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Mimi Rogers
Joke was written on September 30, 2000

A Breast Bonanza

I am a big breast lover. Rogers has some very large breasts and in "FBM" she was not afraid to show them off. She's in some great scenes being rubbed down with oil and lying there naked. I was lucky enough to see this on Showtime. The movie is not good. The nudity makes up for it.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 31, 2001

They are big.

There should have been an accompanying "whoosh" sound whenever they are unleashed. They are wonderful. They are real. They are being massaged. And the dialogue is killing the effect. My solution: Mute the sound and put on your favorite provacative music. Add a star if you follow my advice. And, oh yeah, she's got a nice little ass on her too.

NGSUN was written on June 8, 2000

Well, she does show a lot, but.....

I didn't know whether to give her a role two stars or three. I eventually decided that 2.5 would probably be most appropriate, so that rounds up to a three. >;) As the other reviews have said, she does show her breasts and her butt fairly frequently. And, when she's not actually showing anything, she's usually either barely covered, or naked but not showing anything. The problem is, the nude scenes are broken up between scenes of droning ! (Who ever said it was legal for naked women to ?!?) And, even when they go back to Mimi, she may be naked, and she may be showing off her assets, but the scenes are by no means erotic. ie.. the scenes aren't actually hot! I think the creators of the movie were planning on relying on her massive mammaries to save this horrible movie. Even when she's being rubbed and oiled down, she still doesn't portray any notions of pleasure, or even relaxation. She treats it like a business transaction! It's basically, 'lie in this position, okay, rub rub rub, now turn over, rub rub rub. now, give me your feet, rub oil rub...' Obviously acting doesn't matter for nude scenes when the actress is trying to show sadness over the death of her dog sparky, but it would really be nice if she actually seemed to be She might have an excellent body; a nice butt, and beautiful breasts, but the scenes themselves were pathetic. the nudity gets two or three stars simply because she has a good body, but the scenes themselves get zip.

ukiyoe was written on February 14, 2001

One for Ripley's: Mimi Rogers nude, and the result is BOREDOM.

I agree with NGSUN: abundant nudity is fine, but context matters. This is an unbearably pretentious TV-film from a once-great director (Nic Roeg) that achieves the impossible: casts the breathtakingly voluptuous Mimi in a role requiring copious nudity, shoots scene upon scene of her HEAVY breasts and ass being mauled and oiled - and makes of these mouth-watering elements as tedious a film as you'll ever sit halfway through! There is one unforgettable early scene where Mimi undresses and preens before a mirror - significantly, a scene absent of both dialogue and Bryan Brown. She plucks fretfully at her flabby but still glorious ass - BIG cheeks bare in a black lace thong - and proceeds to slowly unlatch a matching bra from her breasts, gathering them in against her chest - as if their sheer size has given them minds of their own - as she twirls on her heels with entirely justifiable pride. This scene alone justifies a three-star rating, brief though it is. And, for all connoisseurs of the natural female form, FBM does offer Mimi as a valuable alternative to the legions of silicone-enhanced, 19 year-old Hollywood gymrats.

Disgusting-Duo was written on December 8, 1999

She just can't keep a stitch on

Aha! Just the sort of compensation for anybody who bought the issue of Playboy, only to find her photo-set utter crap. Let's not beat about the bush, they are big. So big in fact, that they probably generate their own gravity. But it seems that gravity has had it's way with Mimi's udders, and it's a crying shame she couldn't have done this movie about 5 years before.The scene 7 minutes in where she disrobes for the first time & cops a feel of herself more than makes up for the pretentious sub-Red Shoes Diary that follows.Cherish this movie, as never again will such a top-flight actress with tits like these ever grace the screen.

Mr Phluffy was written on November 4, 1998

The whole movie (ie. Full Body Massage)

Looking for one of those movies that is just chock full of nudity from beginning to end? Then this is it. Virtually the whole movie takes places during a massage session with Bryan Brown massaging Mimi Rogers. There's lots of flopping and rubbing and oily stuff as the droning philosophical conversation attempts to put you to sleep -- but the constant sight of Roger's massive breasts (and I mean massive) should be enough to keep you up. She also shows her butt, but no pussy hair.

