Kathy Shower's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1998 Playboy's Playmates Revisited 1 Review
1997 Shades of Gray 1 Review
1997 Erotic Boundaries 4 Reviews
1996 Hindsight 1 Review
1996 Baja Run 2 Reviews
1995 To the Limit 1 Review
1995 Married People, Single Sex II: For Better or Worse 1 Review
1994 Sexual Malice 2 Reviews
1994 Improper Conduct 1 Review
1994 Hot Line: Fountain of Youth 1 Review
1993 Wild Cactus 2 Reviews
1993 L.A. Goddess 4 Reviews
1993 American Kickboxer 2 1 Review
1991 Playboy: Best of Video Calendars 0 Reviews
1990 Bedroom Eyes II 1 Review
1989 Robo-Chic 1 Review
1989 Playmates of the Year: The 80's 0 Reviews
1989 Out on Bail 1 Review
1988 Velvet Dreams 5 Reviews
1988 Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck, The 17 Reviews
1988 Frankenstein General Hospital 1 Review
1986 Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 1987 1 Review
1983 Double Exposure 1 Review

Kathy Shower's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1996 Women: Stories of Passion 1 Review
1994 Hot Line 2 Reviews

nudity reviews for Kathy Shower member submitted

Women: Stories of Passion (1996)
zzxx was written on July 6, 2001

tango and fondle

Kathy Shower, former Playboy Playmate of the Year, plays a sexually frustrated wife who decides to explore her sexuality while her husband is away on a business trip. Kathy hooks up with Emilio (played by Allen Walls) in his dance studio and, boy, does the sexual chemistry ignite. Walls unzips Kathy's short, sexy, black dress, nibbles on her neck and ear, and slides off her dress. As her dress comes off her breasts, her nipples pop into the air as erect as ever. As Walls stands behind Kathy, he fondles her tits and his tongue slips into her ear. Next, Kathy is turned around and Walls goes down to caress, lick, and SUCK on those lucious nipples - and does he ever suck! The scene progresses to Walls stripping naked and grinding between Shower as her legs wrap around his bare ass.

Hot Line (1994)
Chazz was written on September 14, 2002

On the Beach in "Fountain of Youth"

I'm gonna have to agree with Chicago about this one. Kathy Shower is a former Playmate who--like "Hotline"'s then-host, Shannon Tweed--is a former Playmate who looks just as great, if not better, in her 40s than when she was a centrefold. However, in this episode, which just builds up to her and the young guy getting it on, all we get is a poorly-lit silohuette of a knock-out bod that could have been A LOT better.

Chicago was written on September 12, 2002

1 scene in "Fountain of Youth"

At :23-:24.75 in this episode, Kathy Shower gets it on with the young son of her husband's friend on the beach at night after he puts his passed-out girlfriend to bed. As Kathy's clothes come off, only the outline of her breasts and erect nips are seen before the lighting gets better a minute in--breasts and ass viewable in decent lighting. Unfortunately here the good views of her hot bod is reduced to just 30 sec. before the lighting turns bad again and the two embrace and roll on the beach and in the water.

Playboy's Playmates Revisited (1998)
BuffaloBoy was written on May 27, 2002

Natural Blonde PMOY 1986

Miss May 1985. Chapter 2 on the DVD, starting at 00:02:34, and lasting 9:34. The segment starts out in a hot tub from her playmate year (at age 32), then an interview, then a recent flower-themed segment (at age 45). Full nudity.

Shades of Gray (1997)
CMA was written on May 1, 1999

Super-Long Sex Scene

Oh my. This film has the longest R-rated sex scene I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. Seriously. I mean, I would time it if I wasn't busy doing other things while it was on. *cough* Anyway, Kathy Shower is on view throughout the whole scene. Surprisingly, it is quite realistic, with real positions and pleasurable reactions. Kathy and her male co-star are not concealed in the least. It's a good break from the usual soft-focus, cut-away scenes found in most movies, and I'm sure you will find it highly, uh, personally enjoyable.

