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2004 Dos Ilusiones 2 Reviews

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Dos Ilusiones (2004)
taurus was written on May 12, 2007

Suicide attempt

After the limo attack she is depressed and slits her wrists in the dude's apartment. She is just wearing panties as he drags her onto her back on the bed, having difficulty doing it as he is all excited and screaming for someone to call an ambulance. If you are ok with the fake tits, her body is hot.

rbelkin was written on April 21, 2007

Big Fake, Fake Tits Make a Few Seconds Appearance

She's probably only in her early 30's but she looks like she's had a lot of plastic surgery on her face and her breasts are rock solid fakes. She plays an actress in some cheap movie - one scene is of her wedding night. Her ass looks great as she drops her wedding dress - she still has on a thong. As they are laying in bed, two masked men break in (as part of the movie) cut off her bra revealing her fake pointy left breast - the masked man then runs the razor down to her panties but then the scene ends. Later in the back of a limo with two producers, they start to molest her pulling up her dress (dark in the limo - only shadows) and eventually her right breast pops out - it's pretty fast and more weird than sexy since the scene ends there without any real followup.

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