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2013 Movie 43 0 Reviews

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2011 Shameless (USA) 8 Reviews

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Shameless (USA) (2011)
Ghostwords was written on November 18, 2012

S2 Ep.3

There are two brief shots of Lip (White) having sex with Karen, the first a recap from last week: she's riding him, and her butt and left leg obscure any nudity from him. Later, he's doing her doggie style, but all we see in the front of his right hip.

Ghostwords was written on June 22, 2011

US Ep.1: Changing

At 0:07, he ditches his cum-stained shorts (evidence of a surprise blowjob) and we still the lower half of his butt as he rushes to get dressed.

Ghostwords was written on August 17, 2011

Ep.9: Van sex

At 0:10, Lip (White) is having sex with his girlfriend in a VW van. As he rolls over, we get a view of his naked behind. The camera is aimed between his legs, but there's nothing else in shot.

spankaddict was written on December 13, 2010

changing underwear

I just saw the 20 min. preview on showtime of the U.S. version of shameless, I think the preview belongs to the first episode.

most of his butt becomes visible when he changes his underwear. the scene lasts long enough to appreciate it. His face is not very attractive, but the role he is playing makes up a little for it. His butt is nice to look at, but I will watch it again just to make sure :D. His upper butt is covered somewhat by his shirt, although not significantly.

632waldo was written on March 28, 2012


he is not the cutest guy on tv or anything, but the ass on that kid... omg! He has a hot tight ass which you can see when he fucks his girlfriend.

Ghostwords was written on January 6, 2013

S2 Ep.10: Sex with Mandy

During the recap, we see again the scene from six episodes earlier when Lip (White) has sex with Ian's beard Mandy. His bare butt is in view.

Ghostwords was written on December 1, 2012

S2 Ep.4: Against the wall

At 0;40, Lip is having sex with a young girl against a bedroom wall. They then move onto the bed. He displays full rear nudity throughout the scene.

Ghostwords was written on February 2, 2014

S3 E3: Morning

At 0:02:00, Lip is shown in bed with his girlfriend Mandy. His naked left side is on display, with his leg conveniently covering her groin and his arm draped across her chest.

At 0:36:00, an older woman shaves his pubic hair, but we don't see anything other than a tuft (most likely fake) on his abdomen. At 0:42:30, Mandy discovers pulls his shorts forward to discover his 'manscaping', but we again don't see anything.

Movie 43 (2013)

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