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Tinto Brass, Bob Guccione

Caligula's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Wilson, Bonnie Dee 1 Review
Wagner, Lori 3 Reviews
Savoy, Teresa Ann 8 Reviews
Mirren, Helen 3 Reviews
di Lorenzo, Anneka 5 Reviews
D'Angelo, Mirella 1 Review
Clark, Valerie Rae 2 Reviews
Asti, Adriana 2 Reviews

Caligula's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Placido, Donato 3 Reviews
McDowell, Malcolm 3 Reviews
Fellows, Lucky 1 Review

nudity reviews for Caligula member submitted

Bonnie Dee Wilson
rocco-rules was written on June 2, 2005

Sits on a large Italian sausage

Bonnie appears several times during the boat orgy, but the most memorable scene is where she strokes a guy’s cock while straddling him in reverse cowgirl position, then she lowers herself down on it and bounces up and down for a few seconds. The penetration, though not clearly visible, is pretty obvious because you can see his erection, between her legs, on every up stroke of her body, and it doesn’t move around at all (she’s got a firm vice-like grip on it !)

Lori Wagner
Antman was written on October 30, 1999

Lesbian sex scene

She is one of the two girls that perform the very explicit lesbian oral sex scene. This scene includes full nudity and and genital shots of both girls. This sequence is rather crudely edited in and seems to lack continuity elements present in earlier scenes.

babon was written on January 17, 2000

Most explicit

Nothing left to imagination in the lesbian sex scene. Also after Donato's death she with Aneka, takes his blood and coat their vaginas. (The X rated version)

thefaceman32 was written on October 12, 2003


00:45:00 DVD Special Feature: Additional footage from the lesbo scene with Anneka Di Lorenzo.

01:21:00 Lori goes to town on Anneka Di Lorenzo's muff with fingers and tongue! Spectacular!

Teresa Ann Savoy
BushLeague was written on August 23, 2002

Until her exit

She is in some woods doing some mild sexual play with Caligula. She is in a "mini toga" and wearing no underwear. At first her butt is plainly visible while on the ground with him. She runs and her tits pop out of the toga continuously, including great looks of her legs. She then allows herself to be caught by him and she sits down again to reveal her firm round butt and big hairy pussy lips. Shows butt, tits, and pubes while in bed with Caligula. Left round firm tit peeks out of toga again in bed scene with Caligula. Right tit shows as Caligula kisses it. Round firm ass shows briefly as Cal. lifts her into his arms to swing her back and forth. Shot of rear and back after Cal. runs mad in rain and they get into bed. Left tit when getting up from couch. After death scene, Cal. strips off her nighty and leaves her completely nude. Brief, but dark pussy shot in bed. He flips her over in bed and reveals the best shot of her big round firm buns and skinny legs. Cal. carries her nude carcass in grief and shows off her entire nakedness, topped of by one final pussy shot from the rear--outstanding! This movie contains at least 15 pussy shots and countless nude scenes but not of your typical Tinto Brass chicks, but apparently gorgeous prostitutes from Rome (nice round firm asses and tits and flat stomachs with skinny legs and gorgeous faces). It also includes explicit penetration scenes, including one cum in the mouth blow job.

VincentD1979 was written on September 17, 2004

Bush shots

Lovely bush. Very thick and blonde. Her breasts are lovely and medium sized. Many scenes of her bouncing around, breasts flopping around. Her pubic hair is lush and she even shows her actual labia, clitoris, and vaginal opening in the movie. Very beautiful.

Omni was written on July 20, 2000

She's one of two good looking chicks in the movie

She pretty much shows it all having sex with her brother Caligula. Most amazing thing about her is that she's actually pretty.

Underdawg was written on May 5, 2001

Straight up the crotch

As others have said she's naked a LOT. In the first couple scenes you get clear views of her labia as she lies with Caligula. There's plenty of explicit genital nudity in this film but most of it is by incidental or anonymous characters; she is one of the principals.

Cysione was written on September 28, 2000

Which scene ?! Naked all the time

This beautiful girl is naked all the time. Clothes are just an alibi. Until she dies you can see her breasts, her back, her butt and her vagina (no Close-ups).She is having sex with her brother Caligula and his wife. I saw just the unrated DVD-Version but if you compare it with all the other Hardcore stuff in this movie this girls scene are very pleasant and really joinable.

yngwier was written on May 10, 2006

naked teresa

i like her innocent face..

axl was written on November 26, 2000


She is by far the best looking woman in this movie and she is nude from the beginning and almost all the way through....a must see

Peter Perves was written on February 17, 1999


Teresa obviously got the part for herwillingness to do nudity rather than acting ability. She is nude or semi nude for her entire performance,and even manages to show us the lot after she has died as Caligula decides he want to give her one for one last time. Malcolm McDowell always did get strange parts.