Erotic Boundaries (1997)
SweetOldBob was written on June 23, 1999

at least 4 copulation scenes, plus one lesbo and one masturbation scene

currently a cable staple, this is one of her best. Kathy Shower nude is no biggy--it's what she does.and doesn't she have about the best nipples you ever saw? she even acts some in this one.the masturbation and lesbo scenes with the redhead (wish I knew her name) are hotter than the conventional sex acts,but there is nothing wrong with the screwing!

Chicago was written on March 12, 2001

8 total scenes

Kathy has got to have some of the most fantastic nipples on the screen!, and displays them throughout. Her first scene, 3 min. during the opening credits, is a dream of her having sex with her husband...breasts, ass, nip close-up...more as she wakes up and kisses on her hubby. At :22.25, Kathy has her best full-frontal view of the movie as she comes out of the shower--only 15 sec, but nice to see her blonde pubes and curvy body. At :41-:42, she gets shagged on a rug...breasts and nipples. Lisa and Kathy 'share' a masturbation scene while Tim talks to Kathy on the phone and watches Lisa. At :55.75-:57, you see between Kathy's legs as she removes her panties while in bed next to her hubby. Quick but good view of her bush and lips; then she exposes her breasts and the camera gives good views of her breasts and some nip close-ups. Great dual masturbation scene! You also see the top of her bush as she goes to hang up the phone. At 1:01.75, Lisa and Kathy renew a physical relationship they had experienced in college (1 1/2 min) as Lisa 'forces' herself on Kathy. Her hands go between the sides of Kathy's panties...her large breasts go on display...Lisa goes down on Kathy...then Kathy gives Lisa a hand job until she cums. At 1:07, Kathy and Tim have sex right outside the kitchen window while her husband and sister are inside putting away dishes--breasts and hard thrusting against the window. At 1:14.5, there's a brief flashback to her f/f with Lisa. Her final scene is at 1:17.5-1:20, as she has sex with a guy on the platform stage...nipples close up and side of her ass...nice as Tim cuts/rips open her dress in front of everyone too.

zzxx was written on July 2, 2001

more Shower

Many of Kathy Shower's scenes have been adequately noted. This is a breakthrough role for this goregous former Playmate of the Year. In previous films Kathy avoids tongue kissing, yet in the opening scene here Kathy and her costar not only engage in continual open mouth tongue kisses, but Kathy Shower actually inserts her rather long and pointy tongue deep into costar's mouth. Shower spends most of the movie nude, making love, and being fondled.

theman9909 was written on September 28, 1999

The last sex scene between Kathy Shower and the mail antagonist

Kathy is at her finest (in more ways than acting of course) in this scene where she is forced (not rape, but overwhelming desire) to get busy with the male villian while her husband and sister are in the kitchen. It is one of the hotter scenes in the movie (on par with the lesbinasequence) for she gets it doggy-style and it shows off her sexiest on cable body to the fullest!

Hindsight (1996)
zzxx was written on July 5, 2001

amazing sex scene

This goregous former Playmate of the Year has a stunning performance with Ken Steadman in front of a fireplace. This movie is directed by porn king John T. Bone, and his influence is obvious. The beautiful Kathy Shower pushes the envelope here as she moves from soft core queen to doing an explicit, alomost hard core. The scene has Shower on her back and Steadman's head is in her crotch. As he eats her pussy, she grips his hair and Steadman's head and Kathy's pelvic thrusts sychronize in a remarkable sex scene. Kathy'a nipples are at their usual attention, as the shadow they cast is a good inch to inch and a half. While Steadman works Kathy over, she is brought to ecstacy. For Kathy Shower fans this is a must see!

Baja Run (1996)
xxzz was written on April 29, 2005

Tits and great nipples with boyfriend

This another of Kathy Shower's (Playboy Playmate of the Year) straight-to-video B-movie. Kathy and her boyfriend, as well as a mob bad boy, enjoy some champange and then it's off to the bedroom. Shower is wearing a sexy white negligee which the boyfriend peels off. As always, Kathy's nipples are erect and stand out a good inch. Her tits are shown as the boyfriend fondles and sucks on them, but the lighting is very poor so it is hard to actually see the action. However, as they sit on the bed with the boyfriend behind her he squeezes he tits and and plays with her magnificent nipples.

cecil was written on February 16, 2014

sex scene

The sex scene with Richard Chaves is well described. The best part is when he is behind her and opens her top and caresses her breasts. She wearing a leopard print thong bottom which shows off her rear, too.

