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1981 Return of the Rebels 4 Reviews

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Return of the Rebels (1981)
cincyreds was written on March 10, 2005

Breast meat

For a normal actress this would have gotten 0 stars because there is no full nudity.
However, Barbara never did a nude scene and this is absolutely the closest we ever will get to seeing a flash of those phenomenal boobs.

In the scene, as she is turning away her robe gaps open very briefly, but just long enough to expose almost all of one of her breasts, but no nipple. If you freeze frame it does get close, but there is definitely no nipple. However, a large amount of here breast is exposed. It's just a turn on seeing that she was braless and almost popped out.

If you're a Barbara fan this is as good as it gets and that's why it gets 2 stars.

Yogi Bare was written on February 14, 1999

Most of breast

This is from memory, but she's in a kitchen. She looks out the window, andsees Patrick Swayze, then turns away. She's wearing a robe with no bra, andas she turns, you see most of her left breast. No nipple. Not great, but beggars can't be choosers.

lookinatu was written on November 22, 2002

Better than that!

The previous review has ignored the fact that is it for her nudity, so it is exceptional -especially for network TV in the '80. Her breasts are fantastic and you see almost all of them. BTW the guy Barbara is frightened by in the scene is a very young Patrick Swayze.

FilmCritic was written on August 19, 2001

Partly Correct

Barbara does show the inside of her untanned right breast as her robe opens when she turns a couple of times (she is braless) but it's not much, unless you're really desperate to see a bit of her you haven't already seen. Personally, the Jeannie outfits revealed more overall and, of course, she looked more attractive in them -- she is attractive in this movie, though, as she always is.

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