muffbuff was written on August 9, 2007

Massive breasts, nice round ass, but bush is body double

Bush League is the only reviewer I noticed who mentioned the bush shot. Actually in the uncut version I own there are two, one a little past the 48 minute mark, another shortly after, around 49 minutes. Each is a shot of "Mimi" turning around slowly and showing off everything, including bush trimmed landing strip syle. It's Mimi's voice, but in both shots the head is cut off until after the bush disappears, and there is no way the breats in these two shots belong to Mimi Rogers. For one thing, they're not nearly as large as the set Mimi shows us up close and personal throughout the rest of this film. For another they are quite obviously implants -- and not particularly good ones at that. Not Mimi's ass either, and the body double is definitely considerably younger than the 38 year old Mimi at the time this movie was shot. Too bad! Given some of the photos Mimi had posed for earlier, not to mention her frontal ten years later in The Door in the Floor, I assume the fact she did not do full frontal here is that this was a made for cable movie. I have to guess the two bush shots were actually cut in later for the "uncut" VHS release. Personally I'd have much rather had the mature Mimi than an obviously intercut shot of an anonymous twenty something plastic model.

Romeon5 was written on August 17, 2001

Standing in front of mirror

At 39 she hasn’t got a perfect body but MY GOD, what a lovely pair of large natural breasts. It is the best part of the movie and fortunately this scene is somewhere in the beginning of it. She's also nude further in the movie but the mirror scene will do.

BrianSLA was written on April 20, 2001

The Best Gratuitous Nudity by a Star

FBM is one of my favorite movie star nudity films. Mimi has always been a favorite but when she unleashes those massive mammaries... WOW! She is naked ( No pubes though BOOOO! Next time Mimi go all the way ) throught 80-85% of the movie. Two favorite scenes 1.) Mimi getting her breasts massage big time and IF you slomo you can watch her hand on the guy's unit. I love her tits. 2.) Mimi sitting down with her arms around Bryan Brown's head... letting her huge breasts just hang free........ and boy do they hang free. A MUST SEE for celeb nude fans.

dash77 was written on October 30, 2001

great nudity -- somewhat weak movie

Mimi Rogers has absolutely beautiful breasts, and we see them many times in this movie which delivers precisely what its title describes. We'll wish that we were there massaging those gorgeous breasts of Mimi's. Unfortunately the movie has no real plot to speak of, and Mimi's character seems to be one of these tiresome characters who is rich, beautiful, healthy, and yet still finds a reason to complain about her lot in life.

soulman was written on November 19, 2001

Too Numerous To Count.

Mimi spends a 90% of this film nude and getting rubbed down by Brown (lucky bastard). Too many times to mention (help us, Chicago!). Only one thing I didn't like about this film, the boring philosophical drivel between Mimi and Brown during their session. Otherwise, a solid **** film.

TheFan was written on April 2, 2001

Mimi's breasts

It's true, the entire rest of the movie sucks. But so what? In fact, I'll bet it was the very suckiness of the movie that convinced Mimi Rogers that it was deep and arty and worth taking her clothes off for. If you like big natural breasts, hanging down, sagging to the side, and being oiled and groped, this is your movie. Those of us who were aware of how huge Mimi's breasts had become over the years were all hoping someone would talk her into doing at least a brief topless scene or two. To us, this movie is almost too good to be true. Must be seen to be believed.

packman1 was written on November 19, 1999


oh my god the whole movie its the best. u see ass,tits and oil!!!on them!! this movie cost alot but it gives u what u pay 4 or u can rent it and make a copy!

Psuedo_Saint was written on January 2, 2002


Unfortunately I have not seen this movie yet although I have seen screen captures and Mimi's spread in Playboy. Based on descriptions I've read, this sounds like the breast movie of all time. Massive tits being oiled and kneaded for virtually the entire flick. Oh yeah, Mimi, the former Mrs. Tom Cruise, has a pretty face too. What's not to like?

Some people like the dialogue in this film - sort of like "My Dinner with Andre" with amazing tits. The people who find this movie boring may be experiencing T & A overload, which shows that you really can get too much of a good thing.

Brokencake was written on February 1, 2000


While Mimi isn't a spring chicken, you will get to see some of the absolute most GIGANTIC natural breasts on the planet gettting oiled and rubbed. Just thinking about it is making squirm.

Cyclone was written on November 28, 1999

Rubbing Rogers' rack

Mimi is quite a sight to behold, thanks to her gigantic breasts that are constantly on display. She doesn't look too good from behind, but when her huge hooters are given a massage, you'll be thankful you gave this movie a chance.

oldbabe was written on January 3, 2002

God's gift

Mimi is truly unbelievable. She has got a supremely delectable, big-gish body and amazing breasts. Both breasts are equally huge and slightly droopy - all very appeticizing. She was 39 years old when the film was released in 1995. And I believe it was filmed before the birth of her first child. Imagine how her body now (at 45)looks after the birth of her second child. Probably just a bit thicker in the waist, wider hips but with much bigger and saggier breasts and larger areola/nipple - slurrrrp. Oh, Mimi don't keep us guessing, go on do a sequel.

whosher1 was written on July 9, 2000

Mimi dreaming about previous masage.........

