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Sex and the City's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Wynter, Sarah 1 Review
Short, Melissa 1 Review
Parker, Sarah Jessica 1 Review
Nixon, Cynthia 10 Reviews
Langi, Andrea 1 Review
Johnson, Alice 1 Review
Davis, Kristin 10 Reviews
Cattrall, Kim 19 Reviews
Braga, Sonia 1 Review
Avella, Athena 1 Review

Sex and the City's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Webster, Victor 2 Reviews
Wagner, Bernard 1 Review
Underwood, Blair 1 Review
Remar, James 3 Reviews
Paul, Richard Joseph 1 Review
Onorati, Peter 1 Review
Malas, Spiro 1 Review
MacLachlan, Kyle 1 Review
Macht, Gabriel 2 Reviews
Lombardi, Michael 1 Review
Lewis, Jason 3 Reviews
Knowles, Michael 1 Review
King, Ted 1 Review
Hickey, John Benjamin 1 Review
Healy, David 2 Reviews
Hartnett, Jack 2 Reviews
Handler, Evan 1 Review
Enos, John 3 Reviews
Cannavale, Bobby 1 Review
Bolger, John 1 Review

nudity reviews for Sex and the City member submitted

Sarah Wynter
adailymovie2 was written on September 20, 2001

very first episode

in episode 1.1 (first season, first episode), Wynter plays, "elizabeth", the English journalist who arrives in New York, meets a man and thinks they will start a life together, but ends up never to hear from him again...and so, the series begins. In a brief scene, Wynter is seen topless having sex, but all in shadows. However, you can make out the outline of her breasts and nipples, as well as faint details of them so it's not all silhouette. She is the very first person to be nude in the series.

Melissa Short
Chicago was written on January 19, 2003

1 scene in "I Love a Charade"

At :13-:13:10, Melissa is one of two girls who go topless at a pool party being held by Samantha/Kim Cattrall. 1 1/2*'s.

Sarah Jessica Parker
ff was written on May 15, 2002

Wet T-shirt

In the episode All or Nothing Sarah Jessica`s breasts is very visible through the flimsy wet shirt.

Cynthia Nixon
damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 31, 2001

Breast pop in "Games People Play"

In response to the male neighbor across the way dropping his towel briefly, Cynthia pops one boob out. Briefly. "Yay ," he says sarcastically.

Maguire was written on December 4, 1999


This was a really quick voyerism scene where she's flashing her a single tit to a guy across the street. It's small and the nipple is small. She's not even an attractive woman, I'd rather see Kristin Davis from the show reveal a single tit rather than this woman. Yuk.

devestator9 was written on April 1, 2002

miranda showing boob

its nice to see the girls on the show getting naked

Ozzie700 was written on July 8, 2001

Side on Floor

In Time and Punishment (7/8/01), Miranda throws her neck out while toweling her hair, and lays on the bathroom floor until a friend arrives to help. A side glimpse, and then a very high overhead shot of her rear. This isn't supposed to be sexy, just pathetic and slightly comical. Cynthia Nixon hits every right note, not surprising, since she's the best actress on the show.

Chicago was written on December 29, 2002

1 scene in "Anchors Away"

Her scene in this episode looked real enough to me as 12-string describes below...the scene comes at :10:45-:12:30 with most of the views of her left then her right breast coming within the first 30 sec.

RanmaSaotome was written on March 22, 2001

In final episode of first season "oh come all ye faithfull"

The beautiful Miranda (Nixon) is having sex with Tom (John Benjamin Hickey), and we briefly see her left breast and nipple after he gets up to shower the first time. Every subsequent time, she covers up too quickly for us to see anything. We do get a view of Nixon's bare back as she is dressing toward the end of the episode, and we also get a glimpse of Hickey's ass a few times, as well, though he is rather bland and unattractive. Nixon, however, is the most attractive of the four leads, so this gets two stars instead of just one.

ff was written on August 4, 2004

Here is the complete list of her nude and revealing scenes in the entire series

Season 1
Ep: Oh Come All Ye Faithful
1.Brief right breast after sex.
2. Bare back while putting shirt on.

