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year title
1987 Hello Again 4 Reviews
1986 Money Pit, The 1 Review
1984 Irreconcilable Differences 2 Reviews
1982 Night Shift 4 Reviews

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Hello Again (1987)
ronaldb9 was written on November 18, 1999

hospital gown

brief scene,about 5 sec. good view of her butt,nothing else.need to rec on digital and viewnot vcr.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on July 25, 2003


brief butt shot i think this is her only nudity to date

MovieBuff was written on January 18, 1999

Very brief bare butt when her hopital gown opens in the back when she is walking down the hallway in the hospital.

Very brief bare butt when her hopital gown opens in the back when she is walking down the hallway in the hospital.

BushLeague was written on February 21, 2002

Brief Butt and leg performance

She is walking down a hospital corridor with her gown open in the rear. We get the briefest look at her right butt cheek before some idiot extra blocks our view and she pulls the opening together. She does several scenes where her dress is pulled up/down revealing her legs and some "bloomer" type panties. All scenes a fairly long, well lit, and relatively unobscured.

Money Pit, The (1986)
Mikey123 was written on June 9, 1999

Legs and Buns

A she has sex with Tom Hanks, she is wearing a very short nighty. He rolls on top of her and she wraps her legs around his back. Gravity pulls the nightie that was covering her buns down to the bed, so you can see her bare thighs all the way up to and including most of her buns. No crack, but 3/4 of her butt cheek is visible. Add that to her slight moans and its a pretty sex scene, especially for what is supposed to be a family film. Obviously, other agree, because when the film is shown on broadcast television, this scene is edited out.

Irreconcilable Differences (1984)
scofflaw was written on July 12, 1999

Is there a pubic flash?

I read there that there is one,and her privates are quite visible. I haven't been a able to see an uncut version of this movie but if anyone has seen it and can confirm it,I might order it.

Mikey123 was written on July 13, 1999

Probable pubic hair

The scene in question is after she makes love to her ex-husband, she angrily puts on a robe and storms around the room. At one point she steps up onto the bed. As she steps, her leg comes out of her robe and her robe opens up a little from the bottom. The camera angle is kind of low so you do get a view up her robe up to her crotch. For a frame or two, you do see what appears to be a large patch of black pubic hair. On video its really hard to see, though, and freeze-frame does you little good. Its more of a black blur. I've heard some people claim its just darkness that you are seeing, and others claim she is wearing black panties, but the shape looks too odd and thick for either. In my opinion, its her pubes, but maybe when and if a DVD version comes out we will get a better view.

Night Shift (1982)
soulman was written on October 24, 2001

Cute Panty Shot.

Shelley's doing some housecleaning wearing just a short top and panties. Like Goldie, Shelley also has a cute face and a cute butt. I was reminded of this scene while watching her wearing a nightie on an episode of CHEERS. An underated cutie pie.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on July 25, 2003


she is seen in undies walking around the house

rocco-rules was written on December 9, 2004

Perky Points & Beautious Butt

Shelley wears a pair of skimpy panties, which show off her big, round, mouth-watering butt cheeks. There's even a hint of camel-toe. Her cut-off sleeveless t-shirt does little to hide her perky, pointy titties, complete with pencil-eraser nips that are constantly erect. This is a fairly long scene and she gives us many views and angles of her fine form.

Redross was written on June 9, 1999

Not nude but a great panty scene.

If you like Shelly Long this is a must. Early in the movie Shelly cooks breakfast wearing undiesand a short top. She climbs and bends a little and prances around. Although there is no actualnudity the scene is fairly long with good angles.

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