Helen Mirren
MrKeithTalent was written on October 11, 1999

usual helen mirren nudity

There was so much nudity in the Guccione flick that its hard to recall exactly. But here goes: theres a scene with her in a wet sheeting gown. She's in a pool. We can see her boobs thru her gown. Then theres the better know scene when she's getting up in a hurry at night. We see her boobs bobbing about....they're very nice. We also see a flash of bushy bush.

borisf_98 was written on November 29, 2000

not as good as you think

First, to the previous reviewer, Helen did not play Caligula's sister. Although she has sex with Caligula doggy stile, you can not see much since she keeps her robe on.
In the threesome part, you can see Helen's right boob as Calligula leaks it. At the same time, she does some lesbian kissing. Like in most of the movie all camera action is concentrated not on Helen, but on Teresa Ann Savoy's butt, which is very beautiful.
Pool probably provides most on the nudity for Helen in this movie. She is standing in see-through robe for a while. Camera picks her out of the lesbian crowd from time to time.
Ok, last nudity part comes during the night. Caligula is frightened and wakes up everybody. Helen wakes up and sits naked for a couple of seconds on the bed. This is a closest to full frontal you will see.
I saw 148 minute version of the movie. Unrated/X-rated 156 minute version possibly can add some Helen's nudity, but I doubt.

henrya was written on November 17, 1999

Nude having sex

She also has a great scene where her brother (the emperor) is dog styling her.The camera faces her, so you see her boobs swing, while she gets it. You do NOT see explicit sex, with her anywhere, but you do see soft core type stuff. You get all of her in this movie, tits, ass and beaver.

Anneka di Lorenzo
Antman was written on October 30, 1999

Lesbian sex scene

She is one of the two actresses that performs the explicit lesbian oral sex scene about an hour and fifteen minutes into the film. I have only seen the x-rated version of this movie, but I would assume that this scene must be missing from the r-rated version.

babon was written on January 17, 2000

Most explicit ever in a feature film

Nothing left to imagination in the lesbian sex scene. Also after Donato's death she with Lori, takes his blood and coat their vaginas. (The X rated version)

thefaceman32 was written on October 12, 2003


Although it is pretty much mandatory that Penthouse Pets do some Adult videos, Anneka was one of the early adopters of the practice.

00:45:00 DVD Special Feature: Additional footage from the lesbo scene with Lori Wagner. Box munching galore!!!

01:21:00 Anneka gets her box munched by Penthouse Pet Lori Wagner. Unbelievable!

skinuit was written on January 24, 2005

Imperial Bordello

Eelsnake above is right, the double blowjob scene is great. The other girl's name involved in this scene is Valeria Rae Clark. In any case, the nudity award goes to the guy who is fellated--from start to finish, his huge ( at least 10") erection is on closeup on screen, with both girls going at him, to when Anneka swallows his ejaculation and the scene fades into the next. The two girls who were in this scene were scorchingly hot, and that sure was one lucky dude!

Eelsnake was written on April 26, 2002

Imperial Bordello--Anneka di Lorenzo and Valerie Rae Clark as Senators' wives

In this scene, Anneka di Lorenzo and Valerie Rae Clark fellate a man with an abnormally huge erection. The scene is hot because it's a dual effort for Valerie and Anneka, it's shot in close up, and both girls are really into it like they're both in love with the guy. The scene ends with Anneka bringing the guy with the huge erection to climax, her displaying his ejaculation and then her swallowing it. This is the most totally graphic climax scene I've seen to date, and nothing has come close to it in subsequent films as far as combining the erotic with the graphic.

Mirella D'Angelo
BushLeague was written on December 10, 2002

Temple of Vestal Virgins and wedding scene

Fantastically tight and beautiful Italian actress grabs Caligula's attention in her see-thru robe and we see tits and bush. Later, in the kitchen during her wedding, Caligula strips her from her robe and deflowers her. Every delicious (his words) inch is shown: firm round 36c's, matted ancient black bush, and round firm buns (as well as rest of tight body that Caligula tests out)