Season 2
Ep: The Awful Truth
1. Some guy is covering her breasts but the scene is still hot.
2. Right breast while having sex.

Ep: They Shoot Single People Don`t They?
Brief right breast while having sex.

Ep: Games People Play
Flashing her left breast to some guy in the window.

Ep: Shortcomings
Partial left breast while slamming the door.

Season 3
Ep: Politically Erect
Breasts while having sex. The guy is covering most of her left breast though but this is the best nude scene she did in the show.

Season 4
Ep: Time and Punishment
Partial crack while lying on the bathroom floor then brief butt shot mostly from the side.

Season 5:
Ep: Anchor `s Away
BODY DOUBLE: close up of breasts. Her “breasts” shot in the breast-feeding scene was said to be a prosthetic.

Season 6
Ep:The Domino Effect
She`s nude but the goods are covered.

12-string was written on July 20, 2002

episode "Anchors Away"

2002 season opener features some tit by 3 of the principals (guess who doesn't?). Nixon's is easily the most impressive. Apparently she is or was recently pregnant in real life, and she exposes both tits while nursing her baby during a visit by S J Parker. The little bugger doesn't want to take the nipple for some reason. Nixon's breasts, rather small and nondescript the only other times I've seen them flicker on the show, are comparatively enormous, with large areolae and blue veins, and are shown pretty generously by the standards of this crappy tease and trash-talk fest. The opportunity to display some lactation, however, was perversely ignored. Well worth a look.

TwatDidYouSayiCuntHairyou was written on July 21, 2002

"Anchor's Away" and Huge Prosthetics

Cynthia Nixon is portrayed as nude in this episode and at first I thought this was a great scene. However, after further looks, there are no shots of her face and breasts together that convince me that they are hers. When you look at the baby and breast shots, the tits are clearly real. But when it pulls out to show her face and boobs, one can tell that prosthetics were used. Look closely at just below her neck and then her breasts. The two places are not the same color and the prosthetic looks as if it is about to come off. Guess, she started sweating and the flesh adhesive stuff starts melting. To summarize, I believe that stunt boobs were used on close-ups and a prosthetic chest for Cynthia Nixon's nursing scene.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 31, 2001

One breast shot while in bed in "Politically Erect"

Cynthia shows one breast--the other is covered by her lover's hand--while getting busy. This shot is several seconds before she moves her arm in the way. Not much to get excited about.

Andrea Langi
Chicago was written on January 19, 2003

1 scene in "I Love a Charade"

At :13-:13:10, Andrea is one of two girls who go topless at a pool party being held by Samantha/Kim Cattrall. 1 1/2*'s.

Alice Johnson
dav345 was written on November 14, 2005

full frontal, shaved nudity

She walks in front of the camera carrying some drinks on a tray at the very beginning of episode 34 (Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl....). Her vulva is shaved and you can see the crack. It is a brief scene but absolutely golden, perhaps the best nude scene in this entire series. You don't get to see shaved nude women on tv very often.

Kristin Davis
Alphonse was written on June 24, 2001

subtly nude

Okay, Kristin is hot, cute, sophisticated, and shows the side of her breast in the most recent (premiering 24 June) episode. Early on I'm pretty sure you could see her nipples through the nightie she wears. Near the end of the episode, her right breast is briefly visible from the side and the rear. Definitely a good body, and she's shy enough that even this subtle nudity is incredibly exciting.

Omni was written on October 2, 2000

Episode 46: Frenemies... and boobies!

Ok, so I have only see the web clip of this but am certain it is genuine. Kristin walks in wearing lingerie. You can see here left breast through the sheer part, though not well. Then she takes it off and you see both breasts for maybe a second. It's not a great scene but this is the gal most people want to see naked from this show. Nice treat.

