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2005 Last Days 1 Review
2003 Dreamers, The 15 Reviews
2001 Bully 2 Reviews

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Last Days (2005)
movies35 was written on November 11, 2005


In this great movie, you see the hot Michael Pitt shirtless, quite a lot. In the beginning scene you also see most of his bare butt. The big scene though and why I gave it (***), is because he makes out with a guy. It's short, yes but still hot none the less. The film is an aquired taste, I adored it though. Must see!

Dreamers, The (2003)
MovieFreak13 was written on December 1, 2006

Full Frontal and Very Close

Michael Pitt's nudity in this film is definitley the best nudity I've ever seen in a movie. The best scene is when Eva Green pulls his pants down. We see his penis and balls for quite some time and very VERY close! Pretty much full screen! It's AMAZING!!! If you haven't seen it, step away from the computer and see it now!

Guiseppe was written on June 27, 2007


What a startiling turn of events! Once again an actor most notably seen in mainstream films has crossed over to the world of independent cinema where no one cares about nudity factor. And it seems, neither does Mr. Pitt.

Michael plays a somewhat, sexually represed American who is introduced to the bizaree lifestyle of two fraternal twins. During their boarding together, the two show Matthew how to be comfortable in his skin. This all takes place during an erotic scene where Eva Green rips of his pants and boxers for us to see his erect penis, bulging at an angle and flopping over to the side. HE HAS A PERFECT PENISSS. Later he covers it up but not enough for we still see the head popping out of his forefingers. What a sight! Then he gets off the table and hops onto Eva Green where we see his ass up close for a bout 10 seconds. It's pretty nice although it looks like he waxed just an hr before( you'll notice red marks.)

As the film progresses, there is a key bathtub scene where he is forced out of the bathtub and steps up into frame, giving us a quick glimpse of his beautiful endowment.

movies35 was written on November 11, 2005

Amazing Frontal

First of all, Michael Pitt is cut, I remember the scene very clearly. I rewound it over and over again when I rented it, then I went on and bought it.

Anyways, he had an amazing full frontal. His penis was about average size, it was just so cute. He had great pubic hair too, as well as arm pit hair. Amazing ass too. MUST SEE!

Buttmunch was written on June 14, 2006

Eva pulls Matt's jeans down

It was incredibly hot to see how Theo held Matthew, while Isabelle kneeled down in front in fron of him and pulled his pants down. Matthew tried to put up a "little" fight, but with beautiful Theo's arms around him, he had to give in. The up close shot of his penis and balls was terrific. You could almost count all the pubes, without hitting the pause button. Seeing him hold his penis while Isabelle went for the picture he was hiding was also a great scene. I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

Neptune3 was written on August 21, 2006

Frontal in kitchen

In a film loaded down with female nudity (courtesy of Green), the guys get in on the action some, too. Pitt frequently spends time in his boxers and in one scene, while her brother is pinning him back, Green pulls them down, exposing Pitt's chubby, upturned penis in close up! This is amazing nudity for an American actor in a major film. Later, there's another brief glimpse of his genitals but he obviously and awkwardly covers them during a long conversation scene. He also has several rear views throughout the film. Reportedly, there's a scene, cut from the final print, in which all three stars are shown fully naked in an extended conversation, but this has never shown up on a DVD to date...

VincentD1979 was written on September 21, 2004

genitals shown

Pitt's boxers are pulled down and his penis plops out. He didn't shave for the movie, and has a bush of blondish brown pubic hair. his scrotum cannot be seen in the hair, but his limp penis sticks out. He is definitely circumsized, and the camera gives a good view of a small pink head.

