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Sex and the City's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Parker, Sarah Jessica 1 Review
Nixon, Cynthia 1 Review
Davis, Kristin 1 Review
Cattrall, Kim 1 Review

Sex and the City's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Marini, Gilles 2 Reviews
Eigenberg, David 2 Reviews

nudity reviews for Sex and the City member submitted

Sarah Jessica Parker
Gothamite1 was written on July 5, 2008

Walks around in her undies.

You probably saw this in the trailer. Not much else is shown.

Cynthia Nixon
Gothamite1 was written on July 5, 2008

A very nice sex scene

Cynthia has sex with her boyfriend. She's scene riding him him with his hands gripping her breasts facing towards the camera. Nice shot which is full frontal with breasts showing but no bush. Very well lit.

Kristin Davis
Gothamite1 was written on July 5, 2008

Shower scene

Very brief scene of her showering. Lots of side views of her body with a very brief shot of her nipple

Kim Cattrall
Gothamite1 was written on July 5, 2008

Waiting for sex

Kim is seen lying on a table fully naked with a long shot of her body. Only sushi covering her as she waits for her boyfriend to come home and eat her. Unfortunatly her nipples and bush are covered up and you con't get to see anything else which is a shame as I had expected more from her.

Gilles Marini
000 was written on February 7, 2012

Hot shower scene

The scene starts with Kim Katrall reading a book sitting on an easy chair under the umbrella at the beach. She is wearing a black sunglass. She holds the book with left hand and with her right, goes to turn a page. But suddenly she becomes frustrated and throws the book away and relaxes a bit. Now she hangs a bag on her right shoulder, takes her sandals in her left hand and begins to enjoy a parade at the beach. She is wearing a white full shirt and black bra-panties. She looks at her dog for a clue and all on a sudden, the dog starts running, which gives her a filler. She shouts at it twice and slightly points finger. The dog goes upstairs as she walks to follow it. But now she is holding the bag and shoes with both hands. She adjusts the bag a little before stepping to the next stairs. She quickly climbs them up in a girly motion and looks upward quickly for a view.
She becomes astonished to see a fully naked Giles Marini taking shower. The camera then pans to Giles and we can see he is facing backwards, so he can’t see Katrall. He is shown soaping the side of his right buttock with both hands. The shower is wetting the left portion of his crotch. He clutches the soap with two hands and turns it upward covering the right portion of his crotch and stops at his mid abdomen to finish the soaping. He now wets the soap with the shower stream and stands just beside the stream. He is also sporting pert nip as he stands by his left side. Next he slicks back his hair with his left hand and in this process sports his hairy left arm-pit! He completes it and turns his left hand onto his chest and lifts up his head closing his eyes.
Kim is so amazed to see this and she opens her mouth and goes to remove her glasses with her left hand which is still holding the shoes. She pulls it on her forehead as Giles is again shown this time standing right under the shower. The shower is wetting his right shoulder while he touches his left shoulder and closing his eyes, shakes his head to spill water from his hair. He shakes it one more time while Kim is completely wondered and pulls the glasses high above the forehead. She puts her hands down to enjoy more action.
Now we see Giles in action as he twists his body , goes a little far away from the shower and starts to soap gently his left pelvis with both hands. He then pulls up the white soap covering his stomach, and stops at the chest, while with the other hand, he covers and wets his left nipple. Now he is seen soaping his chest with one hand and gently wetting and fondling his left nipple with a bit smile on his face.
Next he goes to soap his left knee and holds the hamstring with other hand. He again pulls the soap upward while caressing the hamstring as Kim is totally lost in a different world! She is seen taking as much pleasure as possible with her naked eyes. She also eases herself by rising her right eyebrow and moving her lips a bit. Giles is still in action just beside the shower as he soaps his navel zone looking downward carefully. He turns the soap upward too and wets the previous zone with other hand. He takes the soap more upward and continues rubbing his abdomen with other hand. He again goes to turn his back to hide from being viewed soaping and we see a satisfied Kim is still watching it. She smiles a little to show her pleasure. She shrugs her shoulders and again dives deep to acquire more eye-pleasure.
And now this is the best scene. Giles is busy with his upper body, and the camera pans down to his lower body so we see his penis. He is keeping his legs real closed this time hence we can see a good portion of it. Water is tickling down from the underside of his penis as this happens in most of the shower cases. He sides himself a bit more so this time we get a more clear view of his dick-head as water is flowing down his penis with a great velocity in a sharp stream! He moves his body a bit more we now we get a full view of his dark, thick, long penis with water falling down from it.
Keeping his eyes closed, Giles again slicks his hair back, spills some water and goes to open his eyes for the first time. He looks at his side with water tickling down his chin. He becomes a little surprised to see what he saw and clinches his eyebrows. But Kim is now shocked and she adjusts her position, smiles a bit and points her fingers to make her comfortable. She then talks to him with a smile and then points her finger one more time to ease. She again starts talking and now she shrugs her shoulder to break free.
Now Giles is standing full facing her, holding the soap with both hands and wearing nothing but a welcoming smile! He rubs the soap between his hands and starts talking . Kim seems to act busy looking for her dog. She is astonished to see her dog and looks at Giles for a clue. This time Giles moves to his side again and while spilling water from his hair and soaping his abdomen he asks her to join him with a smile. He continues to soap his abdomen while Kim is again shown lost in having eye pleasure. She is again astonished to have the offer and opens her mouth big time for a clue. She goes to talk but doesn’t know what to say! She points her finger again and look at her side for a clue. But she cannot resist herself from looking at him, so she again locks eyes towards him. But she somehow makes herself go for her dog and somehow decides to leave the place. She quickly walks downstairs with her dog, bag and shoes in hand to keep herself real busy. But still she cannot resist her from having one final look at his naked body while Giles is seen soaping his left arm and talking to her. He then stops soaping and shrugs his shoulders a bit and says bye to her. He again makes soap suds by rubbing it with two hands. Kim is still enjoying her final check out , but suddenly she looks out for a clue to be modest and again runs downstairs quickly. But she stops at one point, holds the post with one hand and gives another satisfying look at Giles while he is smiling and soaping his thighs and stands right under the shower and baths himself. Kim ends the scene with a confused look on her face and somehow she leaves the pleasure.

Flamefire was written on June 12, 2008

brief full frontal

I don't wanna give to much away for people who haven't seen the movie but samantha enjoys watching this Latin hunk take a shower about halfway through the film after watching him have lots and lots of sex. Penis and ass in full view.

David Eigenberg
McKinnon was written on March 25, 2011

On stomach on bed

In a later episode of the show, after Miranda has married him, David\'s character is laying (or lying, can never remember which) on his bed, naked. He\'s on his stomach, which means some decent shots of his great ass. He has a very hot body, which he showed more off onstage and in some show for Fox years ago. This could have been better but it\'s a type of comfortable nudity you don\'t often see.

Flamefire was written on June 12, 2008

sex scene with Miranda

Steve and Miranda have sex he gets up walks out of room we see ass for a couple seconds very clear kinds boring cause he's old now

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