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Ari Boyland
mcjw2011 was written on May 28, 2012

Posing for art class (episodes aired 4/7/2011 and 4/8/2011)

This hunk from "Power Rangers RPM" definitely got hotter after he got the gig with the long-running NZ soap "Shortland Street." He plays one of the regulars who decides to take a modeling gig for an art class. You see him enter wearing a black robe, and then you get a back view from the neck down as he slips it off, revealing a nice, plump ass. It then cuts to him sitting nude on a chair, from a side view. Then as a pair of parents come in and cover their teenage girl's eyes, he tries to cover himself with the black throw, showing the top half of his ass as he tries to wrap it around himself. Nice... hopefully that means Ari is open to showing a lot more in future projects.

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