To the Limit (1995)
crazy was written on February 24, 2000


breasts but the lighting is too dark to see much

Married People, Single Sex II: For Better or Worse (1995)
crazy was written on February 23, 2000

Wow - look at those nips!

Kathy Shower is a fridged wife in this movie who doesn't want to do it cause hubby cheated on her some time ago. At one point, she almost lets him do her. She gets warmed up to him and takes off her night shirt exposing those massive melons. But the viewers are let down big time when she freezes up again and refuses him. But damn! doesn't this former Playmate have the most delicious nipples! Oh, how I'd like to give em a good suck!

Sexual Malice (1994)
zzxx was written on July 3, 2001

pool table

Kathy Shower has a hot scene with bit actor Robert Armstrong. At the beginning of the movie there's a cocktail party going on and Kathy is wearing a skintight blue dress. Armstrong plays a waiter and he and Kathy keep making eye contact. Finally, Kathy and Armstrong get together in an upstairs pool room. Kathy's dress is pulled down and her tits are amazing. Her nipples are shooting straight up at least an inch. Armstrong licks Kathy's legs and thighs, then turns her over and kisses her ass. Finally, as Armstrong's face is in her butt he reaches around Kathy and begins to feel her tits. Unfortunately, the scene ends here.

crazy was written on February 23, 2000

Wow! nice nipples!

Near beginning of movie she's that babe in the upstairs room making out with the guy. Pretty good exposure here of her breasts. But damn! doesn't this former Playmate have the most delicious nipples! Why do you think they chose her for centerfold anyhow. Oh, how I'd like to give em a good suck!

Improper Conduct (1994)
cecil was written on June 4, 2005

sex scene

She's John Laughlin's wife. At about 20 minutes, she approaches the bed and opens her top, exposing her breasts, but the lighting's not great. Then, as she lies in bed, we see a couple of close ups of her left breast as he caresses and kisses her breast. The rest of the movie has her in maternity clothes.

Hot Line: Fountain of Youth (1994)
zzxx was written on August 10, 2001

Beach Sex

Former Playboy Playmate of the Year Kathy Shower finds herself drawn to the young son of her husband's friend. Kathy and this younster end up having sex on the beach. As they makeout Kathy has her clothes removed and oh my, what wonderful tits she displays. As these two lay on the beach in their sex encounter the shooting becomes rather dark. However, Kathy's nipples are, as always, erect and enormously huge. There's not much fondling or sucking but seeeing Kahty Shower's endowed rack is worthwhile.

Wild Cactus (1993)
Antman was written on October 20, 1999

Topless twice

She is topless twice in the film, but neither scene is even remotely erotic. The first time at about the 50 minute mark, she is lying on her back waiting to be killed. About 25 minutes later, a guy finds her in the same position with a gun shot wound to the head.

crazy was written on February 23, 2000

a few breasts

First in trailor and second in dead in trailor. Normally no stars but one just cause its Kathy Shower who did I mention has the most sexy long hard nipples in the world!!!

L.A. Goddess (1993)
Gordon was written on June 28, 2000

Getting it in the jacuzzi

Kathy and a guy are getting it on in the jacuzzi, and you can see much of her nice body. Her breasts are pretty nice, especially given that this movie is later in her career.

