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year title
2001 Sexy Boys 1 Review
2000 Presque rien 5 Reviews
2000 Eléphants de la planète Mars, Les 1 Review

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Sexy Boys (2001)
dvdcollector was written on April 4, 2003

Upclose Rear view

Quite handsome actor shows us his buttocks up close when he has a bottle stuck up his anus. He is lying on a moveable hospital bed and the camera shows us his buttocks so close that we can even see individual hairs! A few seconds later he is seen from a greater distance and from a less revealing angle as the girl he is wooing -- a nurse -- is treating him.

Presque rien (2000)
riccardoaffamato was written on January 10, 2005

in the bathroom

Surprising close-up of Jeremie as he plays with his dick. Watch as it grows; see what fun it is to play with a foreskin. The camera lingers long (and semihard.)

casualasian was written on December 6, 2004

one of the ten best actors to shown nude in the past 10 years

This hottie who can hold his own in the looks department has a very closeup penis shot as he is touching himself (no face shot though) in the shower, his bare sweet ass in a very good full view while banging Stephane, and of course the dark bedroom scene when you can see full frontal nudity. He is such a cutie, in my opinion fresher than Stephane, and is probably more generous in showing his skin here!

dvdcollector was written on October 27, 2003

Excellent nude scenes

As the previous reviewer comments, there are five nude scenes in this film. The main ones are when he jacks off at the beginning and we get to see his foreskin and penis -- and when he makes love on the beach to Stéphane Rideau. We get to see his slim but beautiful arse. Rideau is the more beautiful of the two, but Elkaim is also very nice looking and shows more skin under better lighting.

GDH was written on December 11, 2001

Lotsa nudity!

Skinny (but in a good way) Frenchman gets nude in five (count 'em!) scenes: as well as the three mentioned by Mattg in his review, there's also a brief shot of his backside as he runs into the sea at night, and a blurred full-frontal (it's under water) as he lays in a rock pool. He also spends much of the film in Speedos.

Mattg was written on May 21, 2001

Very beautiful guy

Plays the shy, troubled, very beautiful lead character who has a hot affair with Stephane Rideau. Early, we see a close-up shot of him slowly whacking off, with a great look at his foreskin. Does much nudity throughout this hot little film. We see a great shot of his ass while he's banging (rather passionately) Stephane in a sand dune on a beach. Also see him lying fully naked on a bed with Stephane, who's also naked. Highly recommended.

Eléphants de la planète Mars, Les (2000)
Bubblez was written on April 12, 2004

Quite unexpected nude scene

This very freaky french short movie is about a pumpkin-headed boy with a crazy teacher. When this boy grows up, he loses pumpkin-head to become the beautiful Jeremie Elkaim. About 10 minutes before the end of the movie, We see Jeremie dress for leaving his hospital. The nurse spies at his ass, which we see for about 2 great seconds. He has a really cute behind and even though we do not see his face in the same shot, i doubt that this may be a double since the nudity is quite unnecessary and Jeremie doesn't seem to be shy (See the movie Presque Rien). Very unexpected nudity because he is only about 10 Minutes onscreen in the whole movie and the first thing we see of him is his fine butt. The movie is too crazy for me but such an amazingly beautiful actor makes it worth watching.

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