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2006 Dexter 2 Reviews

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Dexter (2006)
mcjw2011 was written on October 31, 2009

October 5 episode "Finding Freebo": Naked butt

In the episode "Finding Freebo," Erwin plays the guy Dexter's hunting for. There's one lovely scene where Erwin's character Freebo is sitting naked at his desk, drunk, as Dexter sneaks around the house. Erwin gets up to take a piss, and Dexter watches from behind as Erwin pisses into the the toilet and goes out again. The scene is composed of wide and medium shots, allowing the viewers to see Erwin's cute ass (not doubled, you do see Erwin's face in the same frame).

gymnofrater was written on June 21, 2015

S03 E02 Finding Freebo - 3 shots of nude backside

Late in the episode (after 39:20) we get three clear shots of Mike Erwin's firm, young backside and slender upper body. One shot of his butt and upper body as he gets up completely nude from his computer; one full backside view as he takes a piss; one additional clear shot of his bouncing buttocks and torso as he walks through a door.

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