Antman was written on October 22, 1999

Several scenes

During the opening credits, she has a brief full frontal scene. Later in the movie she takes off a robe and gets into a bath tub exposing her buns and breasts. We can also she her breasts while she's in the tub but they are partially covered with soap bubbles. A little over 50 minutes into the movie, she and the rich guy have sex in a pool and then in bed. She is totally nude in for the scenes in the pool, but all we can see are her breasts whe she is in bed.

zzxx was written on July 2, 2001


Crazy describes Kathy Shower's nipples correctly. The "rich guy" (David Havener) DOES get to suck on those magnificient nipples. Havener and Shower are having a romantic moment in a park. As they are lying on the grass, Havener rolls Kathy onto her back, pulls down her sweater on sucks her tits and ERECT nipples. Kathy's nipples are unbelievably erect and Havener gets quite a suck.

crazy was written on February 23, 2000

Wow! very nice nips!

Well Shower does a full frontal getting out of the 'shower' which goes along quite well. Her body is pretty good here at age 40 but no longer the thin sexy 20 year old she used to be. There are some other breast shots of her in this movie like in the tub at the rich guy's house an so forth. But damn! doesn't this former Playmate have the most delicious nipples! Why do you think they chose her for centerfold anyhow. Oh, how I'd like to give em a good suck! Some people have commented about her nipples always being erect because they stand at least an inch or so high all the time and look real hard. True - but I think that's just the way she was made and she got lucky to have long dangling nips to make all the concave nippled women jealous. I'd like to see what they look like when they are really erect! 1 1/2 inch? it must be amazing!

American Kickboxer 2 (1993)
zzxx was written on August 9, 2001


Can you believe Kathy Shower has NO nude scenes in this movie? In the first five minutes as Kathy is climbing out of the pool her left boob briefly pops out of her one piece bathing suit. Two minutes later Kathy and her husband are in the kitchen starting to make love. For some reason the dirctor edited the love scene. For as her husband begins to open her blouse to dally with her tits the scene ends. Near the end of the movie Kathy is wearing a blue tshirt without a bra and as she runs her tits bounce and jiggle like hell. And one of her daughter's kidnappers does get a very quick squeeze of her tit before he is shot and pushed off the pier into the sea.

Playboy: Best of Video Calendars (1991)
Bedroom Eyes II (1990)
zzxx was written on July 2, 2001

breasts and incredible nipples

Playboy Playmate of the Year, Kathy Shower has a scene with Kevin Thompsen in his art studio. As Kathy's husband (played by Wings Hauser) looks through a window, Shower and Thompsen begin to make love. Thompsen has her against a wall, Kathy's long legs are wrapped around him, and he pulls down her top to reveal those wonderful tits (before all the implants). Thompsen slides down Shower's body, kissing as he goes, until he reaches her breasts. Here, he pauses to suck on her tits - and her nipples are standing erectly at attention. She is then carried off to bed, but it is dark and hard to see since it is viewed from outside the window with Hauser. But, wow, what a lucky gent for Thompsen to suck on those nips!

Robo-Chic (1989)
Chachi was written on September 29, 1999

A couple o' boob flashes...

Can you guess what this movie is about???(LAME-O)
Nothing that great here...a couple of quick flashes...I still can't believe I actually rented this one???
She's got sweet titties though...

Playmates of the Year: The 80's (1989)
Out on Bail (1989)
cecil was written on May 15, 2002


She joins Robert Ginty in the shower. She has her breasts covered with her arm, but we get a couple of half-second glimpses. Afterwards they are in bed, but no nudity. Not worth seeing when compared to her exposure in several other movies.

Velvet Dreams (1988)
GuyMannDude was written on February 10, 2001

PAL version: sex in boutique, message scene, tied to tree

Reviewing three scenes in the European/PAL version
here. There are differences between this and
the American/NTSC version (American does not
have massage scene, has longer "tied to tree"
scene and has rape scene that Kathy actually
enjoys!). First scene has Kathy getting banged
in a fitting room in a boutique. She's on her back, her nipples
are as long and erect as ever and she's covered
with a sheen of sweat. However, her boyfriend
covers up a lot of her body. Second scene
features her being massaged by a black woman.
Similar to the boutique scene, she's sweaty,
has erect nipples and her partner is really
giving her a rubdown! But we're viewing the
whole thing from the side and she's on her back
again. Third is a short fantasy horse-and-buggy
sequence where her "master" has her tied to a
tree and molested by the carrage driver to
"teach her a lession". Her top gets pulled down
but that's about it. No (Kathy) bush in any scene.

