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1999 Angel 2 Reviews
1983 My Tutor 4 Reviews

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Angel (1999)
BobSmidley was written on May 31, 2008

As a blonde

Too-brief topless view of McGavin and her black lingerie. Only this & the two, quite nice, utterly gratuitous locker-room scenes (at around 0:45 and 1:06--these w/ uncredited cheerleaders) make it worth your perusal

BushLeague was written on October 13, 2003

Door prize

The scene is dimly lit, but if you couldn't see her low slung, but non-saggy hanging 34b grape-fruits, it wouln't be worth 2 stars. Her upward stairing milk spigots will make you go cross eyed, if you stare at them too long.

My Tutor (1983)
Cyclone was written on October 7, 2001

Topless in a car

Graem's exposure was probably my favorite in the movie. Not even half an hour in, she gets topless in the back of a car. Unfortunately, the scene is cut short when her boyfriend arrives, but we still manage to get several clear views of her wonderful breasts. Very nice.

swellsystem was written on March 22, 2006

delightful obscurity

Thank You, CNDB, for identifying this classic bonemaker. I'd forgotten her name, but not the memory of her.

Antman was written on November 14, 1999

Topless scene

This attractive young lady plays Sylvia the nymphomaniac waitress. Twenty minutes into the movie, she takes off her uniform and bra and starts to make out with a guy in the backseat of a car. She continues the scene topless as she gets dressed when her biker boyfriend arrives.

NudeyDude was written on April 9, 2001

In car topless

Graem is seen topless for a nice amount of time about 20 minutes into the movie. She has a great rack and she looks really young.

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