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India Wadsworth
Ghostwords was written on October 4, 2011

Ep.3: Not rape

Around the 25-minute mark, student Kate (Ms Wadsworth) is in bed with JP (Whitehall), whom she met a little earlier that evening on a charity blind date. She's under him and we catch three brief glimpses of her left breast. The view improves when she gets on top, cowgirl style, and both her breasts are in shot (small, but quite perky; a couple from the front, one from the right side). When she realises he's passed out, she leaves him her telephone number and exits, wrapped in a sheet; unfortunately, she writes it on the back of a leaflet warning about date rape. By the end of the episode, his fears have been dispelled and they may well be an item, so we could well see her again.

Zawe Ashton
Jack Whitehall
Ghostwords was written on September 27, 2011

Ep.1: Bathroom

At 0:32:00, JP (Whitehall) is infuriated to find one of the other students using his personal toilet, but decides to get into the shower regardless. There are two brief shots of full rear nudity and one of his left hip.

(Earlier in the episode, JP has sex with the very cute Josie (Kimberley Nixon), but there's no nudity from either party.)

Ghostwords was written on October 23, 2011

Ep.5: Mooning

Seven minutes in, JP (Whitehall) lowers his shorts and presses his bare buttocks against the rear window of a coach heading down the motorway to London. All you actually see is his right hip and the side of his right buttock.

Greg McHugh
Ghostwords was written on November 5, 2012

S2 Ep.4: Substitute fuckbuddy

McHugh plays socially inept geology student Howard, who is effectively dragged off to bed by his German housemate when her original 'fuckbuddy' fails to turn up and alleviate her sexual tension. At 0:35:00, he's asked to leave and slips into a t-shirt; during this, we get a fairly clear shot of his naked butt. Face not in frame, but I'd be astonished if this was a body double.

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