xxzz was written on May 27, 2003

What Great Nipples

Playmate of the Year, Kathy Shower has the most amazingly erect nipples! As described, the lucky actor gets Kathy on a table in a boutique and really gets after her tits. This delectabe Playmate gets her tits squeezed and sucked rather vigorously by her aging costar. This guy even gets between her legs to work her over. Top viewing scene!

thefaceman32 was written on October 20, 2003

Erect Nips

I think Farrah has her beat by a nip... but they sure are erect

00:18:00 Check out her eraser heads while she's fondled by some character in the women's changing room!

00:38:00 She gets a massage and develop's Jungle Fever! Tits, ass and a whole lot of oil!

00:48:00 She gets her shirt ripped, exposing her breasts. Not bad

zzxx was written on July 2, 2001


Kathy Shower is hot, hot, hot in Velvet Dreams. She made this shortly after being named Playboy Playmate of the Year and before she began to use breast implants. Her tits are bouncy, perky, and apparently natural. In fact, their naturalness is shown in the boutique scene with an aging Brett Halsey. When Halsey squeezes Kathy's left breast after laying her on top of a table, her tit POPS into the air. Kathy arches her, Halsey kisses her neck and ear, and he squeezes some more as Kathy's tit skies upward. Brett then kisses her erect nipples, and he works his way down to between her legs.

zzxx was written on July 3, 2001

tied to a tree

The video box to Velvet Dreams proclaims, "Playboy's Playmate of the Year, Kathy Shower, Really Turns It On" - and does she ever! Kathy seems to really enjoy her hot scenes with the young stud actor (who knows his name?). As his friend holds down Kathy's arms, the young guy fondles her tits, pushes up her dress, and pulls off her white panties. This young actor then takes off his shirt, unsnaps his pants, and settles between Kathy's legs. The scene ends with this guy and Kathy grinding away.
The second scene with the same young actor occurs in Kathy's dream fantasy when she is tied to a tree. After her blouse is yanked down to expose her bouncy, perky tits and her long, erect nipples, the young guy and his friend begin to work over Kathy. The scene is shot from afar so the viewing isn't so good. but this guy cups his hand over Kathy's right breast and begins squeezing her tit as the scene fades.

Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck, The (1988)
Creepyhead was written on June 25, 2003

oiled and enjoying it

They all get captured by natives yadda dadda same routine. When we see Kathy next she's been completely stripped and is being held down by some native girls (arms above her head, legs held down) while they rub oil into her. The native women are mixed in age but one old chick with large wrinkly hands repeatedly rubs Kathy's nipples. We get shots of her tummy, tits and face. Kathy may look like she feebly struggles once or twice but she's actually getting off on it. All you need to do is look at her nipples that are unbelievably long and erect. The camera shows the native women who seem to be enjoying things as well. The scene is all very slow and sensual.
The following scene shows nothing but involves a slow motion scene. There is a shot of the native leader ramming Kathy from behind with mouth open as he looks to the sky at his god or something. Then a shot of Kathy's stunned and grimacing face.

Ghostwords was written on October 14, 2012

They could take your eye out

During the oiling sequence, Ms Shower carefully shields her groin with her left leg, but more than compensates with those shapely breasts and a pair of astonishing erect nipples which look like rubber thimbles. Later, we see (left) side nudity and both breasts as the chief enters his hut and she shuffles away from him on her butt (again with the obstructive leg). In the version I saw, we don't see her butt during the first rape scene, just his hand holding her head down as he thrusts into her (offscreen).

xxzz was written on May 31, 2010

Uncut scene

The European version of Tennessee Buck contains 3 minutes extra of Kathy's oil scene. The native women are actually oiling Kathy up to prepare her for the chief. That's why they oil down her entire body and work Kathy and her nipples into a frenzy. When the chief enters the hut Kathy is rolled onto her back with her butt in the air as the chief enters her from behind. When chief is finished (less than a minute) he leaves and two natives bring Kathy to her feet where she is fondled quite aggressively. They then lay Kathy down and each gets to have sex with her. Neither of the natives can keep their hands off Kathy's tits and nipples. This version is impossible to find but I remember seeing this uncut scene on cable TV in London.

