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Oliver Milburn
GDH was written on October 22, 2003


Milburn is lucky to get through an episode of this without having to take at least some of his clothes off - long may it continue! In the eighth episode, we get a shadowy view of his nicely-dimpled bum as he walks naked out of the bedroom.

GDH was written on September 3, 2003

Side nudity

The first episode of this drama series about an English country medical practice seems quite 'safe' and 'family-friendly' at first, but surprises with a side view of the personable Milburn naked as he slithers up Lucy Cohu. As he jumps up on the bed it's possible that we get a quick glimpse of pubic hair, but I think it was more likely to be a pouch.

Jason Merrells
GDH was written on October 15, 2003


In what I think is the seventh episode, we see - briefly - a well-lit view of Merrells' bum as he runs naked from the room after realising that his mother is about to walk in on him having sex.

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