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1978 Adventures of a Plumber's Mate 2 Reviews

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Adventures of a Plumber's Mate (1978)
Immy was written on November 19, 2010

Nude (0:03)

Nina has the longest and best nude scenes in the movie. After waking up in bed Christopher Neil (and having a quickie) she sits up topless as he gets ready for work. She climbs out and makes herself some tea (nude), then she slips her dress on (nude again) and hops on Neil's motorbike for a ride into town. As they speed thru the streets the wind has a great affect on her dress, causing it to billow up and wreaking all kinds of havoc, though we really don't see much (0:08). She gets off, argues with Neil and he drives away, but her dress is caught on the bike, ripping right off and leaving her naked and shrieking in the middle of town (0:10).

Ghostwords was written on November 20, 2010

Early to rise

Ms West is nude in the very first scene, sitting up in bed and displaying her breasts, then walking over to the sink and giving us a great view of her arse. After sitting on the bed to drink a cup of tea (legs closed shut), she stands to slip into her dress (no underwear) and we see a side view of her bush, these being the glory days of full feminine foliage. During the motorcycle sequence, we get glimpses of her buttocks and hips, but nothing of particular note until the dress is accidentally ripped off. Ms West holds a bag in front of her groin, but we see her breasts and butt again as she runs off.

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