Valerie Rae Clark
xxzz was written on November 11, 2010

Lucky Fellows Indeed

As mentioned by Eelsnake the guy (named Lucky Fellows - no wonder) who gets sucked off by Penthouse Pets Valerie Rae Clark and Anneka di Lorenzo has one damn big cock (reportedly 11"). Beford Anneka joins in on the fun, Valerie is seen working on Lucky Fellows' rock-stiff erection, and then, amazingly, she takes his cock all the down for an incredible deep throat. Valerie and Anneka take turns sucking on his shaft until Anneka takes over and brings him to a rousing ejaculaion. Lucky Fellows recalls "his organism being so intense I thought I'd go bonkers or just die there on the floor cushions!" He reports that he ejacuated into Anneka's mouth 4 or 5 times with streaming cum. On a side note Bob Guccione, who directed the orgy scenes, had two other Penthouse Pets do the same scene with Lucky Fellows (Guccione was not certain which scene he would use). Signe Berger and Henrietta Kelogg had the pleasure of two-timing Fellows' huge cock with Henrietta being the recipient of his enormous cum explosion. Signe and Henrietta's scene is shortened to less than 30 seconds and does not show the cum shot.

rocco-rules was written on June 2, 2005

performs many hardcore acts

Valerie had a lot of scenes within the boat orgy. She was being eaten while in a swing, being fingered from behind by the well-hung Lucky Fellows, and then sharing a blow-job with Anneka on Lucky, as well as chasing the midget and sucking him once he's pinned down. She gets over 2 minutes of screen time and shows every inch of her body.

Adriana Asti
babon was written on January 17, 2000

Very explicit

U see glimpses of Ennia's bush, but u see her boobs clearly. The X rated version has a scene where she makes two of her henchmen cum, rubs their semen over her body.

VincentD1979 was written on October 1, 2004

Lying in a bed and having semen massaged on to her

I like this scene. Asti lies on her back in a lavish bed wearing a very revealing outfit. Her large pasty white breasts lie on either side of her chest. Each breast is large and saggy with errect pink nipples (I believe she was 47 in this movie). Her genitals are covered in a thick cloak of black pubic hair and her labia can be seen poking out. This scene starts with a closeup shot of several young men ejaculating their sexual fluids into a bowl before the the actual semen is applied to Asti's bare skin.

Donato Placido
Neptune3 was written on December 28, 2007

Full frontal and more.

This very sexy and fit Italian actor gets the brunt of Caligula's punishment in the film. On his wedding night, he watches his bride get raped and then is humiliated by having to strip, climb onto a kitchen table on all fours and have Caligula's fist, covered in lard, shoved up his ass! Before this, he is shown naked from the side with his thick, hanging penis visible. Later, he is tormented further by being strung up on ropes and then stripped completely as Caligula and his guards slash at his with knives. It's an unpleasant scene as Placido is a good-looking and appealing guy, but he shows good frontal here, his nice-sized penis dangling in full view. The film is chock full of hunky men in full undress including a soldier who has his genitals tied with a bootlace as part of his torture/execution. Every other scene has an ass or a dick visible in it.

sylv was written on October 22, 1998


He helped make this movie a real pleasure. The emperor disrobes him, revealing a nice thick penis that hooks in a downward curve. His body is beautiful, his face is beautiful, and his butt is beautiful too. Unfortunately, the emperor greases up his hand & violates poor Placido in front of his new wife.

babon was written on January 17, 2000

Full frontal

After the violation scene (Malcom fists him), there is his death scene. He is stripped and slashed. hen when he is dead his penis is cut off.

Malcolm McDowell
Neptune3 was written on December 28, 2007

Plenty of rear and obscured or distant frontal

McDowell earns four stars simply due to the audacity of his nudity and role here. He is frequently partially nude throughout the film as most of his costumes are skimpy togas or sheer, drapy shifts. At one point, he goes to take the virginity of a bride and as he brushes his toga aside, you can briefly see his smallish, flaccid penis in the dim light under his cloak. Later, he goes off his rocker in the rain and begins marching naked, back and forth. This is his best nudity, though it is far away (especially in widescreen.) He is also shown urinating at one point though no penis can be seen. It's a wild movie featuring a parade of cock and ass including mucho fellatio in the unrated version. McDowell doesn't ever go that far, but he shows a lot and does fist a man (!) at one point. (He reportedly refused to depict a man-on-man anal sex scene as was scripted.)

babon was written on January 17, 2000

Full Frontal

This is a movie where everyone has shown themselves off explicitly. In the X rated version (I do not know of the R rated) Malcom (in the 19th. chapter of the DVD) strips and dances in the rain.

hickeyfan was written on June 8, 2013


Okay. Everybody who is somebody is naked here. Malcom strips and walks around in the rain, with a clear view of his privates.

Lucky Fellows
swieez was written on September 20, 2014

Shows everything

There's everything but anal from what I saw. I love the money shots!

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