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year title
1999 Cruel Intentions 27 Reviews
1998 Homegrown 6 Reviews
1998 54 10 Reviews
1997 Nowhere 6 Reviews
1997 Little Boy Blue 11 Reviews
1997 I Know What You Did Last Summer 4 Reviews

Ryan Phillippe's Sexy TV Shows

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year title
2007 Damages 1 Review

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Damages (2007)
MarcioGore was written on August 30, 2012

Hot muscular ass

On S05E07 we can see this gorgeous actor making love with a girl.A man is watching and we can see Ryan's extremely hot and muscular ass.He's wearing only a white t-shirt and we can hear him moans quickly.He's muscular legs too.I always thought he hot since my teenager.Don't miss this scene!

Cruel Intentions (1999)
moviestuff was written on July 24, 2003

ass of a god

you get to see his beautiful ass!

nike69 was written on March 28, 1999

Great Ass !!!!

Its the seen when his future wife, Reese Witherspoon, walk into the pool room after getting changed. We get to see his beautiful ass for a good 5 seconds. He has the greatest ass I have ever seen......round, firm, and a trace of hair in the crack. ( yum yum yum). I'd like to fill those perfect buns, if you know what I mean. (wink wink) !!!!!

JayP was written on August 23, 2002

swimming pool

This guy is hot! he strps off, reese walks in and we share a gorgeous view of his smooth butt! god bless the script!

moviedoctor was written on January 10, 2005

Reese Witherspoon enters pool area

She catches Ryan with his pants down. He has got an ass that will melt in your mouth. Round, firm, white as snow with a crack that is long, deep, and disappears into a darkness. The scene is all the more delectible due to the dreamy lighting. Best seen by using the pause and zoom on DVD. The sight is unforgettable. I wonder what Ryan's doctor says about these cheeks when he gets his sports physical?

ScottyBoy was written on June 8, 2001

What a man...

As always...this beautiful actor gives us a nice glimpse of his wonderful cheeks. I can't wait for the day he bares it all and lets us see what he is really made of

DerekShaw was written on November 29, 2002

Phillipe's rear is shown by a swimming pool.

Ryan Phillipe once again proves that he is indeed "all that." Although the scene is brief, the use of "freeze frame" is definitely worth it. Phillipe's rear is so incredibly erotic, that just the pure sight of it for even a second is sure to drive someone crazy. His firm, plush and soft young bubble butt is so impressive, that one may do just about anything to see Phillipe's impressive backside. The scene, although brief, deservers four stars in my opinion. Phillipe's perfectly rounded ass, however, deserves four billion.

Mr_Pete was written on May 18, 2006

Brief, but great ass shot.

Phillippe (of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" fame) seem to constantly drop his pants in the late-nineties, and that's not a complaint! His ass shot here is fairly brief, but it's very clear and I don't think he ever looked better than he does here.

CharmedBoy was written on February 25, 2006

Ass by pool

I have to give this scene four stars because his butt is so nice. When Reese Witherspoon is entering the pool you see his nice ass for about 5 sec. Nice, nice scene.

Tomek was written on April 4, 2001

Towelling after shower.

You see Ryan from his back, completely nude, when he drys himself on the far end of the sweimming pool. He has nice-proportioned body, but the view is too far and brief.

mcjw2011 was written on March 10, 2003

Nice ass, but too brief to be a ****-star scene

While Ryan Phillippe is most definitely cute, and while he DOES have a nice ass, the scene is too brief, and the scene doesn't allow for anything more explicit (such as his dick). The scene is recommended for die-hard Ryan fans, while others can go to "Starship Troopers" or "Wild Things" to get their fix of good male nudity. Not much to see here, although it's a really good comedy-drama to boot though.

MonkD was written on December 26, 2000

Standing by the pool

A much too quick shot of the adorable Ryan's beautiful ass. Witherspoon walks in on him while he's toweling off. Such a small,tight,perfectly round butt. Philippe is angelically handsome,with full round lips and a thin,twinkish body. But the scene is much too brief.

Guiseppe was written on July 8, 2007

Ryan's Hot Ass!

During a swimming scene, Ryan comes out of a steam room butt naked, facing his backside to the camera! DAMN IS HE FINE! His ass is in perfect shape: round, muscular, and extremely pleasing to the eyes. What a hot scene!

Bubblez was written on December 17, 1999

ass while in shower

we see his (totally GOOD) butt.It is the best butt I've ever seen!You have to catch this scene!

Movies4787 was written on May 6, 2002

The Best Bubble Butt, So Round and Perfect!

