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1996 Sex & Zen II 2 Reviews
1994 Girls Unbutton 2 Reviews

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Sex & Zen II (1996)
Terminator1974 was written on October 13, 2002

2 main scenes

First scene - She had to have sex with this particular swordsman in order to save him from
the demon's (Hsi Chi's) poison. Basically, she was riding him. (That's the only position)

Second Scene - Forced to have sex with Hsi Chi who somehow "grew" a penis. First position - Hsu Chi was standing as she entered Loretta who is on a chair.
Second position - Hsu Chi on the chair and Loretta sits on her.

By the way, this is a sex contest between them. The first one who reaches orgasm is the loser and will lose all her "energy" to the winner.

For Loretta Lee, most of the nudity was focused on her upper body.(Hence 2 stars).

To see more of her, I recommend shows like Spirit of Love or Girls Unbutton.

eraserhead was written on April 12, 2001

having sex with Hsu Chi!

Cute Asian woman (though in this film she's overshadowed by the stunning Hsu Chi) gets naked twice. First while riding a guy, and later, while having sex with an equally naked Hsu Chi (who, being an evil sex demon, has grown an huge hairy penis to go with her petite body).

Girls Unbutton (1994)
eraserhead was written on April 12, 2001

Naked many, many times

Loretta Lee has been in a few Category III movies but this one is probably her best. She looks really cute in this movie, and she has several sex scenes with different guys. The best ones are the second, where she's getting banged in an alley, and the last, climactic one, where she's getting banged on a luxury boat with a pool in it.

waiyin was written on September 3, 2004

Loretta making love

Making love at the boat

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