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2000 Big Brother 1 Review

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Big Brother (2000)
Ozzie700 was written on July 16, 2007

Changing into leotard

Dustin is on the 8th season of BBUS. He is bitchy Joe's ex-boyfriend. They were cast as part of an "old enemies" twist (Joe did not know Dustin would be in the house). Dustin is in his 20's, has a very tight, lean body, short dark hair, a nice smile. Dustin is droll, laid-back, has a good sense of humor, and just skip any scenes he's in with a woman named Amber. One night, Dustin was sleeping in the "head of household room" with the current HOH, Jen. She has to wear a skin-tight red leotard. As a joke, he tries the leotard on. To do so he strips completely naked. While he's changing, you can see his flat ass and his smallish flaccid penis.

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