This is the best scene I have ever seen. We see his ass when he is waiting for Reese Witherspoon to see him nude because he is trying to seduce her. After she sees him and feels embarassed he goes skinny dipping in the indoor pool.
In the DVD version there is a deleted scene where he is pretending to be gay to trick this guy into giving him a blowjob, unfortunatly the guy doesn't.
I enjoyed the plot of the movie also. This was a good movie!

jerker was written on September 26, 1999


this scene was a let down. we get to see his butt from a distance for a few seconds. it is a great ass though. it is firm and masculine, wish the sceen could have been longer! would have been even better if we saw him humping with that great ass in action!

CantGetEnoughMaleButt was written on April 15, 2003

Cruel short poolside scene

26:55 Ryan (24) shows his butt for just over 2 seconds while standing with his back to the camera by the pool. Although Ryan is as perfect as ever, with his pursued lips, button nose, wolfish blue eyes, pencil eyebrows and looking like he's just stepped off the set of a JD Cadinot french gay porno film, this shot is just too brief and too far away (the other side of the room). it's slightly better if you zoom to 16:9 on widescreen tv's and i suppose it's even better again on dvd, but that's a luxury i don't have. Undoubtedly one of the most overrated butt shots ever, and Ryan's done better elsewhere. But on the other hand, the lighting clearly shows how Ryan's butt is very rounded and globular in the middle, with a deep looking buttcrack, like those on marble statues, giving the overall effect of the powerful but lean torso of a young greek athlete.

hottie was written on June 25, 1999

Scene by an indoor swimming pool

A really nice shot of his tight butt while he is standing at the side of the pool - then he goes skinny dipping. HOT!

wheble2299 was written on March 2, 2000

brief butt

Ryan is standing by the pool towling off his nick when his future wife accidently walks in. Ryans butt is shown at this time. He has a very nice ass that you would want to grab on to for hours and sqeeze

MovieCritic2001 was written on November 17, 2001

Phillippe standing near the pool

In this scene, Witherspoon has entered the pool area of the mansion and walks in on Phillippe standing naked drying himself off. You get a nice view of his butt. The light from the pool makes it appear very white, or it could be natural. It appears firm and toned.

Devon was written on June 6, 1999

frontal & ass

In the shower scene you get to see his ass. Everyone knows that. But, not many people know, that on the back cover of the Soundtrack CD, there is a picture of Ryan in the pool. If you look closely, through the water you can pretty much make out his penis. It is either floating in the water or it is hard

Christian69 was written on March 20, 2005

Phillippe flashes his big ass near a pool

This scene is brief, but it's famous for a reason. Phillippe's butt is wide and big, out of proportion to his trim body, very sexy.

Anton1984 was written on August 7, 2000


Excellent performance of Ryan Phillippe while his butt is being shown

smc26 was written on July 4, 1999

Absolutely fantastic, but criminally brief, shot of an amazing ass

Due to its length, this scene does not really deserve 4 stars, but Phillippe's ass is so incredibly good, that it would be wrong to rate it otherwise. His body is tanned, and his butt is white as snow; it is small and toned; quite simply perfection! Rent this on video; with the pause button at the ready this would be enjoyed far more than on the big screen, where it over before you know it! Phillippe has definitely got the nicest butt I have EVER seen on the screen!!

buttlover21 was written on January 15, 2000


Ryan has the nicest ass that he loves to show off in his movies... Here he is naked with his butt toward the camera as he towels off. He has the nisest butt that I have ever seen. You want to just grab it!

DearJessie was written on January 1, 2000

standing up getting the steam

his back was to the audience and we see his bubble butt for a second but long enough to be noticed !

movies35 was written on December 29, 2004

Oh my god...

He has one of the nicest asses I've ever seen. It's so amazing...I normally an not an ass person, but jesus...

monkey15 was written on September 30, 2006


hott body not a bad movie either

Homegrown (1998)
bmg was written on November 28, 1999

lots of ass and VERY brief balls between legs

He spends one entire scene nude. It starts just past the 1:15 mark in the film. First, he's humping Kelly Lynch with his legs spread. Then, he's thrown about by a masked man with a gun while still nude - he manages to always face away from the camera and he's always got his hands in front of his crotch. When he's first thrown to the floor, you can sort of see his dark balls between his legs as he hits the ground. Very dark, but there. Overall, a good scene for seeing his lovely butt, but he's done better.Theory: For a guy who obviously seeks out nude scenes but manages to always keep away from frontal, even in low-budget independent movies, you've gotta wonder just how small it must be - poor Reese!

moviestuff was written on July 28, 2003

butt and brief balls


wheble2299 was written on March 11, 2000


you get a quick look at Ryans butt during sex. Its from a distance and if you blink you will miss the sceen. But he does have a nice ass

dokho101 was written on February 3, 2004

esta saliendo de la alberca


Bill was written on October 4, 1998

frontal nudity

frontal nudity

bob was written on October 26, 1998

butt shot

It does not show frontal nudity. I only shows his ass. He has a nice ass but there is not a good view of it.

