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Maria Rohm
12-string was written on July 15, 2005

semi-nude avenger

Really more like **1/2. Rohm, who looks great in a variety of wigs, is partly nude frequently through much of the movie, but the individual exposures tend to be short and not particularly exploitative. She's first seen abt 5 minutes in, as a bare-breasted corpse, with an ugly knife wound, washed ashore near Istanbul, then returns, abt 20 mins in, as a live woman, usually wearing a fur coat over panties and stockings, seeking revenge on the three people who killed her. Of cours she uses her body to get next to them, and she also has a few nude scenes with lover James Darren. Much of the skin footage is reprised through the picture. Near the end are a couple of shots with full backal exposure, the only ones in the film.

The disk itself has a topless photo of Rohm, from the sequence where she models for lesbian photog Margaret Lee. Don't neglect the extras, as there are additional topless photos in the gallery, while some of the nudity footage is replayed during the filmed talk with director Jess Franco. Rohm contributed a phone, not a film, interview, which needed subs as she is not always distinct. Her reluctance to be photographed doesn't sound good but hardly interferes with her 60s babe status. The interview covers her career generally up to abt 1970 and includes some additional clips and stills, several of which feature nudity. In one of the stills, a promo pic shot on the sets of "The Bloody Judge," there is a semi-discreet flash of Rohm's fuzzy while she's in bondage. She seems (hard to understand) to be denying that she and Margaret Lee had sex romps with Kinsky during the making of this picture, but be honest -- who would admit to getting boned by Klaus Kinsky?

Margareth Lee
12-string was written on July 15, 2005

backal, if it's her

Lee plays Olga, a sadistic femme photographer. We learn very early that she, Dennis Price, and Klaus Kinsky had a sex party with Wanda (Maria Rohm), and while Olga and Wanda were smooching, Kinsky cut her up with a knife. Ouch! Flashes of this sequence play throughout, but Lee doesn't do any N in them. Midway through, she and Rohm meet at a party, where Rohm flashes tits and the women start making out (shot so you can't see much). About 50 minutes in, Rohm shows up at Lee's pad to be photographed and does some decent nudity. It turns into a lesbian session, with a backlit silhouette shot of the 2 women smooching and Lee's character getting out of her cute mini robe, but you really can't see anything except outlines. Next we get a rear shot of Lee (or a body double, though I doubt it) snuggled up nude beside Rohm on the floor. Lesbian scene, with huge and sometimes blurry shots of minor body parts, nothing visible in the Nudity Dept. Then Rohm seems to die, and Lee realizes this was the woman who got killed at that out of hand party. She (or a BD) goes full backal to Rohm's body, with a candelabra, then into the bathroom where she slashes her wrists in the tub. Even while bleeding to death she keeps her arms across her bare breasts. Scene lasts overall for a couple of minutes but there are only 2 backal nude shots of Lee (or her BD -- that wig makes it hard to say, but it looks like her rear end).

12-string was written on July 15, 2005


NB, the film is on DVD as [i]Venus in Furs[/i] and that was the US release title in 1970, when I first saw this at the drive-in, but director Franco's preferred title is [i]Black Angel[/i].

Ghostwords was written on August 27, 2012

Correct name

The actress is Margaret Lee, not Margareth Lee.

Margaret Lee
Uncredited Actress
Ghostwords was written on October 20, 2011

Party time

During the swinging party where the mysterious Wanda tempts Olga to kiss her and trumpteter Jimmy pulls them apart (it's around the 45-minute mark), a topless party guest sits up in the background and is on screen for several seconds.

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