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1999 Stir of Echoes 10 Reviews
1997 Dream with the Fishes 4 Reviews

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year title
1997 Oz 5 Reviews

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Oz (1997)
bigpun11 was written on August 11, 1999

Shows pussy

Plays a femail convict on death row and exposes her self to inmate at end of Episode 204 Losing Your Appeal

mercftn was written on March 30, 2007

nice pussy

upskirt shot

WLoomis was written on September 28, 2001

Great scene

Too bad she didn't show her breasts. In an interview Erbe said she had a hard time doing this scene, but she's a natural, so seductive and sweet.

Bootydaddy was written on February 3, 2002

Muff in every episode intro

Starting this new season at the start of every episdoe during the credits you see the famous muff shot of Kathryn. Just thought I'd point that out...other than that it is a pretty male dominated show. This is an awesome show, but I could go with out the full frontal shots of the guys.

Slayr was written on January 16, 2010

Lifts up her skirt to show Timmy Kirk her vagina during Augustus Hill voiceover

Prisoner 97B642. Shirley Bellinger. Convicted December 6, 1997 - Murder in the first degree. Sentence: Death...but not before flashing Kirk and us viewers! The character seems to make this a habit, as she also showed Richie Hanlon when he was sent to death row (offscreen sadly).

Interesting note: Kathryn Erbe was married to Tim McManus himself Terry Kinney through the duration of the show.

Stir of Echoes (1999)
KFelon was written on September 12, 1999

bed scene after party

you only catch a few breif glimpses of her breasts, and you see her ride mr bacons bacon-bit, nothing to fantastic, but shes a pretty good looking gal :)

DMan was written on February 16, 2000


In the middle of the movie, Ms.Erbe takes her robe off to take a bath, while a ghost is already in the tub, and we get to see her nice ass for a few seconds.

DMan was written on June 7, 2000

Near bath tub

Someways into the movie, the actress is seen about to take a bath. She hears a noise and you get to see her nice ass as the ghost is in the bath tub. There is a scene at the beginning of the movie where she mounts Kevin Bacon and her breasts almost pop out. Good movie too.

Wolverinefan was written on February 18, 2000

Sex Scene and Bath

The first scene takes place about 20 minutes into the film. Kathryn and Kevin Bacon are in bedafter a party. She initiates the lovemaking, and we see quick glimpses of her right breast. Verylarge areola. The lighting is terribly dark, so you have to be quick with the pause.The last noteworthy scene involves Kathryn readying herself for a bath. At about an hour into themovie, Kathryn stands and drops her towel as she steps into the tub. We see a clear shot of herfrom behind. She does have a cute butt, if it in fact her and not a double (we can't see her faceat all during the sequence). If you don't mind a ghost sitting on the edge of the tub, then this isthe best nude of the movie. She never actually enters the water, by the way.

Joke was written on September 18, 2000

Dark Sex, Bath

Erbe looks her best when she has a dark (Lighting and Mood) sex scene with Kevin Bacon. You get a brief glimpse of her very nice breast (Only one, I think), but that's what pause is for.
Later, there's a brief glimpse of her butt. It's well lit and provided another chance to show those breasts, but no go.

Bluetick was written on February 4, 2000

altogether too brief topless and posterior shots

Stirs of Echoes has a couple of things going for it besides diminutive hotty Kathryn Erbe--but not much. The movie has at least two gigantic storylineflaws. But, for the epidermally-fixated: there is a dim shot of the short, darkand splendid Kathryn Erbe with her robe falling away from her as she mountshubby (Kevin Bacon). And a quick but gorgeous view of her posterior as shegets undressed for a bath with a vengeful ghost (what would we do without tubscenes and vengeful ghosts?). The latter sample of Erbe-anity could be a bodydouble but what the hey.

axl was written on August 2, 2001

Sex with Bacon

Kathryn is in bed with hubby Kevin Bacon when he keeps having bad dreams so she gets on top of him to have sex(?)..anyway..you see the sides of her breasts when this happens. There is another scene with her getting into a bathtub..but I think thats a body double.

dav345 was written on October 29, 2001

butt by the shower

You see SOMEBODY's butt by the shower; I'm sure it's a body double. Whoever it is has a nice ass, but I really like to see the face attached to the butts I look at.

JaeDavis was written on December 10, 1999

Brief nipple, nice ass

In the bed scene after the party keep watching. As she first reaches over Kevin you see her full right nipple. Then nothing till she's about to take a bath and you see her ass while she's about to get in the tub.

Tsunamii was written on September 11, 1999

Kathryn Erbe takes a bath...

This is a sceene for all the butt lovers out there. She sits on the side of a tub wrapped in a towel. Then, she stands up, takes the towel off, and shows us a rear view of her naked body, showing us her ass. Unfortunatly, thats all we see. She also has a small see through in a tiny tank top. Also note, she has a sex sceene, no skin at all, but she makes some nice noises... :)

Dream with the Fishes (1997)
mcjw2011 was written on April 21, 2005


She's probably the most attractive woman in this film, but unfortunately her tit exposure is pretty limited. As the previous reviews stated, her tits are visible when she takes off her dress, nice but brief.

tazzie was written on March 7, 2000

Topless scene on a swing,

Topless scene on a swing, Kathryn shows us hernice rack. The movies not too bad either.

vampixxx was written on September 13, 1999

topless on swing in barn

halfway thru film is swinign on the top level of a barn. She is topless for a little while then puts on a shirt. She is far away but visible. There may be other scenes earlier in the film which i did not see

fagabeefy was written on April 19, 2005


Early in the movie Kathryn takes off her dress and and gives us a brief glimpse of her boobies.

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