rob11 was written on June 9, 2008

Kathy has a hard time in cannibal land

Kathy and co get captured by cannibals who take them to their village. As soon as kathy enters the village she is fondled by the natives. She is taken to the chief's hut where the native women strip off her boots, tight black trousers, belt and white shirt, force kathy onto the ground, where they oil her body all over. Kathy seems to enjoy this, her nipples are erect and hard, her face expressing frustration and pleasure. No talking in this scene, only the sound of oil rubing on skin and kathy's heavy breathing. One old native just can't keep her hands off kathy's breasts, she just keeps rolling her hands over them over and over. The scene ends with kathy trying to struggle free, but the natives hold her firm while they continue to oil her up.

thewraith was written on May 28, 2001

sex with her husband

In an earlier scene, we see her and her husband in their tent having sex. Glimpse of breasts, not much to see here, he's on top and the tent screen is in the way, and the loser has nerve enough to fall asleep on her, literally.

TribeKing1 was written on April 11, 2012

The oil rubdown scene


The rubdown scene is considered by many viewers to be the highlight of the movie. In this scene, Barbara has been stripped naked by the women of the tribe, and forced to lay down on a bed of animal skins. While she is held down, the women rub oil all over her body. The scene begins at Barbara's feet, where two women are oiling up her legs. The camera moves upwards and we see another tribal woman rubbing oil onto her abdomen. Finally, the camera moves to Baraba's head and torso, where one woman is rubbing oil onto her breasts, while another woman holds her down by pinning her arms. The scene is repeated, this time with cutouts showing the tribal women's faces as they give Barabara her rubdown.

Chicago was written on January 2, 2002

2 scenes

The other reviewers do a good job of describing Kathy's scene which comes at :58.5-:59.25. The scene IS devalued due to the dim lighting. Kathy's 2nd scene comes at 1:03.5-1:04.25 where she is naked and still oiled up when the native comes into the doorway. She cowers back from him to the wall moving from dark shadows to near darkness; breasts are still viewable but the views aren't good...plus it's a medium-distance shot. As for the sex scene with her husband where he falls asleep, we see nothing but the upper part of her chest--no nudity. The only other scene qualifies as partial nudity where at :19.75 she is walking around the cabana wearing partially see-through lingerie.

podium was written on July 25, 2009

Big Bad Guy

Another flash of Kathy's magnificent mams when Big Bad Guy comes in to show her the disembodied head of her husband...

MV was written on January 9, 1999

rubdown scene

Nice and oily scene of Ms. Shower, lying naked, being rubbed down with oils by several native women.

jimmysays was written on February 11, 2001

Nips Ahoy

Right in the midst of this otherwise awful movie comes a scene in which Kathy Shower gets rubbed with oil by a handful of native women. The natives are just doing their job, but KS gets off on the "bath". Her nipples are exceptional, rivaling Farrah's, and are hard and erect and in close up. A very erotic scene. This was also some time ago and in her more recent films is showing her age a great deal.

thefaceman32 was written on October 20, 2003

Erect Nips

Man the more they rub, the more erect those nips get

00:59:00 Kathy, appearing in all her naked glory, gets a nice, oily rubdown courtesy of a bunch of native babes, baring her bodacious bosom in the process. Get a load of those Meat-Bullets! It looks like the turkeys are done!

01:04:00 Another flash of Kathy's magnificent mams when Big Bad Guy comes in to show her the disembodied head of her husband...

BaltimoreBob was written on February 20, 2000

For nipple lovers!