Lamadin was written on October 3, 2000

charlotte finally does a nude scene!

In the episode "Frenemies," Charolotte (Kristen Davis) finally is getting tired of not having sex with her husband. Frustrated, she tries some sexy new lingerie. Halfway through the scene she drops it and you get a nice look at the tops of her tits(nipples included.)

mlhcelebnudielover was written on August 11, 2001


in the 8/12/01 season finale her husband is giving her a shot and her rear end is in full view.

Ozzie700 was written on August 12, 2001

Buns For Hormone Injection

In the "summer finale", Just Say Yes, Charlotte's bare butt is seen in the first few minutes as husband Trey gives her a hormone injection. I don't know if this is actually Kristin or not, she may have used a butt double.

Senator was written on July 9, 2001

finally, she does it!

sick of not sleeping with her husband, this georgous lady takes off her top (after it was well framed in a really cute nightie) and bears all for second or two... not a lot of time to look at something that is very NICE to look at!

Chicago was written on December 29, 2002

1 flash in "Anchors Away"

12-string and Twat do a good job of describing Kristin's scene in this episode, so I'll just give the time: 22:45 and lasts <2 sec.

lettuce was written on January 20, 2005

when she is with the sailor

When she pulls here top down o show her perfect breasts. and they are real nice.

12-string was written on July 20, 2002

episode "Anchors Away"

Davis' "Charlotte" character, celebrating her newly-regained single girl status, cruises sailors with Parker and Cattrall. The guy with whom she's chatting up urges her to show him her tits. Rather cutely, she lowers her top enough to let one little pink nipple pop out for a moment, only to be interrupted by skanky friend Parker, whereupon she covers it up. Just a flash, not worth even one * if it was anybody else.

TwatDidYouSayiCuntHairyou was written on July 21, 2002

Nipple Shot- 2 second

This is a beautiful actress albeit shy. She hasn't done any quality nudity in her career, even though she is on a show called Sex and the City. This episode is called "Anchors Away" and has three of the actresses topless. Kristin is at a party talking with a Navy officer, when he suddenly asskes to see her tits. At first, she is too shy to do it but then swallows it uo and flashes. All we see is a quick 1-2 second shot of her right nipple. Not that great but, hey she's gorgeous and shy, so this may be all we can get for a while.

Kim Cattrall
frostyoriginal was written on April 1, 2006

funny and sexy

i can't believe no one has posted this scene. kim is looking in the mirror and yje camera pans accross her chest to her bush (which is ginger by mistake)u get a long look and then she covers her bush. great scene!!!!

Rudeboy was written on December 22, 2002

Samantha being Pounded

Samantha (Kim Catharell) Is the first reason why I wacthed Sex and The City. The 2 Most Incredible Sex scenes she done is amaizing to what I know. The first she Flirts with a Hunky fire man and ends up naked on a fire engine making Love as she moans and waves a Hat. The second again totally naked this time on a Swing with a man interlocking her Virgina with his Penis then swinging back and fourth in turns giving it their all to each other which symbolises who has more power and control between the two. They finnaly reach a climax as their Thrust and sounds (with music) gets louder and the meatal Swing chain breaks as the two fall to the ground and Samantha replies "Oww" (im sure it was).

McBoris was written on August 7, 2005

Frequent Nudity

Kim Cattrall is topless is many episodes, and in a couple od episodes we get additionally get a good shot of her bum. She's very attrative for a woman in her forties.
The episodes she appears naked in are; Valley of the Twenty Somethings (season 1: episode 4), The Monogamists (1:7), Take Me out to The Ball Game (2:1), Where's There's Smoke (3:1), Running With Scissors (3:11), The Real Me (4:2), Ghost Town (4:5), The Good Fight (4:13),Anchors Away (5:1), The Big Journey (5:7), Great Sexpectations (6:2), Pick a Little, Talk a Little (6:4), The Domino Effect (6:11), One (6:12) and An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux (6:20)

Ozzie700 was written on June 24, 2001

6/24 episode: Ghost Town

Kim seems to love showing her body off (except her pubic area), and if she loves it, the appearances really should be documented. She's in the tub with Sonia Braga (very saggy, but she looks great for a woman of 50), and as she steps out, Samantha's breasts and nipples say hi to the camera yet again. I don't mind seeing her, but I wish they had half as much male nudity.

