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1999 Angel 1 Review
1984 Hollywood Hot Tubs 1 Review
1983 Frightmare 1 Review

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Angel (1999)
CelebrityWork was written on July 18, 2005

Dead Hooker

Donna portrays 'Crystal,' a Hollywood hooker who is the killer's first victim in the movie. At 18 minutes into the film, the killer has Donna's body lying in bed. He slowly pulls the cover off of Donna's chest, briefly revealing her breasts. It's a quick scene, but it's the most exposure Donna has shown out of all of her movies.

Hollywood Hot Tubs (1984)
Immy was written on April 2, 2005

Brief breasts (1:16)

Donna plays Paul Gunning's eventual girlfriend. After some typical sitcom-ish misunderstandings they finally share a tender moment on a dock overlooking a harbor. Trouble is it's at sunset and pretty dark. She opens her blouse and her small boobs are barely discernable but it's them.

Frightmare (1983)
cecil was written on May 24, 2003

sex scene

She is standing and making out with Alan Stock, he lowers her top and briefly caresses her breasts. We see this only from her right side, so about two seconds of her right breast. Her high cut panties expose much of her rear. The rest of the scene (falling on the bed, etc.), her breasts are blocked by either her arms or his body.

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