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1999 Bullet 2 Reviews

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2011 Femme Fatales 2 Reviews
1998 Sex and the City 3 Reviews
1993 Red Shoe Diaries: Naked in the Moonlight 1 Review

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Femme Fatales (2011)
Derek was written on June 9, 2012

Love scenes

As with Antonio Sabàto Jr., Enos has never been shy about showing his great body, and his character here is the typical alpha male who leads the women around with his little finger. And just like Sabàto's outing on this show, the woman inexplicably rides Enos during sex, so that straight men never have to see a bare male tushie for a milisecond during their orgiastic viewing of the ladies' tits and ass, and lately va-jay-jay. This series is yet another example of Hollywood offering the "idea" of women in power (hence the title) but only as a cover up to exploit them completely while the men are covered the entire time. Lame.

McKinnon was written on June 10, 2012

Side; ep: Trophy Wife

I agree with Derek about the lack of nudity, although I just wanted to point out one quick side ass glimpse at the end of the episode, when his wife is on the hood of the car and he's on top of her. Nothing very good, but if you're a fan you may want to see it.

Sex and the City (1998)
moviestuff was written on July 28, 2003



bmg was written on December 30, 1999

Buns in bedroom scene in second season episode

He strips to show Kim Cattrall his over-sized penis (which we never see, of course). The camera is behind him as he pulls his pants down and we get a good, close look at his great butt.

bmg was written on December 30, 1999


It was the second season finale called Ex and the City and his character's name (or what the women called him) was Mr. Cocky.

Red Shoe Diaries: Naked in the Moonlight (1993)
Derek was written on September 24, 1998

Shower scene and love scene

Nice shots of Enos' entire body (less frontal) as he is watched in an open shower. Great pans of his muscular ass as he makes love to the leading lady. Surprisingly uncompromised shots of actor from Zalman King who usually concentrates on the actress.

Bullet (1999)
Derek was written on September 24, 1998

Toweling off

Nice rear view of Enos as he towels off in front of a mirror and talks to Mickey Rourke. And, no the mirror does not reflect a frontal shot for those who were curious.

Hamm_Sodomy was written on May 13, 2006

muscle buns

Too often in films, the most musclebound men are willing to show their chests, but nothing else. If a male body is built that well, it gotsta have a built booty too. So why not show it off? Luckily, John Enos' character does that here. He goes from towel, to nude, to zebra bikini briefs, to a nice all-black outfit. Even Mickey Rourke's character, who just spent 8 years in jail, had to say something flattering (and homoerotic) to him. This nudity made an otherwise depressing and pessimistic film enjoyable.

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