Kathy Shower has two of the most outstanding nipples (literally and figuratively) that I've ever seen. I don't recall ever having seen them when they're not erect. When several Indian women rub Kathy's nipples and roll them in their fingers, the nipples must be at least a half inch long and are very firm. I'm not what I'd call a breast man, but Kathy's breasts are definitely a turn-on. Plus, it's nice to see a mature woman look so sexy.

rez1978 was written on December 4, 2010

What I like to have seen

The rubdown scene is great nonetheless. However, it would have been great had they extended the scene since it was only a minute long. Also watching Kathy being stripped by the tribe women then held down and watch her reaction when they start to smear oil all over Kathy was a wasted opportunity the makers of the film didn't take advantage of. Someday (I hope) the uncut version (Kathy's extended rape scenes) I keep hearing about will see light of day.

Powercool was written on February 22, 2000

Nice tits

Some nice scenes in this movie. Topless in tub. After being captured by natives one of them comes by and gives one of her tits a nice hard squeeze, subsequently she is held down and given an oil rub by the native women(very hard nipples in this scene. You see her sitting topless in the tribe cheifs hut as he walks in she is backward crawling, next you get a shot of the tribe chief ramming her hard from behind and a cut away to the look on her face.

Chachi was written on September 29, 1999

Tittie rub down...

Wow...can you nips!!!
Kathy Shower's character is captured by natives, and it ritually oiled up by a couple of fat tribes women...bleck...

TribeKing1 was written on October 15, 2016

Extended scenes

An early european version for late night TV showed Kathy being undressed by the tribe women before her oil rub ritual. They surround Kathy and two women attend to Kathy's boots and trousers removing them while two women hold Kathy's arms to steady her while another tribe woman removes her belt then rips open Kathy's shirt exposing her breasts. All Kathy can do is feebly struggle and grimaces.

The women hold Kathy down and oil her naked body. In this version the oil scene is much better and longer where you see more of Kathy being oiled up to the point where you swear Kathy is cumming.

Later in this version she is also manhandled by the chief into position with her ass up in the air where he then starts to bang her hard from behind. It's not a side view or head on but in between and after maybe ten strokes picks up as in the US version.

thewraith was written on May 28, 2001

Kathy Shower's Rubdown

Without a doubt in my mind Kathy has one of the nicest pair of breasts I've ever seen, with an equally stunning pair of nipples. When they're captured by the head-hunters and she is taken to be rubbed down by the women, she finds it very erotic and sensual. Her erect nipples must stand at least a 1/2 inch off her chest, and seeing them spring back up each time a hand brushes over them is great (slow motion is a plus here). The only problem I have with that scene is that I'm not the one giving her the rubdown or taking her from behind afterwards. Anyway, 3 *** for the scene...4 stars is almost a rarity in my book.

Frankenstein General Hospital (1988)
Immy was written on December 22, 2005

May 1985 Playboy Playmate topless (1:15)

Kathy plays a hospital physician and she's pretty keen on the monster that Mark Blankfield has created. She comes out of a hospital room with her boobs exposed (in stockings and garter belt too) before closing her lab coat and running after the monster.

Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 1987 (1986)
Immy was written on October 28, 2002

Miss December - Fully nude

Beautiful blonde Kathy sits at the dressing table in her bedroom wearing a lacy, white, see-through teddy. After moseying over to the bed, she lays down to apply some lotion and gingerly removes the delicate undergarment. Of all the monthly playmates in this tape, Kathy has the shortest segment at 1 min. and 12 secs., which is ironic since she was Playmate of the Year for 1986.

Double Exposure (1983)
zzxx was written on July 10, 2001


In her first movie appearance (even before her Playmate days), Kathy Shower plays "Nancy the Nasty Nurse" in a mudwreastling segment. Even though she isn't nude, it is Kathy Shower, and she wears a skintight one-piece bathing suit outfit that clings to her like a second skin once it gets wet. Kathy's breasts are natural and very small. One feature remains the same, however, -- her nipples are as long and erect as ever. In this scene, Kathy wrestles a one-armed, one-legged man. They roll in the mud, he cops a feel or two, and Kathy wins by starting to make out with the guy. Kathy's outfit shows off her great little butt, and her opponent gets a handful of her butt as well.

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