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Intimate Obsession's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Saunders, Mary 1 Review
McTague, Heather 1 Review
Fisher, Jodie 1 Review
Ducati, Kristi 5 Reviews

Intimate Obsession's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Quarter, James 1 Review
Abbott, Richard 0 Reviews

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Mary Saunders
Immy was written on August 16, 2008

Nude (0:10)

Mary plays Jodie Fisher's gal pal. She has a terrific scene sitting and chatting with Jodie in a sauna. After a few seconds she nonchalantly removes her towel and sits nude, rubbing on lotion and using a loofa mitt. Great, prolonged topless scene (3 mins.) and if she had moved her left leg we'd have had a full frontal. Very casually sexy.

Heather McTague
Immy was written on August 16, 2008


Heather is the "other woman" in Richard Abbott and Jodie Fisher's marriage. We first see her nice body as she and Richard go at it in bed (0:38 nude, she's wearing a black wig, sunglasses and leather gear). Later we see a brief version of this scene when Jodie Fisher watches it on video (1:04) then Heather and Richard mess around a bit on a couch (1:10, topless). Nice rack on this gal.

Jodie Fisher
Immy was written on August 16, 2008


Jodie has quite a few flesh-baring scenes in this drama. Her first exposure comes as she has a nightmare of swimming nude underwater and being unable to surface (0:17, boobs mostly but brief full frontal also) then we see her boobs as she reclines in a sudsy bathtub (0:22). Then she takes off her bra while sitting at her bedroom vanity (0:30, brief topless, nice clear shot). She has a romantic interlude with James Quattrochi on a couch (0:47, topless for about three minutes), another "nude trapped underwater" nightmare (0:53, brief full frontal again) then she's nude relaxing in bed with James (0:58) that starts with a slow pan from their feet, past her bare butt and a brief full frontal when he gets up. Jodie has spectacular perky boobs.

Kristi Ducati
Powercool was written on February 16, 2000

Long 4 minute sex scene

Kristi does and shows it all in this drawn out softport sequence. The scene begins with her and the male actor playing around with fruit, after that he gets on top and starts doing her. The next scene she gets it in a chair. The next scene they are both standing up, she wraps herself around him and they go at it. After that he lays on the carpet and she goes for a long hard ride. Subsquently there is another chair sequence and she gets it on the floor for a short period after that.

crazy was written on December 27, 1999

absolutely her best in the very hot action!

If you thought Kristi Ducati was hot in 'Bikini Carwash Company' think again. Her one nude/sex scene in this movie is her best work of all. There is a 3 min plus scene of her with nonstop hard pumping action where her and her partner obviously practiced alot for. Full frontal and intense nipple licking. Check it out!!!

superhero was written on December 27, 2001

long sweaty sex scene

This scene is great. Kristi looks amazing as she shows her hot sweaty body while having sex.

Make sure to watch the unrated version.

PornFan was written on November 29, 2008

Hot, Sweaty, Heart Pounding Sex!

This has to be the best sex scene I have ever seen in a movie and I have seen quite a few. Kristi Ducati is absolutely stunning in this movie she has a scene near the start of the film with another actor where they are frollicking on a golf course in the rain at a country club and they run up some steps to a hotel room to get out of the rain or so I thought. When there in the room they start to strip down and have some hot sweaty sex, this goes on for about six minutes. They do it in all kinds of positions and they play erotically with fruit all the while there is a electrcic guitar riff is playing on loop in the background which really adds to the action. they just get sweatier as the scene goes on and you will do to when you watch it, Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Kyle8 was written on May 8, 2001

Kristi keeps going, and going, and going...

Outstanding! Only one scene of Kristi, but it's early on, and a solid four minutes of nudity: most of it sweating, pumping intercourse in all manner of positions, with special appearances by all kinds of fruit.
Kristi is hot, and the repetitive guitar music makes the scene seem like it's never going to end. An exhausting scene to watch: you'll be sweating by the end too.

James Quarter
Derek was written on November 2, 1998

Love scenes

This guy and the gal are having sex all over the place! Nice, nice butt shots, but in the UNRATED version only. The R-rate version shown on pay cable deletes the male nudity! And the MPAA has the audacity to insist it isn't sexist!

Richard Abbott

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