WLoomis was written on September 15, 2001

No Muff

Kim never shows her muff, but who can ask for everything? Hot, hot lady, getting hotter with age. My favorite is definitely the one when she drops her robe to take the self-portrait, and then she spreads her legs. At that point I didn't even care that her bush was unseen, because of that self-confidence of hers.

Senator was written on July 9, 2001

for an old broad she sure is a hot broad!

My favorite scene with her is one where she is in a fire house and, in uniform, gets a fireman to use a different hose! She drops the uniform and we get a good long view of her this way, and also one where he is humping her against a wall, and you see her bouncing... good episode!

I am normally not a fan of older women, but this lady really still has it in a lot of respects... all that I ask is that she looses the lesbian crap! That girl is gross, and if she ever gets (or has been naked) in this show, I pray that I NEVER and I REALLY do MEAN NEVER see it! I think that the show would never be the same for me... lose all sex appeal... she really should move past this and go back to her usual (naked and sexy) character.

Chicago was written on December 29, 2002

1 quick scene in "Anchors Away"

12-string does a good job of describing Kim's scene in this episode; the time is at :23:33 and lasts 4 sec. as the sailors howl.

davidmk was written on August 17, 1999

Topless nudity in almost every first year episode

The first season and the start of the second Kim was topless in just about every episode. As the second season has gone on she in no longer nude at all in the show. Hopefully the charater of Charlotte will start to take over the nudity on the show.

Alphonse was written on June 2, 2001

Fantastic body

In episode 50 (premiering 6/3/01), Kim is posing for some nude photos and starts off the scene by whipping off her robe and displaying her magnificent breasts for a few seconds. My lord does she have incredible tits! Afterward there is a brief shot of her ass, and then there are a number of photos of her naked (side of a breast and quite a bit of her ass). Overall not a lot of time but some premium quality.

BushLeague was written on January 8, 2003

Looking for an apartment

She is about to "close the deal" with her real estate agent when another agent with a couple walks in. He middle-age silicone hooters are visible (don't look it though!)

Ozzie700 was written on March 21, 2004

Final episode

Samantha goes out with a bang. Her final scene involves her finally enjoying sex again after losing her libido during a battle with cancer. She's riding her young boyfriend (Jason Lewis), her breasts bouncing as she is fully naked, although her crotch is somewhat blocked by a curtain. Adios Samantha, thanks for the

number8 was written on November 9, 2000

quick nip shot

I have been waiting forever for her to get naked. The scene was the one mentioned in the other reviews, and she was fantastic. She does not have huge breasts but they looked really nice on her. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of nude scenes of her soon.

oldbabe was written on April 22, 2002

Disribing for the Photo Shoot

She is unbelievably great looking for a woman of 45 years old. Her body is superbly firm and fit. Unfortunately the scene as described by others, has most of the "action" shown from behind.

Chicago was written on January 1, 2003

1 scene in "The Good Fight"

At :21:24-:21:55 in this episode, Kim drops her sexy pink dress as her boss/boyfriend drops his clothes on a city building's rooftop by a pool...15 sec. of great, clear views of her small firm breasts while watching him drop his clothes before slowly walking, removing her high heels and diving into the pool (ass from a distance shot from above). 2 1/2 *'s.

gk was written on April 8, 2001

no actual nudity but...

in one episode, samantha is dating a fireman and they are about to get it on at the firestation. she slips on a pair of boots and coveralls to seduce the fireman and the bell goes off. all the firefighters come running in and one demands she take off his gear. she is forced to take it off and is left standing in the firestation in only her see through panties. you only see a brief glimpse of her nice ass but the context is sexy.

