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year title
2008 Once Bitten 1 Review
2000 Me, Myself & Irene 1 Review
1995 Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls 4 Reviews
1994 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 6 Reviews
1983 It's All in Good Taste 3 Reviews

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Once Bitten (2008)
Kelker99 was written on January 8, 1999

A Shower Scene

In this comedy about teenaged vampires..two buds of Jim Carrey's character are asked by his girlfriend to see if he has vampires mark, you know, down there...so in a shower scene, they try to spy it. Lots of flesh...not quite sure if you see anything real though...

Me, Myself & Irene (2000)
dirtydanny was written on July 14, 2000

very funny scene, even funnier film

Jim's character gets pissed off by many things in life, one of which being his neighbour's dog's constant shitting in his garden. He never complains, until, one day he snaps. Amoung other things (including sucking shannon whirry's tits) he gets revenge by walking onto his neighbours lawn with his paper, squatting down and taking a shit. When he pulls down his pants and underwear, we get a quick peek at his penis and balls. This slip was almost definitely by accident, and will be hard to spot in cinemas. (PS I gave it zero as i am a MALE, and not interestedin this type of thing) ;-)

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995)
CREW [email protected] was written on August 12, 1998

climbing out of mechanical rhino's anus

If you are of keen eye,you can catch a glimpse of something else! ;)

xiii was written on February 11, 2004

rear falling out of 'rhino'

when inside the mechanical rhino the cooler breaks down and jim has to strip, then when leaving he has to crawl out, as he falls out you get a breif view of his arse and pubes, nearly frontal but not quite

[email protected] was written on November 20, 1998

in the tent later in the movie

carrey is in the tent and u see a shadow of him and he is groaning, if you didn't notice it looks and sounds as if he's having self sex

Twisp was written on January 3, 2001

Falling out of a mechanical rhino -- Butt

This movie is far less humorous than the original, and so is Carrey's nude scene. As he crawls naked from the anus of a fake rhinoceros, you can see his butt, but the scene is just overdone, and not very funny.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)
alekhidell was written on June 21, 2000


Im a male so its a zero, but it is a funny scene. Its the scene where he finds out that the boss he kissed is really a man. He takes all of his clothes off and burns them in a bucket. You can see him run into the shower from behind. Funniest movie ever.

JJM was written on January 30, 1998

Shower scene

Shower scene

Sneezy0984 was written on October 13, 2005

Shower Scene

During this mostly comic scene, you get to see glimpses of Jim Carrey from the back. No Almond Joy unfortunately, but there is plenty of Mounds.

dvddish was written on April 15, 2003

ace's ass

in the tub

Twisp was written on January 3, 2001

Butt in Bath

Carrey's character, in an attempt to cleanse himself after kissing a man, burns his clothes and jumps into the shower. Carrey's comedic talent often overshadows his looks, but he doesn't have a bad body at all, as is shown in this scene.

luvbutt was written on October 14, 2001

Not As Bad As I Thought It Would Be

But then again, Hollywood could probably make MY butt look good. Still very pleasing look at Jim Carrey's backside as he runs for the tub.

It's All in Good Taste (1983)
moonshines was written on July 20, 2002

Seen from behind as he is allowed entry into some kind of nudist club!

I seen this movie on video a long time ago and it's like wall to wall nudity,even male full frontal(sorry.....not Jim though). But even Jim has at least one bare asssed nude scene in it as he has to get his clothes off when they enter a nudist club for some reason which i've now forgot.Being a man, Jim's ass did nothing for me but all sorts of male aficianados should appreciate it far more than i did. I think it was at least a good 3 or 4 second scene as they are filmed from behind as they are allowed entry(nude of course)by a fully nude women into the nudist club where there are all sorts of nudist goings ons going on. There may be more nude scenes of Jim in this film but memory doesn't serve me well right now.Much more female nudity in this Canadian film.

xiii was written on March 11, 2006

much rear and brief frontal view!

At about 0000 minutes into the film we are introduced to Carreys character 0000 when he and the main character (played by Johnathon Welsh) enter a nudist colony. The two men enter and take their coats off but are shocked when the hostess asks them to take everything off, Welsh tries to sqirm his way out of it while Carrey remains fairly silent, we are then treated to a close up rear shot of both of the men walking down a corridor away from the camera. Carrey uses his camera held over his groin most of the time, but isnt shy about showing off his cute rear to all! However on entering the gym there is a breif (about 6 frame) frontal exposure, its fairly clear even though breif but its definetly there, no doubt about it!

xiii was written on March 11, 2006


yeah so I screwed up on the last review, scene takes place at 45 minutes in and Carreys character is called Ralph. enjoy!

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