Mattg was written on February 19, 2004

Such a cute hottie

Pitt looks adorable in this film - very nicely dressed in form-fitting jackets, etc. And really great hair - but anyway, I digress. He shows a lot of skin in this flick, frequently only wearing kind of skimpy baby blue boxers that don't hide much. Very nice, young, taut little body on him. We finally get a sweet nude scene when the twins corner him in the kitchen, and the brother holding his arms back, the sister opens his pants and pulls down his underwear, revealing his beautiful cock in a nice, generous close-up. It's played for laughs as we notice that a photo of the sister is stuck right under his balls...Shortly later, he's stripped completely naked and we get an excellent shot of his ass and entire naked backside as he climbs on top of the sister on the floor to make love. Long, hot, funny scene - with the brother in the room cooking eggs. Finally, another brief, yet satisfying full frontal shot of Pitt as he climbs out of the bubble bathtub, leaving the other two behind. It's quick though - he spends the rest of this scene covering his cock with a small towel - I've read that the director wanted Pitt to simply stand there fully naked the entire time, but he wouldn't acquiesce. Instead, it looks unnaturally posed, and Pitt himself has admitted he should've listened to Bertolucci and just done the scene entirely nude, cock and all. That would've been really hot. Still nice to see this uber babe finally showing a great deal of skin in this artful, interesting, but ultimately slightly pointless little film.

monkey15 was written on December 29, 2006

money shot

we get a close up shot of micheal's swang but most of it is covered buy his hand. besides that this film has plenty of nude scenes you won't be disapointed

punkboner was written on March 6, 2006

balls and all

This is truly Michael Pitt showing all. I mean outside of porn this is it. He is completely vulnerable and naked. The scene has him finally confronted in an odd way as a brother holds him down for a sister to strip. His flaccid penis flops out and it is actually the best nudity I have seen in a film. There is no pretension as we find a photo between his cock and balls. But the scene isn't all innocence and bliss. It is really intense in a lot of ways. Pitt has revealed all to make a scene all the more powerful. It does not seem exploitative because it serves the scene. The erotic aspect is not real high. I don't want to spoil it, but I must say that other reviewers referring to it as "cute" is out of touch with the strange humanity at play here.

milkdoy was written on September 8, 2004

Is he uncut or cut?

I don't remember if he was cut or uncut, I think he was uncut?

BMac was written on January 11, 2008

Well-built dude

Congratulations to Michael Pitt for his willingness to show his all in this dumb but sexy movie. Of course, it your cock looked as good as his, you might want a chance to show it off as well. Overall, Pitt is young and sleek, and a nice blond counterpart to brunettes eva Green and Louis Garrel. Hollywood's male bimbos shrink from this sort of frank display.

Christian69 was written on March 21, 2005

Has his pants pulled down; gets on top of Green

You get to see semi-hard frontal, his sweetly pimply ass, and his always erect nipples

NudeRevue was written on August 29, 2011

Full frontal - 2 scenes

This is just to agree with the other reviewers. Michael is lovely, and if you want to see him totally nude, and have a good look at his penis, buy this film. His penis has a cute small head, although we don't see his balls clearly. Pubic hair is decent. For me his nipples are a real hit. They are small-medium, and erect all the time. Three cheers for Michael's nudity/

GDH was written on February 7, 2004


The pretty Pitt has two nude scenes of note: the first provides lengthy (and close) full-frontal exposure as Eva Green pulls his underwear down; when he lowers himself on top of her (Pitt moves extremely gracefully here) we get a good view of his bum. Later, we see his balls once again as he climbs out of the bath.

nkdisg00d was written on December 27, 2005

lots of naked glory

Michael is definately not ashamed. He has a fairly nice body (pretty slim) and a great butt that you see a few times in the movie. The bet scene is the sex scene and you get to see his flaccid penis too. It's actually pretty good looking.

Bully (2001)
Mattg was written on January 23, 2002


Not sure why this cute actor's listed here - probably because somebody "heard" that he did nudity in this. Alas, lots of skin and a couple of sex scenes, but nothing explicit. Larry Clark was a total sexist hypocrite in deciding who did nudity in this and who didn't.

mikey2 was written on January 24, 2002

Not much, but some flesh for fans

I think whoever added this is referring to a scene near the end where he's lying in bed with another girl and you briefly get a side view. He plays Donny.

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