12-string was written on July 20, 2002

episode "Anchors Away"

Near the end of the episode, S J Parker confides to Cattrall that she's just seen Kristin Davis pop a little titty out to entertain a sailor. Cattrall's response is to pull down the top of her party dress and flash both of her own tits to the crowd in general. Pretty quick flash; you might go ** if you're a fan.

BouncyTits was written on June 5, 2001!

There is nothing more arousing than an older woman who is sexy and is totally aware of her sexiness. In the second episode of the new season, her character goes to have nude photos taken of herself. Wearing a white robe, the younger assistant is in awe of her and is offering her music suggestions to make her more comfortable. She cuts him off, and says she is comfortable at which point she tears off her robe and shows off her lovely large mammaries. She then spreads her legs for the two guys, but we only see this from the back. Still a magnificent ass shot and wonderful titties. Her cocky attitiude about the whole scene makes it that much more erotic.

tickledick was written on August 9, 2004

Nude swim

Episode: "The Good Fight"

I'm not sure of this is extra footage or Chicago just didn't mention it in his review. I've just watched this episode on The Comedy Channel (UK). As the guy pulls his pants down, there is a close-up of his cock, but his face is not in frame. We then see both Cattrall and the guy full frontal, but in her case the face is hidden by her arms in the diving positon. His face is visible. We see her ass as she dives.

hybridtheory1872003 was written on January 9, 2005


almost every episode she is in she is naked you can't say anything about sex in the city without mentoning miss cattrall and her breasts

Sonia Braga
Ryan was written on June 24, 2001

Taking a bath with Kim Cattrall

Sonia had a short stint as a lesbian artist who seduced Kim Cattrall's Samantha into a relationship. In the episode "Ghost Town" they take a bath together and Sonia's breasts are briefly seen when she lays back in the tub. She's 50 but attractive for her age, unfortunately she can't really compare to the still gorgeous Kim.

Athena Avella
dav345 was written on November 14, 2005

full frontal nudity

You see her full frontal nudity twice in episode 33 (Attack of the Five Foot Ten Woman). The girls visit a spa and go into a steam room full of fully nude women. You see a lot of breasts and get a couple good looks at some dark bushes. Later in the same episode, one of the girls returns to the spa by herself and we are treated to another bush shot or 2. Good episode.

Victor Webster
Guiseppe was written on October 15, 2007

A Hot Ass and a Hot Man

Victor Webster is so hot that its hard not to think dirty thoughts while watching him on screen. During the episode 'To Market, To Market' Victor plays a more than attractive stockbrocker who Kim Catrall's character is ogiling over. She knocks on his door and he answers, with a towel loosely wrapped around him that exploits the top of his crack and a hairless, sculpted chest. He drops his towel and the camera cuts to his backside. Victor's backside compliments his whole body with two muscled and rounded cheeks that would gladly wear anyone's teethmarks. His ass is up there with Peter Dante's and Nathan Fillion... And that's a big compliment.

Ozzie700 was written on June 21, 2003

Look up great ass in the dictionary; Episode: To Market, To Market

SATC has not exactly been a haven for male nudity in the past few years, so when I heard this smoldering, Latin-featured former soap actor and "Mutant X" star was going to have a nude scene, I wasn't very optimistic. Thankfully, the show managed to prove me wrong. Victor answers the door wearing only a towel. The towel had been slipping slightly, and he mischievously tells Samantha it will fall altogether if he reaches out to grab the gift basket she has for him. She smiles, he reaches out, and the towel falls, giving viewers an incredible (if somewhat brief) view of his smooth, firm, peachy cheeks, unbelievably large and muscled. You could eat lunch off of his buttocks...if you couldn't find 100 better things to do with them. This is one of SATC's best nude scenes ever, and thank you to Victor for going nude while in your physical prime.

