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Mia Kirshner
abbafan2 was written on August 4, 2005

jumping into bed

Staid CBS wanted to push the envelope in this series about werewolves. Mia was shown topless jumping ontop of a young man in a scene that was heavily promoted. Not much can be seen except a side view that I and the other nine people in the US who saw this series can remember. It moved to UPN where its ratings dropped even more (if possible) and was soon cancelled. I believe they darkened and edited the scene more as they got cold feet about the possibility of nipples being visible.

Paul Wesley
jrn was written on September 14, 2013

Perfect Ass!

It is in episode 8, ("Legend of Lost Lenore") His ass is really incredible. Unfortunately, the scene is pretty short. An ass that great deserves a lot more screen time. Maybe if he did, the series would have been renewed for a second season.
But, that's for the best, I suppose, he's one of the leads on The Vampire Diaries now. If only the CW could find a way to bare his fat, perfect ass.

Ozzie700 was written on January 21, 2010


Still credited as Paul Wasilewski at this time, Paul (now on Vampire Diaries) was the lead in this short-lived CBS drama. The lighting is not good, but there are some brief glimpses, one or two very close, of his incredible ass. Imagine this being on a network today...

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