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Melanie Tomlin
Immy was written on August 31, 2005

Left breast? (0:03)

Hard to tell what we see here. Melanie is rolling around in bed with Sean Kanan. 90% of her left boob comes into view as she's on top of him but it looks like there's clear plastic tape covering her nipple area. We only see it from the side, but something's been applied. A minute later she's bent over fumbling thru the sheets looking for her keys. This time her left nip looks uncovered but calling it even a partial glimpse would be a generous description.

Alicia Lassiter
Immy was written on August 31, 2005

Brief left nipple (1:14)

Alicia is backstage at a club trying to entice rock band lead singer Don Michael Paul to join her and Daphne Cheung for a little fun. As she helps Daphne take off a leather jacket her bustier top slips down, briefly exposing her left nip (you can tell the top isn't fastened in the back).

Daphne Cheung
Immy was written on August 31, 2005

Topless (1:14)

Daphne is an Asian babe paid to "have a good time" with rock band front man Don Michael Paul. She's backstage and her friend Alicia Lassiter slips off the leather jacket she's wearing leaving Daphne topless. Pretty good size plasticized hooters.

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