Bernard Wagner
Ozzie700 was written on August 9, 2002

Robe Drop; Episode: Was It Good For You?

This is the infamous scene where the girls attend one of those tantric sex classes and semen flies in Miranda's hair. The man responsible was Bernard. He walks into the room and, before getting on the floor for his pumping, drops his robe. You get a full shot of his not-terrible ass. He really isn't that attractive though.

Blair Underwood
Ozzie700 was written on September 13, 2003

Buns; Episode: The Domino Effect

Miranda and new boyfriend Blair are having sex when Steve walks in on them. Blair is on top of her, grinding, then sits on the edge of the bed to pull his boxers on. You can see far too brief flashes of his toned backside. Blair is sexier than ever, but the nudity was much too quick.

James Remar
Ozzie700 was written on January 6, 2002

Close and Distant Frontal

James is Samantha's boyfriend, and in the 1/6/2002 episode, Samantha is constantly asking him to show her his dick. Finally, he has enough and says he'll show his if she shows hers, and they both strip. Slo-mo and you get a very short close-up of his nice-sized penis (with a somewhat thick head) and tight ballsac. This could have been a body double, but then he dives into the water and the distant frontal there is definitely James. This is a real breakthrough for SATC and James deserves credit for showing older doesn't necessarily mean inferior.

thonglvr was written on September 3, 2006

not sure

Well I haven't seen these other movies and scenes but i have seen Girl Next Door. Where there is a nice but rather short butt shot of him in a thong this is n 2004 I believe he is about fifty but he's got a great ass!

atomic was written on August 2, 2003

Full Frontal

You can see his very sexy body and we he takes his underwear you can see his dick. It's not huge but it's very sexy. Later he jumps into the pool and you can see his dick again.

Richard Joseph Paul
Ozzie700 was written on August 9, 2002

Drunken Strip; Episode: Was It Good For You?

Cute Richard was Carrie's drunken boyfriend in a season 2 episode (remember when Carrie got a new man in almost every episode? The good old days!). He begs her to leave her apartment to see him, and when she doesn't, he begins stripping to get her attention. Toned body on him. The scene ends with him taking down his boxers and showing off his cute (if a little fleshy) ass. He then kicks off his shorts and walks away naked, although the lighting doesn't let you see very much.

Peter Onorati
Reno was written on July 14, 2001

Love in the afternoon

In episode "My Motherboard, Myself", Onorati plays a wrestling coach who beds Samantha, thrusting those sculpted, athletic buttocks to give her the workout she's been wanting. Thing is, Samantha is having some orgasm troubles. But that's good for us, because we get to watch him in a number of sexy moves as he try to, shall we say, help her out?

Spiro Malas
Ozzie700 was written on September 5, 2001

Saggy Booty

In the episode 'The Man, The Myth, The Viagara', Samantha is charmed by a seventy-something billionaire, believing he's no worse than younger men. He can even have sex with her, thanks to Viagara. Her optimism is dashed when she sees his sagging ass as he walks to the bathroom. She RUNS out of that house...very funny episode. Needless to say, not a great butt, although there have been worse. Darren Star (creator of the series, also exec. producer) said he slipped Spiro $100 after the shot was filmed, because Star thought whatever he was getting paid, it wasn't enough.

Kyle MacLachlan
Derek was written on December 6, 2000


Slow down! This is no frontal as you might guess. His wife catches him standing in the bathroom with his shorts pulled down and masturbating. Nice clear view of an actor in his forties but with the body of a 20 year old!

Gabriel Macht
GDH was written on August 26, 2001

Distant backside

Episode: 'Models and Mortals': Personable young man watches several screens showing him having sex with various women. In at least one of them his bum can be seen; however, the view is very distant - and you can't see his face in the same shot.