54 (1998)
sami76 was written on July 14, 2003

Doesn't seem to wanna wear clothes in this film

Doesn't seem to wanna wear clothes in this film

patman2003 was written on October 3, 2006

Best Ass in Hollywood

Ryan's shirtless throughout the movie, but the best part is when he gets out of bed showing his ass. No butt double here you see his face before he walks out.

Bubblez was written on February 5, 2001

Great Bubblebutt close up

After having sex we see his butt as he's leaving the bed. I think I don'T really have to mention how great his bum is, 'cause we all know!

owenb was written on April 6, 2002

Doesn't seem to wanna wear clothes in this film

Both Ryan Phillippe and his mate Breckin Meyer spend most of the film without their shirts on. Ryan Phillippe has at least one sex scene where you get to see his arse, but (true to his form) no frontals.

A must-see film for Ryan Phillipe fans... :o)

D666D was written on March 6, 2006


Throughout this film we get to watch Ryan skantily dressed in speedos or very little attire. We also get to see his butt in a sex scene (although not as clear as it could be)

wheble2299 was written on March 2, 2000


As he is getting out of bed and walks into the bathroom you get a glance at his butt. This not as good of a shot as in Cruel Intetions. The shot is sort of blurry.

FlirtyRockStar21 was written on October 30, 2001

Ryan P's Booty

Notorious for dropping his pants in his movies...such is the case in 54 as the gorgeous Ryan Phillippe shows us a close-up of his ass as he gets up from several sexual encounters in a lovely sequence. You get to see it up close and for about a minute as the camera stays still and locked on his butt as he walks to the bathroom. He's got a nice youthful bubble butt. A true delight!

sandman was written on September 23, 1998


You see his butt up close. Damn fine i mite add!

Daemion was written on October 13, 1998

getting out of bed after sex

great shot; nice ass!

Flipp was written on January 12, 1999

butt shot


Nowhere (1997)
Mattg was written on February 14, 2002

Very quick top of butt

Oh, Ryan. You are such a babe. When he's banging his girlfriend against a wall, Heather Graham in one of her earlier, more edgier roles, his pants or shorts are falling down and we're treated once again to a nice view of the top two thirds of his fabulous bubble butt. Ryan has done his share of rear nudity, and I'm so pleased. When's the Ryan Phillippe Nude DVD Collection coming out so we may view him in all his glory whenever we please?

wheble2299 was written on August 11, 2000

half butt

you get to see half of Ryans butt for about 2 seconds twords the end of the film.

BiBoySTL was written on June 27, 2000

House party butt-flash.

While having sex with his girlfriend (Heather Graham), Ryan Phillippe's Shad shows off a bit of ass, as they "elope" next to his sister (Jordan Ladd) and her biker boifriend. Not much to see.

CantGetEnoughMaleButt was written on November 25, 2002


during the trip-out party scene Ryan is busily banging his girlfriend Heather Graham up against the wall. In ONE of the scene's multiple shots only, for an entire 16 frames (wooh exciting isn't it), the camera takes a lower viewpoint and his jeans are slung about half way down his buttcrack. We all know what his fully naked butt looks like in much better scenes in other movies.

Rick was written on January 8, 1999

Sex Scenes

We never get to see anything beyond his upper body, but there is a scene in a car where we get to see his facial reaction to recieving some oral pleasue.

boywatcher was written on January 18, 1999

butt scene at party

The previous reviewer missed a very quick shot of the upper 2/3 of Ryan's butt. It occurs in the part scene while he's screwing his girlfriend against a wall. Very brief but very nice buns!

Little Boy Blue (1997)
tushlover was written on January 22, 2008

3 different scenes - butt shots

Once again Ryan saves an otherwise lousy movie by showing his great ass in 3 different scenes. He has the greatest ass in Hollywood, at least among actors who are willing to show the goodies.

Each of the 3 scenes are a bit flawed. Two of them are shot in not-so-great lighting, and in the 3rd the camera is too far away.

