Dallas, Texas, USA

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year title
2001 Phantom Love 1 Review
1999 Andromina: The Pleasure Planet 1 Review
1996 Crystal Crawford's Coverboys 1 Review
1994 Posing Strap 1 Review

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Phantom Love (2001)
dragoboy108 was written on April 28, 2017

Hot scene

Scene with Shannon Malone. Hot muscular body. Love the way he looks at Shannon at she kisses & licks his muscular chest.

Andromina: The Pleasure Planet (1999)
misty_rose was written on December 23, 2004

Butt from the side

Christian gets a long sex scene in this film, though sadly, not much nudity comes from it (which isn't all that surprising, since the film is targeted at those who want to see the women). We do see some of his pubic hair as he humps the girl doggie-style, and then in a wide shot of him on his knees and bent over to lick her, his ass is shown from the side for about 5 seconds. The ass shot, the sex factor and the fact that the whole scene is in very good lighting makes it worth about a star and a half. Overall, the movie is't worth seeing if you're looking for nudity from Christian only, but maybe worth a rent if you're satisfied just by seeing his muscled body having sex.

Crystal Crawford's Coverboys (1996)
misty_rose was written on June 28, 2004

Hot jerkoff scene

He jerks off on a couch to a sex tape of a previous scene in the film (which he took no part in). We get nice close-ups of his huge cock, as well the rest of his body as he touches himself in various other places. He stands, feeling his well-sculpted butt and muscular body, before laying down back on the couch. It takes a little while to get hard, but he does, and in one great close up his dick erupts, splashing cum all over his thigh. The cumshot is replayed three times, so that we can catch the entire climax from his cock, as well as see his facial expressions. The only drawbacks to the scene are that every 10 seconds or so it cuts to a shot of the TV screen, of the sex tape which we've already seen before (no doubt to make the scene last longer) and the overall scene is in poor lighting.

Posing Strap (1994)
misty_rose was written on February 22, 2004

Blowjob & licking

He is asked to make himself erect for some naked hard-on shots during a photo shoot, though has "a bit of trouble" doing so. Zak Spears "gives him a hand" (but does much more than that) and starts sucking Christian's cock, though we don't see any close-ups until later on. The first shot revealing the goods isn't exactly impressive; Christian's meat is a bit smaller than one might hope. Zak continues blowing and licking, and Christian's cock is dripping with saliva. We go through a series of more close-ups, and a couple shots from the rear. Then Christian gets down on all fours, while Zak finally fully takes off Christian's posing strap and starts spreading Christian's awesome melons apart and licking his crack. More close ups. Fade to Zak lying on the floor, and Christian is squatting over his face wearing nohting (although there are no cock shots during this scene. Christian squats up and down while Zak rims. Fade again to the camera looking up from the floor at the two guys standing, facing each other, and jerking off. Christian's cock is looking much more impressive now, and he cums, adding even more to the glamour of it.
Impressive, though I would've liked to see more of Christian's meat.

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