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year title
1994 Getaway, The 2 Reviews
1970 Five Easy Pieces 4 Reviews

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Getaway, The (1994)
babon was written on December 26, 1999


Shes is bed. U see her back and the shape of her right breast

soulman was written on December 3, 2001

Don't Bother.

Don't Bother.

Five Easy Pieces (1970)
slavedriver was written on June 28, 1999

no that bad

Actually, the scene is better than the previous review would have you believe. It's a long sceneand provides ample opportunity for pause button action. Especially when Jack Nicholson getsoff of her, for a second you can see just how shapely and nice her tits really are.

soulman was written on December 3, 2001

Gloria Shows Her Tits, Briefly

Sally shows her tits briefly during a scene where she's fooling around with Jack. With the constant moving around that they do, you don't really get a good look until he raises up off her. It's hard to believe sometimes that the cutie in this film is the same woman that would go on to be the fat, whiney cow crying for starving children in all those TV commericals and the butt of all those jokes on SOUTH PARK and IN LIVING COLOR.

Dante9703 was written on August 31, 2004

brief flashes of breasts

At just after the half hour mark Jack is having energetic sex with Sally Ann, carrying her around the bed room. During this scene her breasts are flashed a number of times but you will need to freeze frame to see them properly. At the end of the scene they end up on the bed and as Jack lifts up off Sally Ann you get a slightly longer look.

Werewolf was written on October 7, 1998

Sex Scene

Breasts are bared as JackNicholson carries her to thebed. Too dark to really seeanything.

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