But I still give it 4 stars.

jasonben was written on May 22, 2008

pool shot midway thu movie

VERY NICE butt shot--pause an zoom o see more clearly--cause its kinda in the distance--but--oh, soo fine.. the deleted scenes contains some pro gay lines from Subastian--very erotic

Remko was written on January 11, 2001

Partially nude int the barn

While putting on his pants you can see his butt. Too bad he doesn't show more. He has a nice body.

cythera4 was written on December 23, 2006

studly bottom

Man what a taut young ass this cute stud has. When he's thrusting into his momma, his buttcheeks spread a bit and you can see that he has quite a nicely bearded anus for a blonde boy. There's like a rain forest of thick hair in his crack.

JAIMICO was written on September 18, 2001

Hot Ryan's Butt

I have to give this scene three stars because of the magnificence of ryan's face and body. We see the top of his butt when he's at the barn. Very nice body of this young actor.

Mattg was written on July 24, 2000

Best nude scenes for Ryan

Yes, the subject matter is dark, but this is his best performance I've seen - and his best nude scenes. First his butt during sex with Nastassja Kinski, and then we get to see him from a distance completely naked walking to the barn - then later a very nice shot from above of his naked backside as he switches on a light in the barn. Mmmm.

Ozzie700 was written on April 10, 2002

Car, Walking, Barn

If you're into pseudo-forced sex, or incest, then this scene will entertain you. At gunpoint, Ryan's father makes him have sex with his wife (Ryan's mother), which they are disgusted and turned on by. You get a passably lit side shot of his bubble butt when he's pulling his jeans off. When they finish up, he gets out of the car and walks off, full and distant rear nudity. Then he goes to the barn and under a dim light bulb, pulls on his pants (brief rear nudity). He has a great ass (the only thing he really has going for him), and wasn't afraid to show it here. I wouldn't give more than **. Hopefully he will return to giving the public what they want.

wheble2299 was written on May 31, 2000

a few butt scenes

In the begining of the movie you get to see Ryan's but while having sex in the back of a station wagon. You can see if for about 3 seconds. Then when he gets out of the station wagon he walks twords a barn, but the shot is very distant and you cant tell that he is naked. Then when he gets into the barn you see his butt again from a upward angle. Its nice to see he butt so many times but, its not long enought to sit through this alful movie.

movieviewer was written on April 21, 1999

full body rear scene

Ryan is a really handsome actor. After the sex scene with his mom (it later turns out that she's really not his mom), he walks from the car to his house. He is totally naked during this short walk, but he is seen only from the rear. Ryan shows more skin in this movie then any of his other films. In addition to this, it's a really interesting film. Ryan has said in interviews that he doesn't want to do frontal nudity scenes. I sure hope he changes his mind.

J.D. was written on January 6, 1999

butt boy

Man is this kid hot!!! The movie's kind of sickening (dealing with incest) butthere are many nude scenes for Ryan. We see his butt in extended scenes3 or 4 times and there are a few love scenes (with his mother).

observer was written on December 5, 1998

various scenes

There are several shots of Ryan's incredibly cute ass. There are at least two shots of him pulling his pants back on. You also get a nice look at his ass as he has sex (with his mother---yuck!!!).It's a disturbing movie, but if you love Ryan's bod, there's always the fast forward button!

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)
Mattg was written on January 16, 2000

Hot shower scene

You don't see any nudity, but we do get to see him all vulnerable in the shower when he thinks he hears somebody in the men's change room. He dons a towel and walks around the room looking a bit scared, great shots of his chest and torso. It's so great to see a guy walking around almost naked fearing for his life for once.

CantGetEnoughMaleButt was written on December 6, 2002

I Know Which Movie Ryan ISN'T Naked In

who on earth added this? If every actor who'd ever done a topless scene was added to this site, then it would have crashed years ago. Sorry everyone but to my mind a 'celebrity nude scene' is primarily a butt shot (coz 95% chance that's the most you'll ever get) or some cock and balls. Ryan walks around in the locker room looking incredibly buff wearing a towel around his waist, but, hey... what's buff when you can get his BUTT in other movies?

dvddish was written on February 27, 2003

no fucking nudity!

i give hime two stars because he's cute but i don't ever think he will have the guts to do a full frontal

mcjw2011 was written on January 21, 2003

Slightly better than SMG and JLH, but no nudity still

Just like the girls, Ryan Phillippe keeps his pants on in "I Know What You Did Last Summer." Though his ass is exposed in '54' and 'Little Boy Blue', there's hardly anything worth mentioning here. There's a nice scene where Ryan takes a shower and is wearing only a towel... some good closeups of his chest and torso, but no butt shots in here, folks.

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