Derek was written on December 6, 2000

Love scene

Rather oblique view of handsome actor as he is on top during sex. The covers block the view for too long. It would be nice to get a clearer shot of this gorgeous rising star.

Michael Lombardi
Ryan was written on June 27, 2000

Muscular buns of real life fireman

In the third season premiere, titled "Where There's Smoke" Samantha fufills her fireman fantasy by picking up hunky "Mr. December" from the firefighter beefcake calendar and making love with him in the firehouse. In that sequence the camera swirls past as they make love and provides clear shots of Lombardi's buns humping away. There's also an earlier scene with the two in bed that allows a partial glimpse of him making love on top of her. A real life fireman, Lombardi is currently in some hot water with the New York City fire department who believe it was somehow disgraceful of him to go nude on this acclaimed, popular, award winning series.

Jason Lewis
Ozzie700 was written on July 20, 2003

Multiple; Episode: Lights, Camera, Relationship!

Jason continues his recurring role as Samantha's boytoy. He's seen leaving her bed buck naked, pulling on his jeans after revealing his glorious ass yet again. Samantha helps him find success as an actor. In his play the final scene involves dropping his overalls to reveal he's nude underneath. In a brief rehearshal and longer opening night sequence, his marble, clenched cheeks are shown for several pleasing seconds. This is probably some of the best male nudity SATC has ever had, but I can't give **** because there is such emphasis on how well-endowed he is, when we are never allowed to see his dick.

Guiseppe was written on October 15, 2007

A Blonde Hunky Zeus!

Jason Lewis is a chiseled god with every feature of his body sculpted to perfection. In one of the sixth season episodes, his magnificent body is put on display a few times. The first is when he jumps out of bed from a night of sexual play with Kim Catrall. We get to see his buns of steel briefly. He then crosses the room and we get a wholesome glance at those 10/10 sweet pair of asscheeks while he is sliding on some jeans. The last nude scene comes towards the middle when he begins to strip on stage. We get a backside glance for a lingering amount of time but wishing he would turn around. Boy, I bet he's hung like a horse!

Ozzie700 was written on June 29, 2003

Buns made to order; Episode: Great Sexpectations

SATC's final season is 2 for 2 as the second episode has yet another rear exposure. Jason is a sun-drenched hunk with shoulder-length blonde hair he tosses in as casual a manner as he carries his fit body. After Samantha finally gets to have sex with him, there is a montage of positions, one of which has a distant shot of his tight, marble cheeks while he pounds into her in front of the window.

Michael Knowles
Ozzie700 was written on July 2, 2001

7/1 episode: "Baby, Talk Is Cheap"

Michael (I love the curl of hair consistently falling in his eyes) is Marathon Man, a runner Miranda meets while training for the marathon. He has a very nice runner's body, but his true moment of fame comes toward the end. MM likes to explore the anal caverns with his tongue as tour guide, and afterward, expects Miranda to reciprocate. He shakes his tight, round buns repeatedly, close to Miranda's face. An even better chance to see the full curve of his buttocks arrives after he lays flat. Very cute ass on a show that never has enough male flesh.

Ted King
Ozzie700 was written on July 8, 2001

Crime and Punishment-7/8/01

Ted is Brian, a smarmy and sexy man Samantha picks up after jumping into a cab he stole from her. He ridicules her for her hairy pubic area, and the next time they meet, she returns the insult. She then shaves his pubes. The right cheek of his perfect ass is seen as she uses the razor. It's a very brief shot, but Ted could've backed away from doing even a small bit of nudity, he deserves ** for showing one half of assets he should be proud of.

John Benjamin Hickey
RanmaSaotome was written on March 25, 2001

In final episode of first season "oh come all ye faithfull"

We have frequent views of this fellow's backside throughout this episode, as he argues with Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) over his need to shower immediately after they have sex. Unfortunately, he is rather bland and unattractive. Quantity merits the two stars here, not quality.

