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1993 Hour of the Pig, The 3 Reviews
1990 Sheltering Sky, The 3 Reviews

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Hour of the Pig, The (1993)
MrKeithTalent was written on September 29, 1999


Plays a mideavel gypsy and strips for Friels. We get another look at those mounatainous globes. Fantastic boobs. And she carries them so well. i love them. Right up there with Romane Bohringers.

liechti was written on December 24, 2000


her breasts are clearly visible as she strips, but not a "must look at"

[email protected] was written on April 27, 2002

0:42-after giving a letter to the advocate, she surprises him by taking off her clothes; he notices her when she is already nude(the viewer can't see anything either) and covers her big breasts. 1:08-she has sex with the protagonist, but you can

The first scene is worth ***, the second one only *; great shot from close distance in the first one. She has very nice tits--too bad the scenes aren't longer(and clearer, the second one). I think she has a better nude scene in "The Sheltering Sky"(1990). Oh, and by the way, the nude scenes I'm reviewing here are from "The Advocate", which is, apparently, a cut version of "The Hour of the Pig".

Sheltering Sky, The (1990)
MrKeithTalent was written on September 29, 1999

arabic boobs

Heres another ethnic group represented. Arabic. She shows her great great rack in the beginning of the movie. She's playing a hooker in Morocco and Malkovich vists her. He gets to play with those mountains. She tries to steal his wallet and he runs from her. She jumps after him and we see more of those fantastic heavy jugs as she does some wailing Arab style.

sirspread was written on March 23, 2004


around a quarter of an hour in we get to see her hideous breasts (large fake) as she peels off playing a hooker the lighting is orangey but we get good clear looks at what i can only describe as one of the worst pairs of breasts ive clapped eyes on

shawtymike was written on July 27, 2015

tunisian singer with massive boobs

long before amina annabi was an accomplished singer in her native tunisia, she was an international actress portraying middle eastern roles in a couple of Hollywood films. (actually, at this time, she had also been singing in tunisia & having her own music videos). I had watched her music clips and trust me, I had never knew about her gargantuan rack at all not until this movie!!! In the beginning of the movie, a then 20 years old plus amina was playing a prostitute in Morocco and john malkovich visits her for some fun. She later dropped her top off, showing her uberly massive brown tanned rack. They definitely look natural to me though. By natural genes, middle eastern women have one of the large breasts in the world. She then tries to steal his wallet and he runs from her. We see more of those heavy milkbags as she reprimand malkovich character in arabic. a great nudity if you're fan of her or middle eastern woman

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