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1990 Pledge Night 1 Review

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Pledge Night (1990)
atom was written on August 15, 2003

one view of bare butt amid multiple frat-boy initation scenarios

As the male lead in this unusually sophomoric horror film, Eastland is pleasant enough to look at. His major nude scene, such as it is, involves a fraternity initiation in which his bare buttocks is branded with a red-hot iron. Eastland's butt is OK but is not in itself a good reason to watch this movie. It might be worth a look, though, for viewers aroused by fraternity humiliation scenarios. Pledges are expected to eat worms and bugs; pull chunks of refuse out of the toilet with their teeth (although the chunks look like shit, they are actually bananas covered in anchovy paste); pick cherries off a block of ice with their butt cheeks and then eat the cherries; get paddled and branded; and, for a pledge in the film's opening scene, end up tied to a tree, pelted with eggs and trash while the campus laughs and cheers. Eventually, a ridiculous monster (the spirit of a young man who was killed in an initiation gone wrong) goes around murdering fraternity brothers in gruesome ways that mimic the kinkiness of the fraternity initiations. In the film's most striking scene, the monster ties a frat boy's hands over his head, pulls down the boy's pants, sticks a cherry bomb in the rear of the tighty-whiteys, and sets off the bomb, killing the young man. If that sort of thing interests you, then the film might be watchable. Just don't watch the movie expecting hot male nudity.

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