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1974 Marriage and Other Four Letter Words 1 Review

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Also known as Peter Boil, Dan Bolte, Steve Cools, Phil Craig, Henri Delon, Keith Ericson, Ernest Frazier, Alan Malaprof, Don Markos, Keith Nicholson, Fenway Piles, Mario Santini, Bud Trent, Mel Vickson.

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Marriage and Other Four Letter Words (1974)
Ghostwords was written on November 18, 2012

Right time, right place

Erickson plays a pool guy hired by newlyweds Martha and Jerry. He watches as Jerry has sex with a door-to-door saleswoman who offers more than cosmetics samples, then sees Martha pull up in her car and interrupt her cheating husband. A furious Martha points out she promised Jerry that if he ever strayed, she'd get with the next guy she saw - who happens to be the lucky pool guy. She strips, gives Erickson a blow job and then he screws her doggie-style poolside as Jerry watches. Full nudity and penetration.

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