Mimi's body is the hottest in Hollywood, for a woman her age. She has the look on her face as though she is truly excited. The young man giving her a massage has really got her engines running and I believe she would like Bryan to do the same thing (type of massage) for her. I would gladdly see Mimi un-dressed in any movie.

BushLeague was written on September 6, 2002

This the way we knead our dough...

Mimi could be a cover girl for BBW magazine. She is obviously a large woman (having to carry those massive mammaries has given her shoulders like Ahnold!), with a very beautiful face and skin. Her breast are so large the poor masseur can't get a grip on them without another part moving away from him (think two giant jelly fishes). Except for the muscular rhomboids, she looks very nice from the rear with pert round butt cheeks--they are round and don't sag, but are obviously flabby when massaged. This was shot for TV, so no bush shots from the star.

TADetective was written on July 23, 2005

Massage scenes

Mimi Rogers shows off her gorgeous breasts in this film. There are also a couple scenes showing her rear. One scene in particular shows her breasts massaged. Very nice.

silast was written on May 2, 2002

Too nude

By design the nudity is so persistant and matter of fact it has no erotic power. Works best as good chance for a through anatomic assessment of Mimi (and the other actresses), not a source for sexual fantasy or thrills.

bmantz65 was written on June 16, 2002

Taking off bra; getting rubbed down

At the beginning of the movie, she stands near a mear and measures herself up in only a bra and panties. Then she takes off her bra and her massive breasts spill out. Later in the movie, she is rubbed down.

wrenzo13 was written on October 30, 2004

The body massage of the breasts and the upper torso

This woman has been blessed mightily by her maker.Her wonderful natural breasts and also a nice body to go with them. She is a beauty of classic proportions, and being nude for that long a time and in front of a camera must have been quite a task. Loved it all.

transport was written on January 14, 2001

breasts holding with two hands

its marveles to see that her breast are two big to hide of his hands

tickledick was written on May 31, 2004

nude massages

For pure celeb flesh, this movie is equivalent to applying a blowtorch to rocket fuel. It'll blow you into orbit.

I'm still trembling.

StevieY was written on August 24, 2000

huge, perfect breasts

Mimi is a beautiful and talented actress blessed with one of the most amazing racks you'll ever see. If there was a Breasts hall of fame, no doubt she'd be a charter member, along with Krista Allen. Throughtout most of this film, Mimi's huge, perfect breasts are shown prominently. Also, her large and lovely buttocks are on display. If you're sick of all those skinny, flat-chested young girls in the movies today, check out this full-figured older babe.

Frederick was written on September 19, 1999

Naked throughout the film

This is maybe the most bodacious film ever made by a major actress. Mimi's whole body gets oiled up and massaged. The film itself isn't too bad either. Mimi's breasts are staggering and there on view several times.

tazzie was written on September 11, 1999

many wonderful scenes

Mimi appears topless and bare-butted in many scenesthroughout the movie, though you can't go past thebreast massage scene for great viewing.

Gabriella Hall
Cyclone was written on November 28, 1999

Brief full frontal

Although you can't see her face, there is a brief flashback scene where Gabriella (playing the young Nina) turns around completely naked, giving us a nice view of her bush and PERFECT breasts. It's the best scene in the movie, but only if you can hit the pause button quickly enough.

BushLeague was written on September 6, 2002

Turns around nude 1 revolution

In my version, she does a nice slow turn around (and every thing is a'round, tits, hips, and butt cheeks). She also shows her black bush with a mohawk trim. Still way too brief.

Elizabeth Barondes
BushLeague was written on September 7, 2002

Three nude scenes

Appears full frontal while on knees, but from a long distance. Then lays on stomach to get a massage from a shamman--well lit, long back with nice pert ass and flash of tits. Both little perky breasts are shown darkened while making love. I shown topless, well lit while bathing in a billabong.

tazzie was written on September 11, 1999

flashback scene

Bryan Brown dreams of his lost love Alice (playedby Elizabeth), in which she appears nude. Add thisto Mimi Roger's scenes and you have a great movie.

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