Secret Life of Us, The's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Walton, Tasma 0 Reviews
Tucker, Abi 0 Reviews
Song, Steph 0 Reviews
Goldsmith, Tottie 1 Review
Edgley, Gigi 0 Reviews

Secret Life of Us, The's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Vance, Chris 1 Review
Stapleton, Sullivan 1 Review
Ransom, Kenneth 1 Review
Johnson, Samuel 1 Review
Edgerton, Joel 2 Reviews
Dorman, Michael 2 Reviews
De Montemas, Damian 1 Review
Curry, Stephen 1 Review
Coghlan, Nicholas 2 Reviews

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Tasma Walton
Abi Tucker
Steph Song
Tottie Goldsmith
dvdcollector was written on January 1, 2006

Breasts while seducing the gardener

Shows both breasts while seducing the gardener, played by Michael Dorman. Actress looks quite good for her age.

Gigi Edgley
Chris Vance
dvdcollector was written on January 2, 2006

About a third of his butt

Shows about two-thirds of his left butt cheek and about half the crack while having sex. Nice-looking actor.

Sullivan Stapleton
dvdcollector was written on January 6, 2006

Asleep naked

Shares a room with another woman and a man. Sleeps in the nude. When the others wake up in the morning, they look at him lying there nude. For the DVD or television viewer, there is a good view of his butt and a scene of the camera panning down his back to his butt. The actor is handsome and the butt has a nice shape, though about a third of one buttock is not really visible.

Kenneth Ransom
dvdcollector was written on May 14, 2005

Butt just before gay sex

Displays his butt just before having sex with Spencer McLaren (whose butt I would rather have seen). The actor is in shape and has a nice body, but his face is nothing special. The butt scene was just long enough to merit two stars rather than one.

Samuel Johnson
GDH was written on November 22, 2003


Australian television drama series about a group of twentysomething friends. In the episode 'Rose Coloured Glasses', Johnson, a slim chap, decides to become a nudist and thus features naked in two scenes: firstly as he wanders around in the background while two characters in the foreground execute an amusing 'Austin Powers'-style shifting of cushions, etc, to preserve Johnson's modesty; second, when he gets up from a chair, walks through a door and makes a dash for a towel to cover up with (having realised a stranger is watching him). Both sequences provide views of Johnson's bum, and side nudity.

Joel Edgerton
MarcioGore was written on March 6, 2012

Nude on the kitchen

He's naked on the kitchen.We can see his smooth and hot ass with a light speedo tan lines.So when he goes to the bedroom we have a FULL SCREEN os his delicious ass.This guy is hot

dvdcollector was written on May 14, 2005

Naked in kitchen

Walks around the kitchen naked in Episode 12 and shows his nice round butt during this time. Then he walks into the bedroom where his girlfriend is waiting to take a picture of him. The butt itself would be worth three stars, but the actor's appearance is only somewhat above average.

Michael Dorman
dvdcollector was written on January 1, 2006

Butt while having sex

In the seventh episode of season 4, Dorman once again shows his butt (twice). Both times, he is having sex with a woman on whose estate he is working as a gardener. He is seen with his shirt on, having sex while the woman is standing against the door (presumably to keep her husband out -- unnecessarily, as it is later revealed that he is in on it). Nice butt and Dorman has a much better haircut than in Season 3. There is also one quick scene where the skin of his penis or testicles can be seen as he holds them, but no shape is discernable, so this cannot be taken into consideration in the rating.

dvdcollector was written on September 27, 2005

Skinny dipping

In series three, episode 2, he goes skinnydipping with two women. We see him strip off his pants and run into the water, so there is a good view of his nice butt. The actor is reasonably attractive and has a nice body.

Damian De Montemas
dvdcollector was written on May 11, 2005

Butt scenes

The best-looking actor in the first season of the show displays his butt twice in the first five episodes. Once he is getting into a bathtub, once getting out of bed. Both shots are brief, but do show his nicely shaped butt quite clearly.

Stephen Curry
dvdcollector was written on January 1, 2006

Has to strip after losing at poker

Average looking actor has to strip in episode 8 of season 4 and run naked around the block. This is the result of having lost at poker and not having the money to pay. Very good scene for embarrassment nudity. Good view of his butt, which has a nice shape.

Nicholas Coghlan
dvdcollector was written on December 31, 2005

Brief butt scene

At the beginning of the first episode of series 4, this handsome actor has loud sex and thereby disturbs his sister and a roommate. They try to discuss it with him, while he stands at the door carrying a blanked or duvet to keep his private parts from showing. Then he returns to bed and gives us a nice but very brief glimpse of his very nicely shaped glutes. Would get three or four stars if it were not so brief, as the actor really is very good-looking.

dvdcollector was written on January 2, 2006

Having sex on terrace

Toward the middle of the fourth season, there is a scene where Coghlan has sex with his roommate, up on the rooftop terrace and is seen by his sister. Rather dark scene, but good look at Coghlan's very nicely shaped butt.

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