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Stapleton, Sullivan 4 Reviews
Scott, Dougray 1 Review
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Philip Winchester
GDH was written on April 24, 2013


Second episode: Blond chap with a well-defined body shows a shapely pair of buttocks whilst pulling on his trousers (although we don't see his face in the same shot so can't be entirely sure it's not a body double).

Sullivan Stapleton
GDH was written on April 23, 2013


In the first episode, Stapleton, a hairy, chunky guy, shows his backside whilst shafting a Malaysian prostitute. In a later scene, we see his bum once again when an Indian waitress removes the towel from his waist - but their sex scence is interrupted by some terrorists, forcing Stapleton into nude hand-to-hand combat - cue more bum shots.

GDH was written on April 25, 2013


Stapleton gets his bum out again in the third episode: there's a good close-up of it as he strips prior to what he thinks will be sex with a woman. It would have been an even more erotic scene if he'd taken off his socks.

GDH was written on April 27, 2013


There's a brief view of Stapleton's bare backside in the seventh episode as he lays on top of a young lady in bed.

GDH was written on April 30, 2013


During a standing-up sex scene in the eighth episode we get a few distant shots of Stapleton's bum.

Dougray Scott
flighty56789 was written on September 7, 2013

Season 4, Episode 3

Fleeting shots of side butt when he's plowing a male lover. He's aged nicely and is sporting a sexy pornstache here too. This is Skinemax though, so the nudity could have been a lot better.

Matthew Leitch
GDH was written on April 26, 2013


Eighth episode. Leitch is a chunky blond who bears a slight facial resemblance to British Olympic swimmer Liam Tancock. We see him laying naked face-down on the bed, giving a good shot of his shapely backside. There's a couple of shots of him nude from the side as he rolls over - his leg is carefully raised to obscure any frontal, but we *may* just see the tip of cock in a distant shot - couldn't be sure, though.

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