David Healy
Ozzie700 was written on October 12, 2001

Morning Buns; Episode: Bay of Married Pigs

In this very early episode, Carrie is staying at her friends' home in the Hamptons. One morning David (shaggy blonde hair, sleepy grin, average body) greets her on her way out of the bathroom in nothing but a t-shirt. She can't help but stare because he's got a "pepper-mill dick", which we don't see. We do see a genereous view of his wide cheeks, covered by the shirt. They were probably tight at one time and no longer are, but not bad to look at at all. Just not enough to deserve ***.

Kenoshakid was written on September 29, 2007

Butt Shot

I totally disagree with the previous review. David Healy has one of the best asses ever seen on "Sex and the City," plump, round, very, very nice.

Jack Hartnett
bmg was written on May 23, 2002


Painfully handsome hunk with an impossibly perfect body gets rejected by Samantha nude in ep #3.18. Gorgeous, smooth, tight buns as he gets out of bed and pulls his pants on, but of course no frontal.

Guiseppe was written on July 4, 2007

The Other Hartnett

23 Minutes into an episode titled Cock a Doodle Doo, the toned and gorgeous Jack Hartnett is scene quickly changing positions in bed in which you can somewhat makeout his balls comfortably positioned in between his legs. Later in that same scene, Kim Catrall goes kinda nutso which scares poor Jacky into leaving. So he casually gets up and struggles to get his pants up around that heavenly, muscular butt of his that just taunts us with it's perfection. If only their was a frontal.

Evan Handler
Ozzie700 was written on August 18, 2003

Nude in apartment; Episode: No Shoes, No Service

Bald, slightly plump Evan plays Charlotte's second husband, Harry. Just like Charlotte's first husband (Kyle Maclachlan), Evan has a nude scene early in their marriage (maybe Kristin Davis has something in her contract...). He starts wandering around her apartment in the buff, as this makes him feel comfortable. There are a number of tease and sitting shots until finally, near the end of the episode, his buns are seen several times as he walks towards furniture, sits down, stands back up to put shorts on, etc. His rump is very round but surprisingly tight, and overall is much more satisfying than you would expect. His legs ain't bad either.

John Enos
moviestuff was written on July 28, 2003



bmg was written on December 30, 1999

Buns in bedroom scene in second season episode

He strips to show Kim Cattrall his over-sized penis (which we never see, of course). The camera is behind him as he pulls his pants down and we get a good, close look at his great butt.

bmg was written on December 30, 1999


It was the second season finale called Ex and the City and his character's name (or what the women called him) was Mr. Cocky.

Bobby Cannavale
Derek was written on December 6, 2000

While getting oral pleasure

Cannavale is standing while his pants and shorts are around his knees and he is getting a head job from Samantha. The shot is clear and well lit. It was rather a surprise to see such an attractive and mainstream actor doing such a frank nude scene in this show. "Sex and the City" pretends to be about giving women equal time yet it shows women nude much more often, and on the rare occasion it does show a man nude he is usually quite unattractive. In any regards it is a great show and Cannavale is very sexy in this.

John Bolger
Ozzie700 was written on July 2, 2001

Sheer Nudity

John Bolger has gained nearly two decades since Parting Glances, those beautiful eyes have dimmed slightly, but his body is better than ever. Those big arms, small waist, pecs with tiny nipples, and his husky voice is only a bonus. He's Samantha's latest conquest, baby-talking Warren Dreyfous, in the 7/1 episode, Baby, Talk is Cheap. His only brush with nudity is toward the end, when he storms out of Samantha's bed. His backside is seen through sheer material hanging off her canopy bed. A blurred view, perhaps best glimpsed in the second before he shuts the bathroom door. A chest to die for and a nice runaround in his briefs, but the nudity is fleeting, and deserves *.

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