at her breasts than in the film "Happiness," for long periods of time, Jane Adams walks around topless.

LeroyBrown was written on July 20, 2002

Lengthy exposure of small tits

Fairly lengthy exposure of her small breasts. She's a rather scrawny plainish woman, and her breasts are small with nipples that look like they belong to a twelve year old. I always try to judge mostly on the merits of the nudity itself and I have to say that Miss Adams' nudity merits at least 2 1/2 star even though she's not that beautiful.

oldbabe was written on March 28, 2002

Small tits

I am sorry but this is two-stars to me as well. The exposure was good but her breasts are small and so are the nipples. Only plus point is the nipples do look pink-ish. And depending on your taste, she may look very fit or anorexic.

slavedriver was written on May 27, 2002

We must rate the scene with no bias

Personal feelings should not come into play here. Regardless of whether or not we like big or small tits, the fact of the matter is that her exposure is lengthy and therefore deserving of at least three stars. The quality of the scene is in question, not the quality of the body.

scottes82 was written on August 24, 2009

New entry of nudity (topless)

I applogize in advance but I wanted to post this information since this site has always been helpful to me.

So this is ACTUALLY for the eighth episode of the Tv Show "Hung". I'm apparently not cool enough to post new entries for movies yet.

She appears topless halfway through the episode. It is fairly brief but there is three different shots with one of them fairly close up. She has nice mikly white natural breasts with very pink nipples.

There is also another actress naked earlier in the episode with her breasts getting knocked around while having sex. She's not the most attractive, but for a brief half hour it isn't a huge investment. It's also a pretty a good show and several episodes have nudity with more obvisously to come.

I'm also willing to bet since Jane Adams has showed herself on this show once, she'll probably do it again.

So anyway I'm sorry for placing this in the wrong entry, but I've never had the jump on anyone as far as the knowledge of new nudity. So I've never posted anything before.

(To the adminstrator Please feel free to re-appropriate this information for the correct entry blank. Sorry for the inconvience.)

Songcatcher (2000)
12-string was written on August 15, 2002

just a flash

About 34 mins in, she's in the bedroom with her lesbian g.f. when her sister opens the door. Pretty quick shot of Adams' bare breasts in this PG-13 film, but only enough so you can say you saw them (if you didn't blink). Some fully-clothed lesbian m.o. later on, in the woods. Good old time mountain music in this pic but don't rent it for skin.

LeroyBrown was written on August 21, 2002

Quick flash of one breast

Her sister surprise her and her lesbian lover. She turns around and and showed us one breast including nipple. Very quick so don't blink. She also had did some hot lesbian kissing and caressing with her lover albeit fully clothed. For a rather plainish woman with small breasts she's not one to shy away from nudity. Surprising.

Happiness (1998)
RedBloodedMale was written on July 6, 2000

The tiniest but nicest breasts you'll ever see

For all of those (like me) who like small, perfectly formed tits, this is a must. Jane Adams has a beautiful petite body which looks great throughout, and for about 30 seconds, you get to see her beautiful breasts. At the end of the scene, she sits up, wa,ving and looks georgeously innocent as her breats are in complete frontal view.

[email protected] was written on February 15, 2002

After 75-80 minutes, she has sex with her blond student who is a cab driver; at first, he is on top of her, then he gets off of her and leaves without saying anything.

When he removes himself, you can see Ms. Adams' right breast as she lies on her back. When she sees him leaving, she leans on her right side and says: "See you tomorrow in class!"--that's when you get a good view of her left breast. She has, indeed, a petite body and small breasts like the previous reviewer wrote, but he was a bit overexcited with her nudity--don't expect a great scene or a very sexy actress.

axl was written on September 7, 1999

topless after sex

While having sex with one of her students you get to see a side view of her breasts as he is on top of her.When he gets up to leave she sits up in bed and you see a full shot of her breasts.Don't borrow the movie for the nudity although it is a pretty good movie.

Chicago was written on September 16, 2002

1 scene

Previous reviewers do a good job of describing Jane's scene. At 1:18.75-1:19.75, Jane is under a guy as he's thrusting away on her...partial side ass and breast covered by arms and dimmed by shadows before the guy moves his arm enough to catch a few glimpses of her very erect nipple from the side, then 4 sec. of her breasts above the covers as seen from the front as he is dressing to leave.

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