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Secret Lives' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Sage, Angelica 1 Review
Lynne, Beverly 1 Review
Lynn, Krissy 1 Review

Secret Lives' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Johnson, Chris 1 Review
Connor, Brendan 1 Review

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Angelica Sage
McKinnon was written on June 11, 2011


Angelica, who reminds me a bit of Gabriella Hall, is the murder victim. We see her only through flashbacks. From :9-:14, she's on the bed, mostly shown from the side, her breasts jiggling and being groped. She's in a few more positions in the second version of the scene, from :41-:46, but it's basically about the same. From :49-:50 she is interrupted and removes herself from straddling her boyfriend, leading to a scene of her standing, fully naked, as she argues with Krissy Lynn. It's a rare lingering look.

Beverly Lynne
McKinnon was written on June 11, 2011

Shower, couch, bed

Beverly has mousy brown hair here which is a bit distracting. She's the lead female, and her scenes involve Brendan Connor. The very first scenes have her getting out of bed (mostly breasts and backside). She's in the shower, which is a fairly clear frontal, when Connor joins her. He drives into her from front and behind, with the usual scenes of her crying out - mostly seen above the waist, with some more breast scenes when he's taking her from behind. This ends at about 4 minutes into the movie. From :32-:38 they get together in her living room. He pours and licks wine from her bare breasts, then he pulls down her panties and eats her out (you can't see much from the angle). She sits on him reverse cowgirl, then he's still behind her, standing up. There's a quick glimpse of her lower lips as they make their way to the couch, where he continues doggy style. The end shows the afterglow, when they quarrel and her bare breasts are shown (her lower half covered with a throw pillow). Around 1:10-1:17 is in her room, her bra removed (panties offcamera) then she goes onto the bed, Connor simulating oral again before getting on top of her. Then she's riding him, then she's on her side, for some close looks at her fully naked from the front.

Krissy Lynn
McKinnon was written on June 11, 2011

Breasts, twice

Adult film actress Krissy plays the bad girl in this softcore "thriller" and she does make an effort at a campy performance. She's a curvy blonde who is let down by the big implants in her chest (or I assume they're implants). From about :19-:26, she does a striptease in her boyfriend's studio (mostly her breasts and her shapely ass). Then they go on his couch-type thing and most of the scene is of him pounding her from behind. From roughly :57-1:03 she has sex with the leading man, her bra being lowered around her boobs and her legs in the air for simulated oral. There are various positions but a lot of the scene is of her on her back as the man drives into her. This is probably one of the better scenes in the film, as it has some manic energy.

Chris Johnson
McKinnon was written on June 11, 2011

Frontal slip

Chris is a good looking man, tall, dark and handsome. This is one of those odd moments where they go out of their way to avoid showing nudity in a sex scene (at the most you see some side ass), but at about :49 or so, when Angelica is removing herself from his lap and he's sitting up in bed to get dressed, you can make out his balls and very briefly, his swinging shaft.

Brendan Connor
McKinnon was written on June 11, 2011


Brendan has that TV detective look, which is probably fitting, since he's playing a detective in this. He's not super-ripped, but has a natural looking body in good shape. You also end up wondering if he was used to make up for the years that this film's producer often avoided showing male nudity of any kind. Brendan shows his penis before or after every sex scene he has in the movie. It's a decent flaccid length, although the shaved pubes can become distracting. In the movie's very first shot you can see his cute, slightly fleshy bottom as he's laying in bed on his stomach. Then he walks into the shower and has sex with Beverly Lynne. This goes on for about 4 minutes. He has another sex scene with her from :32-:38, a few good rear glimpses when he's on top of Lynne on the couch, and then a quick frontal as he puts his jeans on and leaves. From about :57-1:03 he has an energetic sex scene with Krissy Lynn. Finally from about 1:09-1:17 he has one final moment with Beverly Lynne, as she simulates giving him head and then there are some good looks at him thrusting away missionary style.

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