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Meredith, Lisa 1 Review
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Screen Two's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Bent, Stephen 1 Review

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Lisa Meredith
McKinnon was written on June 27, 2011


Lisa is a voluptuous brunette who strips in a local pub from about :4-:7, although this is intercut with other characters talking. You can see her breasts, which I guess are a large B or small C with beige aereola, and her rear end, mostly in black panties, but at the end of the act, she removes her panties, giving a bum shot (although it's slightly obscured by the crowd). There's a very fast and obscured shot of her pussy before she leaves the stage.

Linda Henry
McKinnon was written on June 27, 2011

Bath breasts

Linda is a bit rough looking, but it suits the character, as she lives a poor life and has just given birth. Early on she's bathing and you see her crouched over in the tub, from a mirror reflection. A few minutes later the nurse comes to help her and there's a quick, close look at her small, right breast.

Stephen Bent
McKinnon was written on June 27, 2011

Leaving bed

Stephen, the lead actor, is the rough-edged working man type but has a certain charisma about him. At about :24, he gets out of bed, and offers a decently lit, close glimpse of his ass; it seems natural to him, not overly toned, or too out of shape.

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