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1966 Professionals, The 1 Review

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First movie credit was The Professionals (1966). She appears to have retired after Barquero (1970).

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Professionals, The (1966)
Ghostwords was written on May 23, 2013


Just past the 50-minute mark, the four hired guns survey their enemy's encampment. Several women are shown from a distance washing at a water trough; two of them are topless with their backs to the camera and Bill (Burt Lancaster) recognises one as Chiquita (Ms Gomez). She keeps her back to us for most of the scene, but we see the edge of her left breast at several points. Finally, just before she slips back into her blouse, she turns slightly and we see the breast in profile. It's quite brief, the camera is asome way off and we don't really see her face, but I doubt the director bothered with a body double.

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